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Author: Siddharth Rajsekar

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Hi, I'm Sidz. I'm a college drop-out and a "musician turned digital geek". I build businesses online and on a mission to help 1 million people live the freedom lifestyle. The purpose of this podcast is to have a heart-to-heart talk with you on marketing and life concepts that most people won't speak out on. My core intention is to spark that "fire of freedom" in the core of your heart so that you go out there, take massive action and get massive results in every aspect of your life. Thanks for being here. Let's stay connected.
53 Episodes
Are you ready for a book reading marathon to make the next year your best year?If yes, I'm going to give you a list of my top 5 favourite books which can help you make that quantum jump in your personal productivity and effectiveness as a human being.And the key is to read these books in the exact same sequence within a span of 30 days.1. Atomic Habits by James Clear - This book will give all the insights on how to hack your habits to become more efficient.2. 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch - This book will open your mind and will install a new lens by which you will see the world around you thru the 80/20 principle. 3. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza - This is one heavy book by a man whose done some insane research on the human brain and mind. He's perfected found the bridge between modern science and spirituality.4. Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin - This is one of my all-time favorite books written by a Jewish Rabbi who uncovers the hidden secrets of true wealth creation.5. Ikigai by Héctor García & Francesc Miralles - This is the book you need to complete your 30-day reading marathon with. It's an amazing book that uncovers the Japanese secrets to a long, healthy, and purposeful life without retirement.I hope you found this information useful.Please subscribe to my podcast on Apple Podcasts - my private V.I.P Group on Facebook for more - to my YouTube channel for in-depth tutorials -
I used to struggle a lot in my business to make money. I had all the knowledge, but it never really reflected in my bank account.And as I was decoding my personal journey in the last 25 months, I realized that I actually cracked through 9 layers. 4 of them are external and 5 of them are internal layers.External LayersProductSystemsSalesTrafficInternal LayersProductivityGoal ClaritySelf TalkPurposeLoveBy the end of this podcast, you'll have the answers to why you may not be getting results as expected. Listen to this till the end and take action.Learn the formula that over 7000+ experts are using to scale up: to my YouTube channel: my private V.I.P Facebook Group: my Telegram Group for Flash Updates -
Starting your knowledge business is fun.Calling yourself a coach is even more exciting.Quitting this business is super easy. Many have done it.But taking it to the finish line is tough.This is what differentiates the top 20% from the bottom 80%. And this principle applies in every area of your life.My only question to you is… “on which side do you want to be in?”Top 20% or Bottom 80%?In this episode, I want to reveal the top 5 obstacles that may come your way as you build your freedom business, along with a simple solution to overcome it.I’m going to be blunt if you are ok with it 🙂It’s some tough love coming your way…
Do you feel that you have stagnated in your income? Have you hit that glass ceiling? Listen to this podcast as I cover the 6 steps which helped me grow my income by 20x to 50x within 25 months.To learn more about my Freedom Business Model, go to
Facts tell. But stories sell. In a digital world, that's crowded and cluttered with so much of "noise", the only way to stand out and cut thru that noise is through digital storytelling. In this podcast, I break it down into a formula that you can use to create a better impact with your audience.To get started in my community, please go to
With the current turmoil in the job market with so many people losing jobs, the Career Growth niche can be one of the most profitable niches to become a Digital Coach.In this podcast, I deep dive into a strategic 6 step process to help you become a successful Career Growth Coach.To join my community please go to
Do you want to know how to quickly grow your YouTube channel? In this podcast, I share the 12 secrets which helped me grow to over 50000 subscribers in a short span of time.1 - Topic Consistency2 - Publishing Frequency3 - Title & Tag Optimisation4 - Video Duration5 - 24hr View Velocity6 - Video Quality7 - Audio Quality8 - Content Quality9 - Alliances & Partnerships10 - Email List11 - Cross-Promote12 - Ask For CommentsTo join my community, go to
Are you having a tough time in achieving a profitable ROI on your webinars? Listen to this podcast from start to finish to learn about all the 8 parameters which affect your return on investment. The aspects that I go deep into are:1. Cost per click2. Cost per lead3. Show up rate4. Retention rate5. Conversion rate6. Cost per acquisition7. Upsell conversion rate8. Overall ratioTo get notified on future podcasts go to my Freedom 2.0 Bundle on
In this podcast, I talk about the top 20 industries that have been majorly affected by COVID-19. And if you happen to be in any one of those 20 industries, it's time for you to turn on your AQ or Adaptability Quotient.If you want to learn how to take your knowledge and turn it into a super-profitable business in the next 90 days, go to
