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Author: Tara Burke

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Conversations about intersectional magick. A place for those to find solace in the ways of the modern mystics. A place for storytelling and dismantling old paradigms.
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The Hermit w/ Jade T. Perry

The Hermit w/ Jade T. Perry


We are finally out of our two month Hiatus from the podcast- and we feel grateful for folks that have asked about our episodes, that share and review the podcast- and have supported us over the last two years. Our returning episode features the amazing and incomparable Jade T. Perry.  Jade moves us with Black feminist cosmologies, churchy mysticism, and embodied sensual ritual musings. Check out the instagram in the coming weekend as we will be offering reading resource guide from all of Jade’s amazing wisdom shares.  The Hermit’s call speaks to a post Jade wrote alongside the summer on Instagram Within this post Jade mentions and references the work of Toni Cade Bambara. How is our house in order in the ways of movement building? This Episode Features Churchy Origins by way of Philadelphia We are not here to be consumed- Spiritual Capitalism and our wayfinding throughPRO TIPS & Boundary Work Anansi Spider Wisdom Black Mysticism and Black Futures Why Lineage Citation and Referencing divination-Is ESSENTIAL In spiritual work LinksJade T. Perry Patreon Jade T. Perry Website The Nap Ministry @ItsJujubae (cited IG account)  @millennialsoulfood (cited IG account) Book Resource Guide available @thewitchesmuse platform Support the show ( or offer one time donations via Venmo @tarapin (this helps us pay podcast guests, supports music and mixing the episodes) Support the show (
It Is high summer time, we have already grown garlic and will begin braiding. This episode comes right before the last New Moon of Summer. The Chariot card Is In a place of transition. In this New Moon, It's summer last dance as we enter Into the harvest season and time of our deepest truths.Please support the current Go Fund Campaign of @indyofficinalis by visiting HERE This Episode Features Imaginary Friends ((why they support us when we need))Plant Medicine and Harvesting Witnessing Plants without Needing to Harvest Plant Kin for these times Ancestry through Foods Convergence of Food Justice & Farming White owned farms w/ black land sovereignty Land stewardship and Land Back- How does this look? BIPOC Farmers, Food Stewards in Conversation of Land Ownership Psychedelic Mushrooms and IP34 Mushrooms importance in ecological restoration The love of Mushrooms and bio-remediation What do mushrooms have to teach us? Poetry & Poem w/ hearLinksOregon Ballot Measure for Psilocybin Mushrooms BIPOC Community Urban Farm Fund Land Back: An Indigenous Perspective Garlic Poetry Nikki Giovanni-Why I like ChocolateSupport the show (
We time travel in this episode. Coming through a transmission on April 12th 2020, Ostara sees a time where we are growing an egg and cultivation. The High Priestess card is asking us to see what it is we stand behind. What it is that is non-negotiable, why we are the way we are through the songs of our ancestors, our childhood memories, and our innate ability to know how deeply we feel. We court the realms and systems of magick, we talk about magic through the ways of an empath, through mediumship, through early childhood development. I ramble and say curious A LOT in this episode. I think this lense tries to focus on intersectional magick as informing ourselves through the landscapes of mental health, the effects of colonializations. Also, I am a fast talker, and noticing also being an interrupter in moments of excitability, so MĒTZLI THANK YOU for supporting my mind jumping from place to place, also leaning in. EPISODE TOPICS  Matrilineal Magick Influence Ways of identifying magick Difference between psychic and mediumship? The role of empath and mediumship Boundaries and Mental Health How we stigmatize magick High Priestess Card Magic & Wolf Medicine High Priestess Themes **Let us know in the comments (HOW MANY DECKS DOES MĒTZLI OWN?)**LINKSRevolutionary MysticNuminous TarotDust 2 OnyxFenty BeautySUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW US ON ITUNES!Support the show (
This episode is a spell. We Explore the ways of non-linear witchcraft and the medicine of the Hierophant.We laugh a lot, as Edgar voice is like ASMR for anyone's ears. We talk of dismantling productivity for the passion of play in art practices. We explore art as a sacred sanctuary.This episode is a spell to invite you into a conversation about our mutation and the medicine of the Hierophant.The craft we speak of is non-linear, I hope you journey with us, making mistakes along the way.Extend your antennae out and enjoy!Be sure to rate and review us as we transverse the goddexx algorithm! EPISODE TOPICS +THIS INTRO IS A SPELLMAGICK AS A KIDART AS SACRED PRAXISSUPPORTING COMMUNITY CAREHOW WE DISMANTLE PRODUCTIVITY AND TEND TO LUCIDITY OF PLAYTENDING WITH OUR PLANT KIN WITH A RUE ROMANCESHOW NOTES +THE TRANSCRIPT WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY AFTER THIS IS POSTEDLINKS +Full Time WitchSunSongEdgar Fabian FriasEdgar Fabian Frias You TubeSupport the show (
