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Sharing inspiration one story at a time.
17 Episodes
Taiia Smart Young has an energy that clearly shines through in her craft. It is always inspiring listening to someone who loves what they do and wants to help other people find their voice, verbally that is, too.
Jeanette Chandler, is a fitness guru that shares her experiences around the importance of exercise, discipline and what it means to be fit! Interestingly, the principles that are required to be fit can easily be applied to other areas of our lives. It’s called balance and commitment and it is not to be ignored.
Alisha Wallace is a high spirited photographer with an eye that is as amazing as she is. She talks about perseverance and the beauty and challenges of being a photographer.
Fashion is powerful, as evidenced by Mya-Karren Stockton, whose fashion blog, Klassically Kept, has mastered the art of women’s workwear. Professional does not have to mean bland and Stockton’s blog is helping women to understand how to stay classy and put beauty back into business attire.
Chef Olutosin serves a serious appreciation for southern cuisine in this episode to give us all a little taste of his story and it is worth every bite!
Denise Battle is an opera singer whose work plays a role in continuing to expose those unfamiliar with the beauty of the art form.
Jianhui is a fashion accessory designer who is reshaping the way we view beauty by emphasizing sustainable practices in jewelry-making. But believe me, reusing vintage materials and recycling are just a few of the reasons why his story is so inspiring.
J'nell is a figurative artist who has discovered that a creative's evolution is just as important as the artwork itself.
Marcell Subert is 19 years old and has committed his time to serving the community through food service. I personally believe his insight and dedication in Washington, DC provide something bigger than a meal for DC's homebound residents.
Ricki Peltzman and Katy Klassman, owners of Upstairs on 7th in Washington, DC, use style expertise to help people speak their minds through fashion. It's where empowerment meets beauty.
Marilyn Calza loves DC and we both appreciate the artistic wave that is flooding this melting pot... or should we say unique canvas? Let this conversation serve as a reminder that the time is ripe for creatives to start splattering our talents all over the city.
Nikoletta Gjoni is a writer who uses human experiences to develop stories that readers want to live in. The authenticity is unmatched and Gjoni has discovered that a little understanding goes a long way.
Tiana Gurley is shifting her legacy through her intentionality as a mother. There is something special about the foresight that this mother has and I'm sure her family is going to benefit a great deal.
Leensa Ahmed, CEO & CFO of Green Garden Bakery is talking business in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Michael Frank Willingham Jr. AKA, YU, is speaking to me about his musical motivations and how music is more than just an art-form.
Candice Settle, of Unsettled Adventures is traveling the world and teaching her children at the same D&!*n time
Founder of Train SNS, Dawson Saint Jour, talks about his experiences in the fitness industry
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