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Art, history, and contemporary culture with a girls’ eye view.

Brought to you by Girl Museum, the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. Support this podcast:
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Our new exhibit 'More than Pretty: Girls and Body Decoration' is now live! Here we explore the history of body decoration the Ancient world and how girls who lived during this period would decorate themselves from the neck up.  --- Support this podcast:
First American Girls

First American Girls


Who do you think of when I say “First American Girls”? Is it the founding mothers like Abigail Adams and Martha Washington? They’re too old...and too far ahead in the American story. Is it the girls of Salem, Massachusetts, or the Pilgrim girls who came from England? Right age this time...but still a bit too late in the story. In fact, our story goes back thousands of years - to the first girls inhabiting the American continents. Back then, the land wasn’t called “America” - in fact, we don’t know what it was called other than, perhaps, a word meaning “home.” It is these journeys - these searches for home - that are the first topic addressed in the upcoming book, Exploring American Girlhood through 50 Historic Treasures. Co-authored by myself and our Head Girl, Ashley Remer, the book explores fifty artifacts and historic sites that reveal American history from an entirely new perspective...that of girls. Preorder on Amazon or --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Megan C. Rose talks with guests Kurebayashi and Rei about decora and gothic lolita fashion in Harajuku. From discussing the rise of these fashions as distinct Japanese social phenomena to building a cafe that appeals to decora and gothic lolita audiences, our guests provide unique insights into these subcultures and how girls participate within them. ----- Dr. Megan C. Rose is an Adjunct Associate Lectuerer in Sociology and Social Science and Policy at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Her research explores the value of creativity, cute theory, critical femininities and inclusion. She is currently investigating the experiences of kawaii and gothic alternative communities in Japan, as well as marginalised groups in the Australian Higher Education system. Megan is currently developing a new portfolio of postdoctoral research that involves collaboration and co-authorship with stakeholders in kawaii and gothic alternative communities, as well as a study of feminist activism that uses kawaii imagery to mobilize political actors.  Haruka Kurebayashi is an internationally known model and mentor for Decora-chan girls via her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Originally from Shizuoka prefecture, Kurebayashi launched her brand 90884 in 2013 and is a frequent model for fashion magazine KERA.  Rei Saionji is a Tokyo native and explorer of Japanese culture and tradition. She is the author of 2 Hours Drive from Tokyo. --- Support this podcast:
In today's episode, our junior girl Seav Lov recounts the fascinating stories of females goddesses present in Chinese mythology. --- Support this podcast:
Young Witches

Young Witches


What do the Pendle Witch Trials, Wurzburg witch trials, and today's Democratic Republic of Congo have in common? Join us to explore the stories of girl witches...and how their circumstances reveal much about how we picture girlhood. --- Support this podcast:
Tia Shah presents a special episode for International Day of the Girl 2020, focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it presents an opportunity to foster a "brave new world." --- Support this podcast:
Greta Garbo's Girlhood

Greta Garbo's Girlhood


What role did Greta Garbo's girlhood in Stockholm play in her life and career? In exploring Greta's biography, Tiffany reveals the secret power of introverts. --- Support this podcast:
Is there one way or a right way to learn? Education Adviser Hillary Rose explores the stories of young girls achieving advanced educations to answer our inquiry. --- Support this podcast:
In the second of our First Girls mini-series, Sophie looks at more recent 'First Girls', up to the present day. From Helen Taft to Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, these girls' stories illustrate how the role has changed in recent decades and prompt questions about sexism, racism and the future of girls in politics.  --- Support this podcast:
Sophie takes a look back into the history of girls in the White House. Discussing how the role of 'First Girl' developed, this episode spans from Nelly Parke Custis through to Alice and Ethel Roosevelt. --- Support this podcast:
Why do museums need girlhood? We reflect on an earlier episode and hear answers from our team. --- Support this podcast:
Together Now

Together Now


In response to the global COVID pandemic, we're sending our well wishes, top tips, and thoughts on how acting together - and supporting one another - will help us emerge into a brighter future. Tune in to hear contributions from our Junior Girls around the world. --- Support this podcast:
Karen Robertson details her research into the mother-daughter pairs who advocated for women's suffrage. Identifying a common theme of "focusing on future generations" in suffrage work, Karen details the mothers who fought for their daughters' rights - even if it meant they would not live to see those dreams fulfilled. Karen is a museum professional in the United States, who has spent the past years preparing for the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. She has spent time working with modern activists and researching historic activists.  --- Support this podcast:
Elizabeth Dillenburg interviews Lisa Lamson, whose work focuses on black girlhood. Specifically, Liss's doctoral dissertation explores Baltimore City’s educational system as a case study of the intersections of race, gender, class, and age in nineteenth century America. --- Support this podcast:
Sage recaps her 2019 blog series, Incredible Girls, and talks about her Top 5. --- Support this podcast:
Degas’ Girls

Degas’ Girls


What were the girls that Degas painted like? Who were they? How can we reinterpret these paintings to talk about girls and their world? Jennifer Lee, Curator of our ‘Impressionist Girls’ show, answers. --- Support this podcast:
Pilgrim Girls

Pilgrim Girls


What was life like for the girls aboard the Mayflower? What did they witness on the First Thanksgiving? Tiffany deep dives into the evidence to find out. --- Support this podcast:
Girl Saints

Girl Saints


Ashley explores one of our earliest exhibitions and discusses what it means for girls who are canonized as saints.  --- Support this podcast:
Across Time and Space

Across Time and Space


Tiffany recounts her Top 5 works from one of our first exhibits, “Time and Space,” and how these works reveal multiple narratives of girlhood - from Russian serfdom and Roman daily life to controversies with the #MeToo movement and criticism of how we treat girls today. For images, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Tia Shah explores what infographic statistics can tell us about female entrepreneurship, what changes we have seen, and what changes we might see in the future. She also provides suggestions on what governments, business, existing entrepreneurs, the venture capital industry, and the media can do to better support future girl entrepreneurs. --- Support this podcast:
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