Welcome to the Second Season of the Witches Muse!Being with Erin and Sanyu was like being in my quaratine dream living room with tea, lots of crushed velvet, and lots of sunlight.We talked of so many things, laughed a lot, and connected on intimacy in context.In honor of Venus Rx in Gemini, the Lovers Card felt like a perfect intro to Season II: The Major Arcana of the Craft.Both Sanyu and Erin identify as writers!We are offering folx, a love letter writing workshop coming up May 21st at 6 PM-7 PM PST.Patreons get the workshop for free.EPISODE TOPICS +BOUNDARIESLIVING CURIOUSLYHOW INTIMACY IS EXPLOREDLET’S TALK RELATIONS (TO SELF, TO OTHER, TO LOVER)SHOW NOTES+6:03 Sexicon Explained9:26 Ancestral Visits from Sanyu Papa12:58 Lets talk Boundaries25:00 Erin tends why curiosity DOES NOT suck29:29 Sanyu speaks to interdimensional relations33:00 Say hello the asexuality folx41:46 Being not disabled is not better46:16 Erin express sovereignty without public spaces51:13 Sanyus relationship to boredom53:57 Erin busts productivity mythLINKS +The Numinous TarotCONVINCE ME MEMESanyu EstelleSEXICON Erin ClarkThe Witches Muse PatreonDavid Whyte-All the True VowsSupport the show (
SHOW NOTES +Because we love time travel and so deeply believe in it. The intro of this was recorded right as were ordered our shelter in place and the time for many of collective isolation and shared grief.I find myself in the beginning ending this as it started. Not knowing, and leaning into the earth and the way of primary. When something feels big, it sometimes what makes it hard to share openly.We recorded this episode twice. The second time we had too much back feed, and it wouldn't have been able to be listenable. We landed back with our first recording, made of Zoom, and we thank our wonderful editors for mastering it as they do.I just laugh a little with this episode because the voice captures many different waves of experience.Support the show (
We track this episode release during Samhain, just right timing-it doesn’t have to be anything but what it is.  This amazing time of their lives through social artistry, and how live presents itself. Eve landed on the West Coast pre-tech which now a days seems like very much a thing of the past’s past. Eve tracks spiritual inquiry. As the fire kindles behind us, we talk of how work that matters, may not matter with the way the world is whirling us.This to me speaks judgment, the coming of days in many ways. If we start to evaluate everything we do, we find ourselves in stagnation. There Is a need to participate, but what does this really look like? We dance betwixt and between this liminal space, and with all hallows upon us. These conversations, these stories are so valued on how we hold ourselves and humble ourselves. We close with relating to the non-human world with the sentience that it is. During this time, we explore that which we cannot see. Support the show (
We open in prayer. This is a practice I am honored to lean into, and know how deeply it is to sit with this. Isis Indriya is a cultural change maker, a priestess of this paradigm shift. I was in such deep reverence to be able to speak with them about this work, about the sun and its rays. As it sets on Virgo Season, this is what I see as the setting sun of summer within this episode. This was a spiritual voyage with Isis, and I would be see nothing less when you see their work in the world. I took a long ass time to air this episode, partially because it needed to incubate in its own liminal realms for a while. Listening to it, I can even hear my own voice dropping into this present state. Excuse my ums ya’ll in this episode!  I was more nervous than I thought! There is a little noise background in the middle of the podcast, we can’t shift those moments.Isis is a bridge builder, a space holder, a gatherer. Her and Eve Bradford co-create the container for the Compass at LIB, a transformative festival in California.  Isis holds down the question, that I feel like is the backbone of this podcast..WHO ARE WE? This question is such a way of understanding our innate cosmology, how these fibers are woven together.The sun card radiates so truthfully through this episode. It shows up the power of connection when we show together and in community. Simply to be grateful for this life. The art of seeing oneself in everything, and receiving the feedback are the rays of honesty that conducts a life of offering in beauty and wonderment. Remembering we have a role and purpose, tuning into our purpose and design is to be of service and to support the web of life. Isis breaks down in such a way that is grows roots and soaked in stardust. ***Whats In This Episode****An opening prayer for all relations *How we bring people together in sacred ways:why this is important *Personal Practice and Community Practice: Offerings & Beyond*WE is in the work (village human and non-human supports)*Paul Stamets and Tata Pedro with the power of prayer *Ritual as a way of life: all day everyday*How to take care of interdependent life forms *Power: Dedicate to Solar Rituals to Clear Doubt LinksIsis Indriya Micheal PollanLiving Village Culture ((sign up for newsletter)) Support the show (
