DiscoverYogaMass: Whole-Self Spiritual Awakening for Christian Yogis
YogaMass: Whole-Self Spiritual Awakening for Christian Yogis
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YogaMass: Whole-Self Spiritual Awakening for Christian Yogis

Author: Gena Davis

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Prayers, meditations, yoga, Yoga Nidra meditations, and teachings for healing, wholeness, and embodying higher consciousness. YogaMass blends east and west, movement and stillness, body and breath for a whole-self spiritual awakening that honors the divine within our bodies, and everywhere. What if Christianity embodied the life teachings of Jesus so that everyone could know and realize their divine potential? Author, spiritual director, yoga educator, and Episcopal priest, Reverend Gena Davis leads the journey of awakening to your true essence, inspiring you to live every moment in alignment with the sacred.
9 Episodes
Prayer and blessing for living in divine flow by The Reverend Gena Davis.
A guided meditation by Stuart Nelson, based on John 14:1-3, recorded at YogaMass May 9, 2020.
A guided meditation by Cyrus Wirls, recorded at YogaMass April 18, 2020.
We are experiencing a Great Pause. A message of hope and awakening for humanity during COVID-19, in the Spirit of the Risen Christ, recorded at YogaMass Online on April 18, 2020.,
Introducing YogaMass: who we are, why we exist, what we are about, why YogaMass is so important. Please join us as we share the experience and the message of embodied Christ consciousness. A special thanks to John Ahrens, Videographer and Producer.
Interview and conversation with The Rev. Dr. John K. Graham and The Rev. Gena Davis on YogaMass and the health benefits from practicing yoga as part of the worship experience. With two medical degrees, divinity degrees, and a mind/body masters degree in progress, Graham offers a holistic perspective on YogaMass the worship experience.
A meditation on Being Free: alive in Spirit, Mind, Body, Soul.
A meditation and prayer for healing of one's self and all that is in need of healing. Set your intention to be of service today to bring healing however you can best bring the highest good.
Amrit Yoga Nidra meditation with Gena Davis for deep relaxation and heart opening to allow divine guidance in your life. This meditation seats the intention for deep listening to God and responding in faith.
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