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Andy Brown digs deeper into things that fascinate him and maybe you.

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When will self-driving become the norm? Will it create a better world? In this episode Andy sets off to find the answers.
Today Andy Brown explains how your Google Ads dental campaign is set up. He reviews the various aspects to fully setting up your Google Ads campaigns and account. On receipt of a completed Set-up Form, we start setting up your campaign. It takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete the set-up. We can reduce this to 1 week if you have already implemented the Google Tag Manager. 
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to complete the Dental Google Ads Campaign Set Up Form. Following a successful Goal Setting Call and an agreement to continue, you will be invoiced. Once you have payment, the next step is to complete the set-up form.
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Practice Goal Setting Call. The Goal Setting Call is the name given to our second call. This follows the initial 10-minute Discovery Call He explains what's discussed on the call. Andy discusses how we measure your campaign success and how to determine realistic goals for your Google Ads. This means having a conversation about your current conversion rates and goals. Chiefly how many monthly dental leads, form enquiries and calls you get. 
Today Andy Brown answers your question on whether Triple Your Clients is the right fit for your dental practice. He shows you who TYC are perfect for and who is most likely to benefit from working with them. Listen to the podcast to see whether your dental practice and our agency are an excellent fit for each other. Andy describes the 15 key business attributes he sees in his successful dental clients. 
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Practice Discovery Call. The Discovery Call is the name given to our initial call. As the name suggests, it’s an opportunity for us to find out more about each other and see whether we are a good fit for each other. He explains how during the call he talks to you about you and your dental business, the dental services you offer, your current marketing and the geographic you would like to advertise within.
Today Andy Brown shows dentists why outsourcing your dental PPC marketing campaigns is a smart business decision. He describes 7 reasons to hire a dental PPC marketing agency. For consistent long-term results, you should hire an agency to run your dental PPC marketing campaigns. It’s unlikely you are willing to hire a dedicated professional for this role within your dental practice. The individual would be more expensive to employ than the monthly agency fees. 
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free dental practice Google Ads Audit. He explains how this represents an excellent opportunity to determine whether you are managing your account correctly. We can execute your audit if you have spent at least £1000 in the last 30 days. The audit will highlight areas for improvements and show you how to get a better return on your investment. It will mention the account strategies we would incorporate to optimise the Adwords account. You will learn how to stop wasting budget and take advantage of the opportunities you are currently missing out on. 
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Market Analysis. He explains how the analysis will give you the insights required to determine whether advertising locally on Google is right for your dental practice. The Dental Market Analysis is a free comprehensive guide explicitly compiled for you. It outlines the potential keyword search volumes and the estimated cost per click (CPC) for your location. These metrics are generated per the dental services and location you offer. 
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to update their Google My Business Listing. He explains how through optimisation and regular updates you can increase your visibility on Google local search. Google My Business is a free easy to use tool that allows potential patients to find you on Google. It does this by creating a personalised Google My Business listing for your dental business. 
Today Andy Brown helps dentists appreciate why they need to stop sending their paid Google, Facebook and Instagram traffic to their homepage and service pages. Instead, they should send this traffic to a customised landing page. Customised landing pages outperform homepages and service pages. Typically a homepage converts at 2% and conservatively a landing page converts at 10%. A landing page should be a vital component of your advertising campaign. Andy explains 5 key ways to leverage their power. 
Today Andy Brown helps dentists understand the impact smart speakers are making in their prospects and patients' lives. He recommends they ask their smart speaker, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, "where's my nearest dentist?" As well as getting the news smart speakers, to play music, get the weather, answer a general question, set a timer or alarm, and check the time. Furthermore more mainstream activities are happening. These include getting a sports score, listening to the radio, receiving reminders, getting the traffic updates, checking a calendar, and looking up recipes. Interestingly smart speakers are also being used to find restaurants and businesses in local areas.
Today Andy Brown helps dentists save ad budget and generate more enquiries by sending their paid traffic to a customised dental practice landing page. The number one mistake dentists make using Google Ads is they send paid traffic to their homepage or service pages. This rarely produces results dentists are happy with. This is especially true if the paid traffic is sent to their homepage because the visitor is left to find their way to the content displayed in the ad. It’s crucial that all friction is removed from clicking on the ad to finding the specific information they are expecting. Any difficulty and the visitor will leave. 
Today Andy Brown helps dentists track the phone calls to their practice made on mobile devices. Andy discusses current mobile trends in 2018. He gives practical advice, allowing you as a dental practice owner to make the right mobile marketing decisions. 
In episode 63 Andy Brown advises dentists on True View for Action, a format within YouTube where you can collect leads within actual YouTube Ads.
In this episode, Andy shares with you how to get 5 star Google reviews for your dental practice. He describes exactly how to create the link you need to send to all of your happy patients
Today Andy Brown discusses Reducing Dental No Shows With Detailed Travel Notes And Videos. Always follow up the call you make to schedule the first appointment with an email explaining their transport options e.g train, tube, taxi, car and bus. Give them a detailed explanation, using email and direct mail, on how to visit your practice using various modes of transport. This is key to overcoming the common objection of not knowing exactly where you are and as a consequence deciding the travel is more hassle than it’s worth. It’s strongly recommended you create a series of videos describing the journey to your practice from the nearest train station, bus stop and car park. If your practice is particularly difficult to find these should be created as so
Today Andy Brown discusses Google Analytics Spam Check out where Andy Brown helps business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords.
Today Andy Brown discusses 5 marketing lessons he learned In 2015. 1. Review what has worked for you over the past 6 months and then rinse and repeat. Check out what I learned from uploading a short 1 minute video I created back in July 2013. 2. Commit to a social media platform. Learn about how I created a following of 10k followers on Twitter back in 2008 by going all in on one platform. 3. Understand that whatever platform you are on will be disrupted by advertising or buy out. I discuss what happened to Pinterest and Instagram in the past week. 4. It's very important to write every day. It's a skill you must hone on a daily basis to improve your content marketing as a whole 5. Learn to be creative when it comes to list building. No one wants to sign up to your company newsletter. Replace your newsletter with a free 5 day course and content upgrades on your most popular blog posts. 
Today Andy Brown discusses 10 top reasons why you should use Google Adwords. 1. It's Instant Traffic - no need to wait for traffic as YOU would from SEO and content marketing. 2. You Can Find Out Exactly What People Are Searching On - Google Analytics no longer gives you that all important data! Where else will find the phrases your prospects are using to find the products and services your websites. 3. You Can Beat Your Competitors - leapfrog your competition to the top position in one easy jump. 4. Take Advantage of Remarketing - you can use your Adwords solely for encouraging organic past website visitors to revisit. Maybe they abandoned their shopping cart and you would like to suggest coming back. 5. Complement Your Organic Search - it's impossible to be top of Google for every organic keyphrase search, thus use Adwords to fill in the gaps! 6. Schedule Your Ads To Run When Your Business isn't Busy - on a quiet Wednesday afternoon get the
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