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Author: Kevin Davis

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Kev is giving you his input on the hottest issues out, everything from sports, popular news stories and stuff the listeners want. Feel free to contact Kevin and let him know what you'd like to hear! Twitter @KevGotchu
23 Episodes
1. Talking about the recent Blazers games and a tweet I received from one of the Blazers fans about Damian Lillard and what he should do. 2. NFL; NFC/AFC Divisional Championships this week. Support the show (
Chatting about the big question that everyone has about Tom Brady and wether or not he'll be returning to the New England Patriots. Give my thoughts on the Wildcard Playoff games. Make sure to comment on the show. Hit me up on Twitter @KevGotchu Support the show (
Happy New Years

Happy New Years


-NFL Playoffs, Talking about the games that we have this weekend and what I see happening.  Also giving my opinion on the Dallas Cowboys and the moves they'll be making in the offseason. -New Years, I want to know how everyones New Years parties went! Who got into trouble and who didn't? Also wishing you all a happy 2020.-Trailblazers, A little talk about the Portland Trailblazers and their upcoming road trip. Support the show (
Did you draft Antonio Brown into your Fantasy Football league?? If so, I'm going to tell you what big of a mistake you've made.  Also letting the "Kev Gotchu League" know who I think the better teams are and what they all have to be aware of throughout the season. Support the show
Kevin gives you his opinion on the recent shooting in the United States of America (Summer 2019). Support the show
Had a lot of Dallas Cowboys Fans Asking Me What I thought of the current situation and what will end up happening with the team.  Also had a lot of Cowboys fans saying they should just get rid of Elliot... Pump your breaks, the Cowboys would be stupid to get rid of the player they've been building around for the past 4-5 years.Support the show
Talkin' about some of the offseason moves that were made in the NBA as well as the NFL.  Should Zeke get paid and why.  And some players just need to shut up and play the game. Support the show
I'm letting you know what I respected out of Game Two in the NBA Finals and what went wrong for the Toronto Raptors.  Give my respect to DeMarcus Cousin and what the Golden State Warriors were able to pull off.  Also there is a man missing that goes by the name of "Drake" has anyone seen this man??? If so contact Kevin Durant and let him know. 
Kev talks about the end of the Trail Blazers season.  I give you my input on Game One of the NBA Finals, what I liked and didn't like.  Should the Golden State Warriors be worried about losing game one? Should they have played DeMarcus Cousins ? Should KD be playing in game 2 ? Kev Will let you know. 
Kev gives you his thoughts on Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.  
You're Not A Fan

You're Not A Fan


Kevin gives you his thoughts on Game One of the Western Conference Finals agains the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers. 
Kevin gives you his thoughts on the previous series and lets you know if the Blazers have a chance against the defending Champions.. Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram @KevGotchu 
Blazers are coming back home to play Game 3 versus the Denver Nuggets, I'll let you know what the Blazers need to do and also what they need to avoid to get the victory tonight in game 3. 
Damian Lillard hits a game winner in Portland and sends the OKC Thunder back home with their heads down.  Kev gives you his insight on the game and opinion on how the Thunder reacted/acted after the game. 
The Blazers with a BIG win at home over the OKC Thunder.  What we can look forward to and what we saw during game 2 in Portland.  Twitter fans to follow ; @Blazer_Gang @MissHolliLinn @Ripcity_AutismD @ReedPNW @DripCityKarim @Supafly77 @AndriaRazz @sarahdinh_ 
Talking about Tiger Woods and how he's been doing in the Masters this week and my hopes for him to win.   It's NBA Playoff time and I'll chat about the first round matchups and who's going to win each series. 
I just give my thoughts on the recent injury that Jusuf Nurkić suffered during the Brooklyn Nets game here in Portland.  People are giving up on the team and I don't think that's the right thing to do.  A lot of love from the social media world on the night of the injury. Love from his Brothers aka Teammates here in Portland.  
Just my quick thoughts on the NCAA Tournament and who I have winning on my brackets... also let me know who you have and where you're going to be watching the games at!! 
The Steelers are in trouble and anyone can see that.  Antonio Brown is now an Oakland/Las Vegas Raider and Le’veon Bell is a NY Jet.  There’s a lot more going on amongst that franchise than we know.  Blazers are playing great basketball in the second half of the season and should be something that Playoff teams should be afraid of. 
I give you my thoughts on why the SBLIII ratings saw a 5% drop from 2018 and it's lowest in the past 10 years.  
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