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Awareness of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) is increasing.People are becoming more conscious about the frequencies emitted from technological devices like phones, WiFi, computers, cell-phone towers, smart meters etc.But underneath these superficial frequencies emitted from man-made devices emits over 30 different types of harmful EMR fields in our homes and workplaces including Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress), Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated), and Solar and Planetary Radiation imprints.This episode explores the subtle and powerful types of EMR and EMF thatḥumans are exposed to, and that you may have never even considered.  Health Practitioner Dylan Smith interviews Gerard Bini, the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, as they reveal these “hidden frequency fields” and how to mitigate them.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:☢️ Understanding & Measuring Solar Wind Speed☢️ Human Generated Radiation Imprints☢️ How to Measure Radiations Accurately☢️ The Effects of Radiation in The Human Physiology☢️ How Ancient Cultures Harmonised Geo-Electric Stressors☢️ Building Biology☢️ EMF Blocking Technology☢️ Being Conscious & Aware vs. Fearing EMFABOUT OUR GUEST: Gerard BiniGerard Bini, founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 21 years' experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.Gerard has acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice.Intuitive processes fully involve scientific protocols of multiple testing, double-blind testing, surveys of experiments to track and neutralize different types of EMF fields to produce, over time, statistical data to back up the results of whatever we are testing. Not just an ‘in my own mind it works’ attitude.It is the knowledge base of Gerard Bini, an Intuitive Building Biologist and EMF Consultant, with his advanced intuitive energy reading and dowsing skills developed over many years, that all contribute to the uniqueness and outstanding performance of all Orgone Effects® products, which are sold in over 20 countries around the world.Support the show
When ancient wisdom gets popular, confusion and misunderstanding tends to arise within.The essence and authenticity tends to blur, and this has happened with the knowledge of Ayurveda - the Sacred Science of Healing and Higher Consciousness.Ayurvedic practitioner and educator Dylan Smith, known for his authenticity and devoted role to keeping the purity of Ayurveda alive and thriving, dispels the 3 Biggest Myths of Ayurvedic medicine.These MYTHS are:1. “You have to be vegetarian” according to Ayurveda - or even that “Vegetarian is the best diet.”2. “Onion and garlic are prohibited”.3. “Ayurvedic medicines are commonly contaminated with heavy metals.”Supersede rigidity and “over-cleverness”,transcend boundaries and rules,and play in the fields of natural law in a way that is unique for you, this is the beauty of Ayurveda: The Science of Life.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 Bhasmas: The Root Of This Myth🌿 The Importance of Metal Purification For Ayurvedic CompositionsSupport the show
Sometimes, the commitment and joy associated with the path of liberation or enlightenment is so strongly rooted in Absolute Stillness that the seeker may become what is know as a “sanyasi” or renunciant.By taking vows of renunciation, one fully and wholeheartedly commits to commune with all of creation in a loving and intimate manner.While the path of a renunciant (sanyasi) is less common and generally less relevant than the path of a householder (gṛhasthī), there’s a lot we can learn from surrendering ego and desires, and there’s a lot we can learn from this episode's very special guest: best-selling author, Himalayan yogi, renunciant & social activist, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati.Based on the banks of the Himālayas in Rishikesh, India, but originally born in LA, California, Sadhviji renounced her life in the West at age 29 after a career at Stanford University and has now become one of the premier female authorities in the Yoga-Vedantic tradition in the world. Her wisdom and light exude from her as she elevates us with stories and insights on how to find purpose in life & how to live in harmony with our Selves and the world that surrounds us.