Here on the New Moon of Leo, I am feeling so full and courageous and this episode serves us up the Afro Witch, Keiko.  We go back to the softness yet strength we see in lunar phases.  Keiko tells us a story, and explores how suburban lifestyle was hard to build a connection to her brown witch self.  Keiko talks of their tarot journey and how phases are so important to the work. We explore how AfroWitch evolves, how we evolve. What fulfills us intuitively? When we aren’t able to take the time to get to ourselves, how can we show up in ways that support others and our communities that need us. What We Talk About Instagram Breaks (Surprise! Surprise!) Moon Bathing Magic is who we are, not what we are trying for Do you drink water? Relationship to DreamsColor Consciousness Empathetic Way of BeingShow LinksAfro WitchSupport the show (
Many questions do not have binary answers. Ari helps one look closer to the questions that will be ones we are forever curious. Written in the stars. Astrology is hot. Its starry eyed for certain, and if we aren’t careful astrology can be taken for grateful. To believe in Astrology, you have to believe how intrinsically important they are to the psyche and our wild becoming. We interact on a superficial level, and we aren’t really willing to question on a different level. We’re not talking about memes here, we are talking about deep seeded wounds that live through the constellations of our own stories.. What We Talk AboutAstrology and Consumption Science and Self Living beyond the binary is written in the starsSocial Justice Influencers: WTF?! How I Choose Guests for PodcastThe Tower Keeps Us Here…Waiting Is Work! Yoruba and Ifá traditions Show LinksSALTWATER STARS Support the show (
Oh, limitless space.Oh, eternal mystery.Oh, endless cycles of death and birth.Oh, miracle of life.Oh, the wondrous dance of it all.Tom Hiron from Sometimes A Wild God We have entered into this space of Cancer Season, and I could not think of a better time to release this episode. I always surprise myself when episodes release at exactly the right time. I have been stirring energetically feeling withdrawn, and really not of the "action" or "fire" called forth with summer in the Western Hemisphere. Speaking with Britton was such a joy of how we sit with chaos, and what rises from that. From asking tough questions and being in right relationship with self. It feels like the timing is fitted as we arrive in Eclipse Season.I'm feeling it, how about you? Hope you enjoy.What We Talk About Tower’s Transformative Power Origin Story of Archaic Honey & Dew Imagery Tower Informed Knowledge as Trauma Informed Care Bitter can be bold, we aren’t here to hardenNot reading reversals? Cards & Herbalism (How Flower Essences move with Tarot) Intuitive Tarot: How We Make Magick? Show LinksArchaic Honey Evolutionary Herbalism Support the show (
I WILL NOT DIE AN UNLIVED LIFEI will not die an unlived life I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit. Dawna Markova Here we are greeted by one of my biggest teachers on this path, Laura Blakeman. This episode is full of exploring the question at its essence. It looks to thresholds, are innate longing and the unknown aspects of our innate beings. Laura explores so eloquently the aspect of the Devil, of fear, of what it means to have doubt in our lives and how we navigate these times through our grief and our ways of initiation through our own cultural complexities.What We Talk AboutThe medicine of fear and longingHow do we experience threshold crossingsThe imagery of the Devil-the weaving of metaphorThe Village and the ForestHow we cultivate intimacy and less guarded interactions? Show LinksLaura’s PatreonJean GebserThe Rhythm WaySupport the show (
Sweet DarknessDavid Whyte When your eyes are tiredthe world is tired also.When your vision has gone,no part of the world can find you.Time to go into the darkwhere the night has eyesto recognize its own.There you can be sureyou are not beyond love.The dark will be your hometonight.The night will give you a horizonfurther than you can see.You must learn one thing.The world was made to be free in.Give up all the other worldsexcept the one to which you belong.Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweetconfinement of your alonenessto learn anything or anyonethat does not bring you alive is too small for you.Here we are!After a long hiatus (almost two month) we bring you the temperance episode. Early Spring has given us the much needed gestation period to finish up our first season, so we can bring you episodes and unfold our final arc of the Major Arcana. This episode features me. Temperance is the sign of the Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel, so I felt called to speak on it. This is an episode that has lots of tendrils with Tarot, so if you were curious more about the symbology around the cards, then this is a great episode to tune into! What I Talk About The Arc of The Tarot (The inner and outer arc) Spontaneity with Knowledge Compartmentalization Can Be ToxicArchetypal Wisdom of Temperance Stories that are passed down, passed through, passed onREPARATIONS (Do yourself a favor and follow folks like @nikkiblak who breaks down the social constructs of whiteness among other amazing knowledge) Understanding Integration with Temperance Casting CardsShow LinksMary K Greer PatreonBreitenbush Hot SpringsSupport the show (
