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Game Design w/ Richard Pullman

Author: Richard Pullman

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I'm Richard Pullman, and I want to talk to you about your game. Whether you're a total amateur hobbyist who's never released a product or a professional making the big bucks I want know what game design means to you. Nothing is more interesting to me.

One of the best things about the podcast? I've been helping designers break through challenges in live time while discussing! It keeps happening! Helping creators is my joy.
10 Episodes
What could be better than getting to know not one, but TWO new designers in the cozy company of Thade and Molly for four informative, pleasant hours? The answer: making sure both of the new designers are Australian!Of all the roundtables we've done, this one is probably the most orderly and on-track from start to finish. I think you'll be able to follow along very well, even though its a whopping four hours long!Aside from learning Steve and Dunce's games, we get into the following topics:Why you should give players more options earlyWhat it really means to be setting agnostic?Fate points, player agency, and the struggle to engineer respectThe value of being open and direct with your readers...And more. Join us for the chat, won't you?
The man, the myth, the legend. SSB is a veteran indie dev obsessed with  guns and good design, but there's a lot more to his system than you  might guess. This is what makes it so interesting to dig in to the  methods and evolution of his epic modern combat system.We discuss writing a book in Open Office vs. Lyx, the mentality needed to survive message board trolls, and the contrary problem of not being able to get enough feedback.Speaking of which: opsandtactics @ gmail .comOps & Tactics is a free game that has just released a bunch of new content. It's unbelievable, but true. This is Part 1 of 2.
In this fantastic episode Richard Pullman and James Desborough -- also known as "Grim" -- walk through a crazy career, an aimless industry, and the need for bravery in creativity. Grim has more experience than anyone I know working for big companies, but also a raft of original games and content that push the limits of what you can explore in tabletop RPGs.Visit the Postmortem Studios website for Grim's work and product updates!Visit Grim's YouTube channel for his views and advice!Visit his Patreon for access to the upcoming RPG design series!
Game design is about catering to players through content and structure... and so is being a Game Master. In this episode Richard Pullman and GM Dave (The Man Behind the Screen) sit down to have a casual chat about his history and interest in game design, roleplaying, the psychology of RPG mechanics, and his plan to release system-agnostic adventure material for sale.Go to to chat with Richard yourself, or go to to support this podcast
Boy-oh-boy! This is a strange one. Richard Pullman joins the uber nerd  duo of Thade and his wife Molly to discuss their "game". But is it  really a game, or just the world's most elaborate mnemonic device?  You'll see.It's not for sale, it's not for you, and it's not afraid to push the limits of what can be simulated in a tabletop RPG, so get ready for a game design podcast unlike anything you've heard before.
Richard Pullman goes in depth with best friend Ulysses regarding his  dieselpunk RPG where shotguns, mutations, and how to learn from the  evolution of D&D.We also talk about...The value of fully-fleshed out settingsHow to create schedules for yourselfDeveloping new ideas after a playtestCreating examples in your rules to help peopleHow a "Forever GM" creates things differentlyThe skill of finishing things...And more.AKROYDIESEL AGE: PATREON: CHANNEL:
Richard Pullman talks with Syntarsus about his clever Pokémon RPG. We also touch on...A good system tells you how to do things, a bad system tells you what you can do. The benefits of a complex RPG system. How oldschool RPGs can create more memorable and emergent stories than new school games trying to structure an epic story. Why GURPS might unironically be the best! And dishonest system promises.It was fun and delved into a lot of fundamental questions of design and returns to the basic reasons why we need better systems than D&D, which is a topic that never gets old.
Imgur link to the images referenced in the discussion: WOLF LINK: this episode Richard Pullman talks to Tom Jensen of Ostfront Publishing about his projects and design process. It was an honor and pleasure to hear what he had to say, and I'm sure you'll find it valuable. Never underestimate the power of a catchy name again!
Richard Pullman talks to his best friend Jon Fox about the trials and triumphs of developing Ordinary World, his self-described RPG toolbox. Jon and I get into the value of community, vision, and knowing how much weight to give the feedback you get. I think a lot of indie developers will relate with Mr. Fox.
Best friend of game designers, Richard Pullman, talks to Artificer about the core concept of his upcoming narrative-mechanic RPG Misfortune. We also get into design philosophy and the challenges of trying to communicate with other designers. You'll find out the value of a place like /gdg/, where the masters of the universe reside.LINKS: Here's that early Misfortune document Artificer mentioned:…op%20RPG.pdf?dl=0
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