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A weekly conversation between married gamers about films, the latest gaming news, and a topic in the gaming industry. Hosted by @AceTheGrocer and @JourneyFirst

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In this week's episode, we discuss the future of streaming video games as said by Phil Spencer, the lead producer of Anthem leaving the studio after eight years, Twitch not playing the bigger man and does wrong to Ninja, and our big topic is about not having enough time for video games with special guests 'Overachievers Gaming Podcast'!Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezOverachievers Gaming Podcast Plugs: Stamps:Phil Spencer Talks Streaming Games – 4:20Ben Irving Leaves Bioware – 8:15Twitch Does Ninja Dirty – 12:03Interview w/ Overachievers Gaming Podcast – 20:23No Time To Game – 51:06Equipment We Use 💥:Microphones 🎤: 💡: 📻: Monitor 🎧: 📰:Phil Spencer Speaks on Game Streaming: Irving Leaves Bioware: Does Ninja Dirty:
Man, we were exhausted after a long week, but we try our best to keep the energy up for y'all! In this week's podcast, we discuss a Netflix original film, Halo Infinite will look just fine on your old console, the ESA breaks down and requires loot box regulations, Epic Games plays the good guys and defends Ooblets, and this week's big topic is the case for Long Video RDR2...Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezTime Stamps:Movie Minutes – 5:06Halo Infinite on Xbox One – 16:38ESA on Loot Box Odds – 22:02Epic Defends Ooblets Devs – 29:03The Case For Long Games – 39:06Equipment We Use 💥:Microphones 🎤: 💡: 📻: Monitor 🎧: 📰:Halo Infinite on Xbox One: Loot Box Odds: Games defends Ooblets Developers:
In this week's episode we discuss the Hulu Exclusive movie called 'Almost Friends', the earnings report from Ea that stated NBA Live 20 will be delayed, an amazing accomplishment by Sony to get as many PS4's into as many homes as possible, Ninja making some huge strides by striding away from his former home, and our big topic comes from one of our recent YouTube videos as to how can Christians be Gamers?Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezTime Stamps:Movie Minutes: ‘Almost Friends’ – 5:13NBA Live 20 Delayed – 17:56PS4 Sells 100M Units – 24:26Ninja Moves Over To Mixer – 29:29How Can Christians Be Gamers? – 35:29Equipment We Use:Microphones: Monitor: Live 20 Delayed: PS4 Sells 100M Units: Moves Over To Mixer:
In this week's podcast, we discuss Hideo Kojima's predictions for Video Game Streaming and what the future holds, Nintendo writing a memo to customer service with a no-questions-asked business model, CD Projekt Red being misquoted for religious themes, and our big topic is all about Apolitical Gamers with our special guest 'MrMattyPlays'!Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezMrMattyPlays Social:Youtube: @G27StatusPatreon: Social:Twitter: @GamingGroceriesInstagram: gamesandgroceriesWebsite: gamesandgroceries.comTime Stamps:Kojima Predicts Game Streaming – 4:26Nintendo Fixes Joy-Con for Free – 7:27Cyberpunk 2077 handling religions – 10:56MrMattyPlay Interview – 17:20Apolitical Gamers – 44:44Equipment We Use:Microphones: Monitor:’s Streaming Predictions: Will Fix Joy-Con for Free: will be in Cyberpunk 2077:
In this week's episode, we discuss the YouTube documentary on God of War (2018) titled 'Raising Kratos', a beloved Studio Director leaves a large studio after 24 years of service, EA gives a big patch to Sims 4 to the point where you'd call it Sims 5, a newly improved Nintendo Switch is silently releasing, and our big topic is all about Gaming Subscription Services such as Game Pass and Stadia!Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezTime Stamps:Movie Minutes – 5:22Tim Willits Leaves – 16:27Sims 4 Patch – 20:21New Nintendo Switch – 27:23Subscription Services – 33:57Articles 📰:Tim Willits Leaves ID Software: 4 Patch: Nintendo Switch Details:
In this week's episode we dive into the 2018 film 'The Spy Who Dumped Me', discuss an announcement for a new video game based Netflix series that will be sure to please a good amount of watchers, we get the announcement of a new Splinter Cell & Assassin's Creed game but not in the way you'd think, Nintendo drops the biggest news of the week with a small iteration, and finally we take a lot at our marriage and it has been built up over the course of this podcast!Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezTime Stamps:Movie Minutes - 4:30Cuphead on Netflix – 15:39Splinter Cell VR – 19:52Nintendo Switch Lite – 24:13Marriage & Gaming Part 3 – 34:43Equipment We Use:Microphones: Monitor: on Netflix: Cell VR: Switch Lite Details: and Gaming:Part 1:!81ccdPart 2:!49961
In this week's episode we discuss the latest film in the MCU 'Spider-Man: Far From Home', Epic becomes charitable towards a developer and their kickstarter backers after a major backlash, Remedy Entertainment regains the rights to a fan favorite game series and discusses the future of it, EA once again is disconnected from their audience perspectives, and our big topic of the week is all about the deeper message behind the newly released game 'Sea of Solitude'.Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy FontanezTime Stamps:SpiderMan Far From Home: 3:37Epic Refunds Backers: 14:10Remedy Regains Rights: 18:35EA Struggles with Bad Guy Perception: 23:24The Message Behind Sea of Solitude: 31:19Articles:Epic Refunds Backers: Remedy Takes Back Alan Wake: Sony Interested in Remedy: Struggles with Bad Guy Perception: Kotaku Anthem Article: Follow us on Social Media:Twitter: @GamingGroceriesInstagram: gamesandgroceriesYouTube: 
In this week's episode, we take a look at a new follow up game from Josef Fares but it's not A Way Out 2, Phil Harrison brings good news about purchases made on the Google Stadia platform, Tim Sweeney once again defends his exclusive game captures on Twitter, and today we have the developer behind Adam's Ascending, Nick DePalo! WE talk about his favorite PS1 games, his thoughts on Christian games, and we have a fantastic discussion all about breaking the mold of traditional content consumption!Nick DePalo:Twitter: @DepaloInstagram: nick_depaloIntro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy Fontanez
In this week's episode we discuss the Directorial Debut of Idris Elba with "Yardie", Bungie caring for the work-life balance of their development team, Microsoft scrapping their ideas for an affordable console and hiding all of the evidence, EA officially calling Loot Boxes by a different name and Epic claiming to be a non-profit organization, and our big topic for the week is all about fitness and gaming as well as some quick tips for efficient workouts while giving more time for gaming.Articles: Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy Fontanez 
In this week's episode we discuss the film " Borg vs. McEnroe" as two players face off with differing mentalities, Dontnod releasing a statement that their next title in 2020 and will be an exclusive to Epic Game Store, Todd Howard discusses new gameplay details on Starfield along with partnering with Elon Musk, Phil Spencer talking more rumors for a bigger partnership with the Nintendo Switch, and out big topic for the week is all about E3 and what our thoughts are one week after the big showcases.Intro Music: 'Follow Me' by Jimmy Fontanez
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