In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.Audre LordeMy time with Jewelle dates back to my childhood. She is my first cousins oldest sisters wife. Family.  We haven’t seen each other much over the years, but her memory of cheetah filled black femme elegance radiates out from her every pore. Jewelle’s work surpasses the landscape of activist, witch, renegade, original. She had no trouble choosing the death card. It came naturally to them, it was what was inherently something they had leaned into. Being raised by her Great-Grandmother, growing up with her ancestral wisdom ran through her veins. Jewelle has lived 71 rotations around the sun, and is the first elder I have had the sincere privilege of recording for this episodeA historical fiction writer and feminist futurist, Jewelle has written 8 books, and The Gilda Stories has been in print for almost 30 years. Their work in the LGBTQ community is vast, from being present for the Stonewall Riots to marriage equality. She grew up around social movements such as the civil rights movement, black power movement, anti war movement. The roots of social activism were a daily part of life’s experience. She enjoys reflecting on periods of herstory, and bringing light from other generations. What We Talk AboutHow mythology informs who we areWorking with Audre Lorde as her mentor (how she gave feedback to the Gilda Stories) Aurdre Lorde QuotesAffinity to James BaldwinNo one is your saviorWisdom from 1883 Show LinksLesbian Self WritingGilda Stories Nancy BereanoAurdre Lorde QuotesNew Play ExchangeAfropunk Article Support the show (
Witchcraft is, and was, not... for everyone. Unless you have an attraction to the occult, a sense of wonder, a feeling that you can slip for a few minutes out of the world into the world of faery, it is of no use to you.Gerald GardnerØdane Liú and I had such an immediate kinship, we rocked on the same cosmic wave length and our conversation here was nothing short of well…yep. Magick.We all come from some place where we explore our connection to the Occult. Whatever this may be for us, whether its synchronicities, intuition notions, happening that do not appear to be of this dimension of existence. It our opportunity as curious beings, to suspend our beliefs and ask ourselves, how are we showing up? For ourselves? for each other? for our communities? We explore perspectives of the written craft. During these episode, Ødane was fasting on just water, to explore bridging the clarity of Spirit with the physical plane. What We Talk AboutOdin MythologyThe shade behind Love & Light Why the written craft is important to understandMy Spiritual Capitalism Rant Intuitive Divination Download for WitchesFamily Lineage of Witchcraft (Pagan/Obeah)History of Magicians versus WitchHow we forged new patternsShow LinksØdane Liú Green Witchcraft Advanced Witchcraft Natural Magic TextsSupport the show (
Each place I standI call my ancestors to stand with meWe create sacred circleAnd invite all to bear witnessThe divinity of who I amWithout love there can be no justice. When JL and I began to talk, their ability to drop in and through the veil of the moment was instant, and bringing us to a place where our council of elders behind us sat and talked of our old ways. The goosebumps have risen and still not fallen. We talk of Spiritual Capitalism and JL way of being settler and indigenous in this world while still providing tools of space holding. There is so much within this episode that makes it the perfect landing to end 2018. With this we traverse into the dark night of the soul, we begin the destructive parts of the ego-self, we navigate the terrain of that what makes use holy, and we arrive at the door steps of the questions that stir us beyond the surface of the mundane. Apologies here, we had some recording glitches in the voice, so excuse us with a few of the sounds, and I hope it doesn’t sway you from listening. What We Talk AboutThe Kapwa Justice Card Jana as cultural bearer, educator Questioning as a way of walking the world Role as settler and indigenous Experience of Walking with Elders & Teachers UnfoldingSpirituality and Social Justice-Awareness & Responsibility The Origin and Visual Imagery of Kapwa Tarot POC Tarot Show Links Kapwa Tarot The Peace Poets Jana Lynne Creative Productions Support the show (
