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Welcome to Tube Community Church, our vision is to connect mobile followers of Christ and the Global Church. Our mission to provide digital content that will encourage and equip you to follow Jesus in a digital world. I'm just a regular guy, trying to follow Jesus like all of you! Join the community!
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The Spirit of Purity

The Spirit of Purity


Is it even possible to live a pure life in today's culture? Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God!
Why Waste Your Time?

Why Waste Your Time?


What does it matter? Christ is preached! This episode encourages you to focus on Jesus, pursue your calling, and invest into the lives of people.
This episode is based off of Philippians 1:15-18. We often spend so much time on the negative, but Paul says, "What does it matter?." His focus was not on other but rather what God was calling him to do. In this episode I simply want to encourage you to know Jesus more, pursue your calling, and invest in things that are eternal.
This episode is about the three things that I've learned from my Journey of Faith in the last year.
On this episode I want to give you three practical steps from Psalm 51 on what to do when you feel defeated?
This episode talks about how working for three major companies changed my perspective in life and Ministry.
There's is One God, One Savior, and One Word. It's that simple.
The launch of the Tube Community Church podcast is finally here. Join this new digital movement that strives to reach mobile followers of Christ and connect the global church. Our mission is to provide content that will help you follow Jesus in a digital world.
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