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Unlock the latest advances in HVAC Engineering and equipment design for commercial and industrial HVAC applications worldwide. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school. Mechanical Engineers, building operators, contractors and everyone in the commercial space, this podcast is for you. Sit back, relax, press play and improve your mechanical engineering and building engineering skills in no time.
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In this episode of "Engineering Tomorrow," we celebrate Women in Construction Week by featuring Catie VanWormer from Cleaver-Brooks. Dive into Catie's journey in the traditionally male-dominated fields of engineering and construction, from her initial interest sparked by family influence to her pivotal role as Director of Hydraulics. Discover the evolving landscape of women in engineering, the challenges they face, and the strides being made towards greater inclusivity. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of gender, innovation, and the built environment.
In the latest installment of "Engineering Tomorrow," Brian Gomski engages with Joe Parsons from ClimateMaster, dissecting the complexities of geothermal tax incentives following recent legislative changes. As the Senior Marketing Sustainability Manager, Joe provides a wealth of insight into how these incentives can benefit commercial entities. The ClimateMaster, a seasoned player in the HVACR industry, has seen remarkable growth since 2004, expanding from a specialized air handler manufacturer to a comprehensive provider of custom HVACR solutions.This episode offers an exclusive look at the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which has dramatically increased tax credits for geothermal installations. With Joe's guidance, listeners will navigate the intricate details of qualifying for these benefits, from understanding the significance of the thermal transfer of systems to the implementation of prevailing wage rates and apprenticeship programs. ClimateMaster's trajectory from a small-scale operation to over 700 employees and 230,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space illustrates the robust potential for scaling up in the geothermal sector. Tune in as we explore the impact of the new tax credits on both commercial and non-profit organizations. Joe Parsons shares his expertise on how the expanded market for geothermal solutions can lead to more sustainable and financially sound construction projects. ClimateMaster's commitment to solving customer challenges is evident through their certified and ETL-listed components, ensuring that any project benefits from the highest standards of quality and efficiency.
George Paich from Alliance Air Products joins Brian Gomski and Troy Gladstone to discuss the most important thing to remember when selecting an air handler and the most important things NOT to do.Alliance Air Products was established in 2004 as a custom retrofit air handler manufacturer, but has since grown into all areas of custom HVACR manufacturing. Alliance started business with 15 employees and 33,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. We have since grown to over 700 employees in 230,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space. Alliance is a privately held company with a very solid financial base, and has the capacity for rapid expansion in manufacturing capacity.Whether you need is for a standard air handler, complex package system or specialized construction that modular units can’t handle, Alliance Air Products adds value by solving problems and giving you a solution that meets your needs. Our components are certified by an array of agencies including UL, AGA, CSA, ARI and AMCA. Our products are ETL listed.
This week we speak with Jeff Kelley from Kelley Energy Management. We discuss how utility incentives and rebates are acquired, the process, and what you can do to receive one. Kelley Energy Management provides energy analysis that allows utility programs and customers to achieve verifiable savings while producing an outstanding experience for all participants.
Managing engineering teams and data in multiple locations and offices can be a challenge. Existing solutions are bulky, require hefty implementation, are difficult to learn, and aren't flexible enough. Bild has designed a secure and integrated way for engineers and hardware teams to share and collaborate on visual assets on the cloud.
Troy Gladstone, Spencer Kaufman, and host Brian Gomski teach fluid cooler class today. Learn what they are, how they work, and when to use them. Plus, Troy and Spencer share their championship rib recipes.
Protecting the investment in high-efficiency boilers, chillers, and other system components necessitates efficient fluid distribution. Eliminating air and dirt removes many routine maintenance items, saves energy, and improves overall system performance and heat transfer. But, not all dirt and air separators are equal or perform the same. Tune in to see why we recommend Spirotherm dirt and air separator technology for many applications.
Watch the video here: great debate. There are predominantly 2 types of cooling towers - counterflow and crossflow. The primary distinction between crossflow and counterflow cooling towers is how the air passing through the cooling tower interacts with the process water being cooled. In a crossflow tower, air flows horizontally across the direction of the falling water, whereas air flows in the opposite direction (counter) to the direction of the falling water in a counterflow tower.Join host Brian Gomski with cooling tower experts Troy Gladstone and Ryan Miller as we evaluate both options in detail and label one cooling tower type the predominant choice and winner in most scenarios.
The world of commercial water boilers can be a little bit confusing and overwhelming. One of the reasons is the technology has evolved immensely in a short period of time, and if you didn’t keep up with the pace, you might fall behind. Luckily, Brad Carll (Camus Hydronics) and Jeff Henderson (Midwest Machinery) provide a great 101 discussion about boiler technology and operation.
Have you ever wondered how much performance is actually reduced with dirty equipment? In this episode, Jim Moran of Permatron and Brian Gomski discuss HVAC equipment filtration and why it's vital to peak performance.
Today's episode features Steve Levine, CEO of AtmosAir.For nearly two decades, AtmosAir has been bringing an active and transparent approach to pioneering solutions for indoor air quality.And the true benefits are something you’ll see for years to come. We’re talking about the competitive edge that comes with being able to ensure improved air quality, the bottom line business advantages of fewer sick days, greater productivity, and the peace of mind that comes from living in, working in or visiting a healthy indoor environment.
Dustin Schafer, Chief Technical Officer at Henderson Engineers in Kansas City discusses his leadership role and the future of mechanical engineering firms. He pushes to go beyond the basic mechanics of engineering to arrive at solutions that are as artful as they are functional.
This week we have John Stack on the show from Smardt Chiller Group. We discuss how oil-free mag bearing chillers work, where they got their start, and where the future is headed. Smardt offers the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges.
Kevin Fahey of AtmosAir joins us this week for a deep dive into BiPolar Ionization technology. Can these devices solve our indoor air concerns as it relates to Covid-19? Understand how the system works (scientifically), how it interacts with Coronavirus, and it's interaction with VOC's, bacteria, smoke, pollen, and more.
Dan Bilancia with ClimateMaster gives us a detailed look into water source heat pumps and geothermal options for your commercial project. Is it THE most energy-efficient option? Tune in to find out. Additional hosts are Brian Gomski and Ryan Miller.
Dustin Schafer, Mitch Case, and your host Brian Gomski gather to discuss reopening businesses and occupied spaces in the United States as distancing restrictions are eased. What can building operators do to help reduce COVID-19 transmission potential? Tune in to find out.
Not all grow rooms are created equal. Uncover how designing a grow room properly will result in higher crop yield, increased product quality, and significantly lower utility bills. These tips and tricks are well worth a listen. Hosts include Brian Gomski, Eric Eyler, and Paul Stewart.
This week Spencer Kaufman (Midwest Machinery | Application Engineer) and Jarrod Wrampe (CRB | Associate, Sr. Process Utility Engineer) discuss how the construction industry is helping with the rapid deployment of therapies and treatment for COVID-19. In addition, they discuss Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and how they are manufactured.
If we owned a 500-ton Cooling Tower. These are the must have accessories or "hacks" you want. Join us as Troy Gladstone and Ryan Miller take turns revealing these important upgrades.
Today we sit down with Jim Johnston, co-founder of Altaire - The "turbocharger" for air handlers. We discuss the inherent problems with existing and underperforming air handlers, how it affects tenants, and what we can do to solve the problem.
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