When speaking with Bani Amor, my world was unpacked and unfolded. They have so much wisdom to share and my fan girling of Bani Amor was no exception here, as I was honored to have them speak even though they were under the weather. Always in search of their truth and finding their North Star of Honesty.  They map through their experiences around social justice work, accountability and just living.  We go through so much within this episode, and Bani takes the floor and really unpacks a lot around travel culture and who it’s written for.  We talk of Spiritual connection of healing, how we heal, and we look at how we may cause harm in the process.  What We Talk About: Decolonization of Travel Culture (WHAT IS THIS!)Belonging, Stories of Place, MigrationBastardization of Culture Rage as Motivator Ayahuasca and the Heart of Whiteness  Show LinksBani Amor Website Bani Amor TwitterSpiritual Tourism and the Colonization of Ayahuasca  PayPalDecks for QTIPOCSupport the show (
Featuring Onyi LoveBeing your true and authentic self not only shows honor and reverence for your own being, but it inspires and reminds gives them rise up and do the same.My time with Onyi was nothing short of pure presence. Even though just over phone conversations and interweb weavings, her auric field radiates, and you can feel it in all the places that strike chords of resonance. They show up. Fully. Note: We recorded this pre-travels and pre-website and now both are listed live! Within this card of the Wheel of Fortune, we talk a lot of our work coming to a place of completion, to begin yet another cycle in refining, defining, and integrating our wholeness.The path to remembering is a windy one, we journey through the Wheel of Fortune, a card of destiny and how our true work rewards us. Onyi was about to take a trip to Europe to work with Pure Bio Energy when we last spoke. It was a great treasure to listen to a healer speak of their modality with such perspective and really shifting my thoughts and ideas around energy work (I have only really worked with Reiki Energy healing in the past).The Wheel of Fortune card represents Fate, things that are made to happen. The power to shape what occurs in our lives, what gives form to the Universe. We are halfway between the final trump, and Onyi Love lays this pathway through her experience.What We Talk About:Opening & Closing Songs to Guide You Through What is doing enough? How do we navigate our destiny? Spiritual Practice As Life & Direct Connections to African Spirituality including Ifá & Orisha The energies around hair (shaved head) and cutting chordsPureBioenergy Excitement versus Anxiety (How they differ, how one experience) Show LinksLife As Ceremony Onyi Love Website PureBioenergyOnyi Instagram Support the show (
Featuring Callie Heron of Pachamama Apothecary“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”- Joseph CampbellThe time I spend alone means volumes to me. It allows me the opportunity to settle in and dig deep. I want to really implore here a few things. It is a deep privilege to be alone. It takes time and energy. I also do not want to discount anyone who has mental health concerns around being alone and is suffering from their own trauma due to loneliness. In this circumstance, there is simply no conditioning to this experience, it something that you have had to hold and be with throughout your lifetime. Callie and I talk of her time in the show Alone. She spent 72 days on a solo quest in Patagonia. The Hermit carries their beacon of knowledge on their journey. They bring wisdom forth from their time alone. We talk of what it likes to take space away from societal constructions, and see whats left when we leave identity behind. In this EpisodeAlone vs. LonelyOrigin Story of PachamamaViewing yourself as your best friendHow something takes time to cultivate, and we really don’t fully recognizeSocial Media breaks are necessity Show LinksPachamama Apothecary Support the show (
Featuring Angie Franklin of Afro YogaIf I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive – Audre LordeThe moments with womxn and folks that I interview feel like such gifts. Its as if time and the universe has forged our friendship that may have been from lifetimes ago, yet is arriving at exactly the right time. This for me, was how I felt after talking to Angie. We talk spiritual fierceness, internal strength and compassion for ourselves and for others. We recorded this in August, yet it feels fitting as move into Fall, and what it feels like when we truly give ourselves permission to slow down. Show Note: In the intro I say undeserved communities in reference to who Angie is support, when I meant to say under-served communities. Please note this error, and apologies for this mistake. In This EpisodeStrength Is Within Community Values & What is Service? How do you live your work? How Struggle Can Drive Strength Aquarius & Sagittarius Bonds Are Real! Show LinksAfro YogaA Vibe In Five Black Girl In OmCultural Appropriation and Yoga Black Girl Creating Support the show (
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