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Author: TJ Shafer

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An informative and legit podcast covering all things hunting!
84 Episodes
This episode is packed with bullshit with some hunting mixed in!
In this Episode we catch up on the last two weeks since we did not record an Episode due to the Thanksgiving Weekend.  We cover our latest hunting adventures at Bird Mountain and tell the wonderful story of another kid killing their first buck!
Here comes the sad, sad story of the damn thief that stole my Polaris Ranger and my 14 year old daughter's fourwheeler.  Hope they rot in hell.
We find out where Dirty T has been hiding and announce the winner of the recent contest.  Also, one of the Bird Mountain Kids get a buck!
Here is the story of Jason Owens and last weekend's hunt where he killed a massive 153" buck.
Yes, you read that right, Dirty T's got the rona!
In this episode we discuss the results of our opening weekend hunts!  Good stuff all the way around!
Twas the night before hunting season 2020 and all The Huntcast Crew is going freaking nuts!
Hold on a minute... this episode has a 30 minute intro with a few heated debates before we get into all the Scent Crusher Gear with Dan Drake!
The saga of being crapped on by salesmen never ends.  TJ tries to buy a trailer house while Dirty-T gets blamed for everything.
Great Episode talking about current hunting news!
Episode 71 starts with a debate concerning the wearing of mask.  And yes, this episode has a ton more "hunting talk" that the last one.
Wow, the episodes keep getting out of hand and we LOVE it!  We covers all kinds of interesting hunting stories on this show!
Well to celebrate Episode 69 we discuss all sorts of useful material. Just think of this episode as reading the ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle while taking a dump.  Its crazy how in an hours time we can cover so many subjects!
Have fun listening to this one.  We discuss an article written about being fit for whitetail season.  Yeah, there's actually an article written about this.  So rip open a box of little debbies and crack a mountain dew and enjoy!
After a few weeks of being gone, we are back with an awesome Episode!  Mark Boardman is the Marketing Director for Vortex Optics, one of our favorite companies!  Mark discusses a few hunts he has been on as well as an in depth look into working at Vortex.
Well its been a few weeks but we are back with a vengeance!  Making some sh#t happen as we head to south Texas for a weekend of Turkey Hunting on the Haun Ranch.  
More useless nonsense with a little hunting mixed in.  We cover what to do in a toilet paper shortage as well as begin to investigate whether Texas Parks & Wildlife are keeping people from killing pigs!
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