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Listen to two young innovators doing their best to make the world of logistics and supply chain fun for everyone. Talking our way through startups and logistics as well as many other tangent deviations.
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In this very special episode, we talk to Apurva Chiranewala from Sendle, covering life in India, different mentalities and how to approach learning, before we dive into e-commerce and how Sendle is solving a shipping and logistics problem. Checkout Apurva Chiranewala on LinkedIn, send him a message through Twitter @Apurv_Ed Don’t forget to checkout Sendle at
What are we going to be working on, what we went through with year one of the Logistics Media Network. Follow the next steps on LMN (all the links are on the front page) and check out our new adventure on Instagram @jkstorytime plus the website.
In this episode of the LMNpodcast, we talk to Judy Anderson who is the CEO of Startup Victoria. We cover her extensive history of being an innovator and discuss what is entrepreneurialism. Check out, their newsletter shows every startup related event in Victoria! And follow Judy on Twitter @fasttrackjudy. Enjoy!
On this episode of the LMN podcast, we talk to Katy Barfield from Yume, a business on the front lines of the war on food waste. Covering everything from how the company came to be, how to pronounce Yu-me and what makes Katy a non-traditional startup founder. Check out Yume at
We talk to the e-commerce expert about Amazon, change management, marathons, Kodak, getting people involved in innovation and the future of retail. Check out Jonathan’s book which you can find here We also talk about this website, it might be big…
Hey! Welcome back, we talk to Val from Boutique Retailer We ask this e-commerce master about eBay, over delivering on customer expectation and of course... Amazon. A good person to ask considering the online business started ten years ago with a single hat and now has 40,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). If you want to get in touch with Val, join our Facebook community group! (called LMN Community, you'll see the logo). By the way, the fastest delivery by Amazon so far is 12 minutes
We talk to Dave about his company Bestrane and how it came to be a provider of route optimization and task management (and the challenge of trying to make a big “fix it” button for companies to press). We also talk about people leaving and how that affects how well systems operate, Origin Energy making gas sexy, and Uber setting the customer expectation for visibility in the supply chain. Check out this video about Origin making supply chain a marketing advantage (maybe the should talk to LMN about future promos!?!?) Either way, well done to them
Some more "insights" to the world of LMN with our upcoming guest ... tue in on Monday for more!
We talk to Harrison from Stone & Chalk, a fintech megahub ( We cover a heap of subjects (so much so that we had to cut the episode down to Just 50 minutes). Going through the difference between hubs, incubators and accelerators, how they help build communities, how to manage communities using Slack (bots), supporting your community with shampoo, tribe leaders, the rise of community heads, workplace incentives, birthday presents, and how we are in an exciting place with the startup ecosystem - talking about bridging gaps between scenes with leaders in hubs building epic communities. We also might have a candidate for the next Prime Minister :) Enjoy, hit up the website for more
Tune in Monday 27th for our new episode with our next special guest
Tune in Monday for our massive new episode! #thelmnpodcast
Welcome back! We talk to our good friend Fed (Federick), who we have convinced to be our 'logistician in residence' (which is, a thing we made up...). Fed shares his career journey as he works through the world of logistics. We also talk about technology working with people when dealing with change management, processes and bringing visibility and standardization to the conversation. Going from the ports of Manila to Ford, Spotless and how to ‘sell’ your solutions and suggestions for adoption, internally, within a company. This episode has it all! Visit for more, thanks for listening
We talk about the Swinburne Masters of Supply Chain Innovation, the new era of skills, Amazon, entrepreneurship fits into supply chain and education, cross-functional teams and the teams, new words, expectations, as well as more on Amazon and social media putting big data in practice and companies predicting what you want and what a smart toilet will have to say about you. Plus the usual loop of mutual appreciation (codependence)... Delivery lockers and links: Given it was our first ever interview, we think it went really well! Thanks, John!! If you liked it please share with your friends, follow us somehow and get in touch if you like with
A preview of what's coming up on theLMNpodcast, stay tuned for a new episode on Monday! #thelmnpodcast
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, originally posted on the 1st of May 2018. We wrap up the first season of recordings where we looked at the end-to-end of a supply chain and how it works. If you want to find more please visit
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, it went up on the 1st of May 2018. We try figure out the impact of business systems in the supply chain. If you want to find more please visit
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, it went up on the 24th of April 2018. We try to figure out how performance reporting in the supply chain works. If you want to find more please visit
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, it went up on the 18th of April 2018. We try to figure out how transport works in the supply chain.
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, it went up on the 11th of April 2018. We try to figure out warehousing and distribution.
A re-post from season one of the LMN podcast, it went up on the 5th of April 2018. We try to figure out how sales and procurement work in the supply chain. If you want to get in touch there's plenty of ways to do that, hit up the website and get in touch (, please note that email or LinkedIn will get the fastest response.