I did my first 300+ sales webinars on a platform called Demio. In this podcast, I share my views on why I recommend this one tool for those who are just starting off on webinars.I have also used Zoom and WebinarJam and I also cover all the pros and cons of these platforms as compared to Demio.Why I recommend Demio is simple:They have a great and simple user interfaceAny newbie can set up a webinar within 10 minutesYou can design beautiful webinar registration pagesThey have in-built webinar reminders which can be customizedDemio integrates with all your email autorespondersYou can preload all your PPTs and presentation materialsIt's completely browser-based. No need to download apps.Their webinar analytics are really cool and visually appealingIt's also very cost-effective for people who are starting webinarsTo test-drive DEMIO for free, please go to
In this podcast, I share all the essential and recommended gear and tools for creating videos, podcasts, and courses. I start off with the basic gear for those who have a shoestring budget. And I also recommend the best gear for those who want to up their game in terms of quality. Please listen till the end of the podcast and drop a 5-star review on iTunes if you found this podcast valuable.If you want to learn how 7000+ members are building their knowledge business, please go to
The internet marketing world has drastically evolved over the last two decades.2000 to 2010, we saw the rise of Google ads, Squeeze pages, Long-form sales pages, and the beginning of the social media revolution.2010 to 2020, we saw the rise of Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce, Funnels and newer ways of promoting products and services online.From 2020, we are now stepping into the 3rd wave. In this podcast, I share 7 specific predictions that I have for the next decade in the internet marketing industry.Those who quickly adapt to these 7 different concepts will have an unfair advantage over others who are ignorant about this.Watch this free tutorial to learn more =>
It's a fact. You cannot please everybody.While you are growing your personal brand online, you will come across situations where you may face opposing views. But the key lies in how you respond to the situation and not getting sucked into the drama of it.- Apologize if you have done a mistake- Have a high level of integrity- Do your business with the right intentions- Stand for something- Don't bash anyone down just for your own personal gain- Respond with facts- Don't take everything seriously :)These are some tips that will help you gain more momentum as you grow online.To learn more about the formula that over 7000+ people are implementing, please go to
In this podcast, I go deep into defining a new formula for the new world.How to change the Education System:- Creating workers vs creating thinkers- Slow learning vs Speed learnings - Creating dependence vs Creating independence - Teaching money management - Teaching wealth creation- Teaching value creation- Teaching skills building- Learning directly from experts (not professors)- Value Systems - SpiritualityHow to transform the Employment System:- Understanding Value creation- Intrapreneurs vs Entrepreneurs - Finding your area of flow (wealth dynamics)- How to set up a business- How to manage a business- How to grow a business- How to grow communities- How to give back and multiply the valueTo join my community, go to
We are living in an insanely distracted world and the only way to succeed in a knowledge business is to eliminate distractions from social media. Do you really have to be on all social platforms? Listen to this podcast where I talk about the only 2 platforms that I recommend.To learn more on how you can build a super-profitable eLearning business go to
After trying and testing over 10+ Learning Management Systems, I decided to stick to Teachable as my main LMS. Currently, I have over 33,000+ students on my platform who are going through my various courses on this platform, and in this podcast, I go over more than 15+ factors that helped me stick to Teachable.To test drive Teachable go to learn more on how you can build a super-profitable eLearning business go to
"Business Growth" is a very profitable niche. But if you have to become a Digital Coach, you need to understand the 7 different elements of this game. It's not as simple as you calling yourself as a "Business Growth Coach" and going out there creating courses. You have to go deep and develop something which is solid, unique, and which can really solve a BIG problem in the marketplace. Only then can you truly create an impact in the entrepreneurship world!To get started on my Freedom Business Model go to and watch a 45-minute training on the Digital EcoSystem Model.
ConvertKit is one of the most popular email marketing tools designed for creators. In this podcast, I go deep into explaining some of the features that I like and dislike about this tool. If you would like to test drive this tool, please go to
Do you find it hard to get results in your life and business? In this podcast, I dive deep into the 6 layers which contribute to your success. If you found this podcast useful, let's meet LIVE =>
There are 2 kinds of influencers that I have seen online. The fame-driven influencers who are loud and the value-driven influencers who are quiet. In this podcast, you will learn more about the difference between the two. Nothing good or bad about these categories - it's just a matter of personal a preference. If you want to learn more about how I use the value-driven approach please go to
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