Author: Carroll Bosworth Grabham

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Let's Ride into a Psychedelic Hell two hundred years from now.

Hang out with your favourite dead legend. Spend your entire life addicted to hyperreal home entertainment. Never talk to anyone real. No friends, no family. So what. A life spent tripping on smart acid means that nobody really cares any more.

But a revolution is coming. And They will save humanity from an extinction of the mundane.

This world without childhoods; post nuclear London Town underground, 23rd Century VoQue ephemera obsession. Don't talk to real people, Alexandra Brontay. Don't go looking for love. But Lexie does, Lexie still believes in real.

Brontay's split soul is about to become the lynchpin of the coming war fought by nano-machines within synthetic biological systems, the mainframe of power within a real world that is indistinguishable from artificial intelligence and the hyperreal.

But when MannyCapra, CEO of The Company, needs a spot of agitprop to stem his boredom, he'll go to any length to entertain those who plot against him. After 250 years on this earth, he is so ready for a bit of fun.
22 Episodes
A naked woman is chasing through the woods by a hungry bear. She has no idea how she got here, but her humdrum worker ant existence in 23rd Century London is eons away.Episode 1 of 6
Another day at work for Brontay. She is nagged by her sex pest colleague Simpkin to spend another night in the only singles bar left in London. If she hadn't just received yet another warning from her ill-tempered and patronising computer supervisor, she might not have just agreed. It won't lead to anything good, but Brontay is bored. Be careful what you wish for, Lexie B.Episode 2 of 6
Sosamantha's, the bar that taste forgot. Brontay can't bear this place, but she hates the fantasy charades of home entertainment. She wants real. Simpkin is like a pig in shit. 48 hours to date, mate and dump? Company rules state that no relationship can last any longer. Bring it on baby.Then SHE walks into the bar and Brontay is smitten. Katia Kutz, velveteen dream poured into a dress. Easily rebuffed by the vamp, Simpkin tries to warn Lexie - this woman is trouble. Trouble sounds great.Episode 3 of 6
Episode 4: Agitprop

Episode 4: Agitprop


MannyCapra, 250 year old uber Charles Foster Kane and boss of The Company, is looking for a new plaything. Much to the chagrin of his 18 going on 99 year old sidekick and Vice President Hardyman, the CEO resolves to bump off the only living star of our times, the multigendered crooner Hail Vanity. Time for a change, young man. MannyCapra recruits his psychotic henchman Apsley Moran (Vanity's boyfriend) to organise the hit and it is performed to the letter at a rally in St James' Park by Moran's specialist, a New Yorker who models himself on a 1970s undercover cop known only as Deconstructed Man. That's some brutal, ruthless marksmanship right there.MannyCapra is delighted with the results. Hardyman seethes and plots. Somewhere else, Brontay is about to become part of a revolution.Episode 4 of 6
The investigation into Brontay's disappearance is carried out by Moran, Deconstructed Man and that rarest of persons, a cop with a conscience Deputy Chief Inspector Susan Pollard. No one goes missing like this in London, so only the top brass will do.They get on the trail of Kutz, but she has covered her tracks well.Episode 5 of 6
Episode 6: Homecoming

Episode 6: Homecoming


Moran has a meltdown after the ashes of his lover Hail Vanity are strewn over the dock and there's a breakthrough in the Brontay case.It appears the mysterious commoner has returned as quickly as she vanished.Episode 6 of 6
There she is, freezing her bare bottom off in a field in the middle of Siberia. Exit chased by a bear. Not the best place to wake up after a six month sleep.
In which Brontay rides to work in a hyperloop and gets a formal warning from an irate clock. She visits Sosamantha's Date and Mate, the last bar in London with that unfunny creep Simpkin, her only real mate, before espying the girl of her dreams, a velveteen dream poured into a dress. Dr. Katia. Kutz.
MannyCapra explores 100th birthday present options for Hardyman, including a new set of eyes, while conducting a bit of business on the side; a terrorist attack on the VoQue community, nice bit of agitprop before breakfast.
Officers Moran, Pollard and Deconstructed Man investigate the disappearance of Brontay.
MannyCapra smells a rat while Fazal gets back on the case. Across town, Moran and Deconstructed Man close in on their woman.
Fazal is summoned to the Albert Hall by Scanlon and taken to meet Pollard. She wants him back in the game, reporting the real news just like in the old days. Deconstructed Man plans to whack the Big Man, but bullets don't bite.
Brontay is given the news she dreaded. Deconstructed Man, fresh from a bit of gene therapy, chases the Doctor's Congress down a disused tube track and smashes his new teeth.
MannyCapra is given some insider gossip on the DC by Mr Old, an adult in a child's body. Brontay is holed up in a shipping container with Vasily, riding the pacific swell on a huge tanker bound for what used to be called Britain.
Brontay and Vasily walk 200 miles and Fazal must patronise a centurion with young, blue eyes.
MannyCapra pitches the world to Brontay.
Katia Kutz meets her 250 year old ex-husband and has a brush with her Nazi past.
MannyCapra tests Brontay's resolve and Fazal undeletes Jameson.
Vasily meets Peter the Great and time is running out for Brontay.
Brontay has a showdown with MannyCapra in Sosamantha's as her clone sister fades.
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