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This is the audio feed for the hangout portion of Jeremiah's YouTube channel, Jerb the Humanist. In it, Jeremiah talks to activists and other folks doing important work online and in meatspace.
12 Episodes
Dan, Toby, and Jeremiah discuss the role of corporate media and misinformation in the current political landscape. In this episode we discuss the role of how upper-class power systemically presents information to the public, and we argue over whether other factors such as psychological motivations are more predominant than class in spreading misinformation. Other related topics are discussed such as trying to disseminate with a "view from nowhere" is possible.Follow me on twitter: me:'s information:Twitter - -'s information:Twitter - -
Toby Buckle of the Political Philosophy Podcast organized a series of online creators for the purpose of heterodox discussions about philosophy, politics, and progress. In the inaugural episode of this project, Toby, Aaron, Chrisi, Kiegan, and I unpack what we really mean by free speech when we appeal to it. Towards the end, we discuss leftist and liberal conflict and how to move forward.Reminder- most of my content is on the channel and not uploaded to the podcast feed. me here! out and support the projects of the other panelists:Political Philosophy Podcast: Poplar Tapes: the Void:
Hangout 10- Christy Abbey

Hangout 10- Christy Abbey


Christy and Jerb discuss trans issues and her new YouTube channel. Follow and support her at the links below!Christy's Channel:'s Twitter:'s PayPal: Patreon:
Eli and Jeremiah have been going back and forth on this argument for a long time. Is religion the fundamental root to our societal problems? What is the nature of religion? Does Jeremiah owe Eli $100?You can find Eli on Twitter @elibosnick listen to his shows: apparently he has a blog:
Toby Buckle is the host of the appropriately named Political Philosophy Podcast, as well as someone who has had many years of experience working for social justice organizations. Jeremiah probes him on some of the content in the recent episodes dealing with the history of Libertarianism, ideology, and language in a modern political context. The two discuss how politics becomes a battle over language, and why nobody is ever going to agree on what freedom or socialism mean. Toby unpacks the vacuous foundations of political libertarianism. Jeremiah probes Toby on where he sits politically, which leads to a brief discussion of radical vs. reformist politics and where either lead in light of looming existential threats.Follow Toby on Twitter: to Political Philosophy Podcast:
Juhem Navarro-Rivera joins Jeremiah to promote the Latinx Humanists, which you can find here: two discuss the goals for the Latinx Humanist Alliance. Beyond that, Juhem drops a ton of knowledge on his area of study- political science focusing on nonreligious demographics. You can follow him on Twitter at @JuhemNR and you can find him at his website below:
This episode was recorded just before the 2018 American midterm elections. Listen to find out why!Jeremiah and Ryan discuss the nature and the difficulty of organizing humanists and others who lack faith. Ryan discusses his role within the Secular Student Alliance and as a Humanist Chaplain at USC, and the two compare it to his past work as a leader in a more religious faith community. Furthermore, they get into whether humanism is a worthwhile project or not.You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @Ryanjbell. You can listen to his podcast, Life After God, here:
Jeremiah will be talking to Bethany of Inciting Incident and She Talks Atheism about her quest to put everything into context, and the importance of that. Jeremiah will probably kvetch about STEMlords and their inability at understanding culture and history. After that, they will be discussing Qanon./pol/ thread: Island photo: Clinton cabal photo: coming storm: Bethany's shows!She Talks Atheism: Incident: Jeremiah on Twitter:
Aaron of the Embrace the Void Podcast, a philosophy lecturer talks about some of his insights into contemporary philosophy culture. After that, he helps Jeremiah understand concepts from "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig, and how to use those concepts in everyday life.
Jeremiah and Kristi Winters talk about narratives in science, and the undervaluing of it in skeptic and atheist circles. They talk about storytelling, and move on to things like representation and other topics.Kristi's Channel:'s Twitter:'s Twitter:'s
Jeremiah talks to Matthew Facciani, where they discuss problems in skeptic spheres. These include problems such as denying that ingroup bias exists in skepticism, and the complaints of attempts to diversify science communities.Matthew's Blog, According to Matthew - Matthew on Twitter - article that stirred controversy: study on sports fouls:
This is the audio feed for the hangout portion of Jeremiah's YouTube channel, Jerb the Humanist. In it, Jeremiah talks to activists and other folks doing important work online and in meatspace.In this episode, I talk to Callie Wright, Trav Mamone, and Ari Stillman about where Humanism can go from here, IF they can go on from here, and why nonreligious folks can engage in just as much nonsense as religious folks.The Gaytheist Manifesto- Any Means- Podcast- Cis Are Getting Out Of Hand-
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