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:⛰ The Meaning of The Name: Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati⛰ Doing a PhD in Stanford and Leaving to India⛰ Becoming A Sanyasi (Renunciant)⛰ The Idea of Spirituality⛰ Why It Is Important To Have a Spiritual Practice⛰ Ganga Devi (a.k.a. The Ganges River)⛰ Ecology and Our Relationship to NatureABOUT OUR GUEST: Sadhvi Baghawati SaraswatiSadhviji is a renowned spiritual leader and motivational speaker, based in Rishikesh, India. Originally from Los Angeles, California, and a graduate of Stanford University, Sadhviji has lived on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, in the lap of the Himalayas for nearly 25 years engaged in spiritual service, wisdom teaching, sacred action, and deep spiritual practice.At Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, where she lives most of the year, she gives daily spiritual discourses (satsang), teaches meditation, provides spiritual counselling and mentoring, and oversees myriad charitable and humanitarian projects and activities.She is President of Divine Shakti Foundation, a charitable organisation bringing education and empowerment to women and children.She is Secretary-General of Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, the first alliance of religious leaders for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.Support the show (
When ancient wisdom gets popular, confusion and misunderstanding tends to arise within.The essence and authenticity tends to blur, and this has happened with the knowledge of Ayurveda - the Sacred Science of Healing and Higher Consciousness.Ayurvedic practitioner and educator Dylan Smith, known for his authenticity and devoted role to keeping the purity of Ayurveda alive and thriving, dispels the 3 Biggest Myths of Ayurvedic medicine.These MYTHS are:1. “You have to be vegetarian” according to Ayurveda - or even that “Vegetarian is the best diet.”2. “Onion and garlic are prohibited”.3. “Ayurvedic medicines are commonly contaminated with heavy metals.”IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🧅 The Principle of The Three Gunas🧅 The Emergence of This Myth Being Rooted in The Realm of Yoga🧅 How to Purify Onion and Garlic to Facilitate Digestion & Reduce The Rajas Guna🧅 The Medicinal Qualities of Garlic &  Onion🧅 Why Onion And Garlic Tend to be Hard to Digest & How to Amend ThatSupport the show (
Understanding that our bodies are energy and emit energy is a foundational fact in reclaiming our state of perfect health.Health that not only resides within the boundaries of our own clothed bags of flesh and bone, but health that is simultaneously dependent on the reality of the environment that surrounds us. Internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit, stem cell biologist, bestselling author and recipient of the Goi Peace Award, Dr. Bruce Lipton has the outstanding capacity to break down the relationship between the health of our body, spiritual Self, and our surrounding environment.Learn how to powerfully influence the reality that you experience. It is truly one of the most empowering abilities that one can pursue. Dive deep into the journey of re-discovery and come out the other end with the tools and wisdom to take a grip on your own reality and better life for yourself and those around you. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🧬  Re-Conceiving The Concept of "The Self"🧬  The Relationship Between One’s  Consciousness & Disease In The Body🧬  A Deep-dive Into The Conscious & Unconscious Mind🧬  Genetics & Epigenetics: Their Relationship With Our Health🧬  The Importance of Preconception Practices🧬  How To Override The Subconscious Mind ABOUT OUR GUEST: Bruce LiptonBruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.Support the show (
When ancient wisdom gets popular, confusion and misunderstanding tends to arise within.The essence and authenticity tends to blur, and this has happened with the knowledge of Ayurveda - the Sacred Science of Healing and Higher Consciousness.Ayurvedic practitioner and educator Dylan Smith, known for his authenticity and devoted role to keeping the purity of Ayurveda alive and thriving, dispels the 3 Biggest Myths of Ayurvedic medicine.These MYTHS are:1. “You have to be vegetarian” according to Ayurveda - or even that “Vegetarian is the best diet.”2. “Onion and garlic are prohibited”.3. “Ayurvedic medicines are commonly contaminated with heavy metals.”IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🥩 Ayurvedic Principles and How They Are Being Taught In Modern Days🥩 The Ayurvedic Qualities (Gunas) of Meat🥩 The Ayurvedic Perspective on Meat Eating🥩 Practical Medicinal Uses of Meat🥩 The Importance of Ethical Sources of Animal Meat🥩 Ways to Replace Meat In Your Diet !🥩 How to Eat Meat Ayurvedically🥩 What Meat To Eat?Support the show (
Pirate Butler got his name because he has one eye, one leg and a tattooed face.He was a drug and alcohol addict for forty years, did time in prison for too long and spent decades in a violent culture where it was dangerous to express emotions and open your heart and mind.At a critical time, the spirit within this indigenous man was sparked.Connection to country and culture was the light that dissipated the darkness.Today, Pirate embodies the sacred wisdom and practices of indigenous Australia and shares it to help those who not only require healing, but anyone that yearns for deeper connection to country, indigenous culture and natural law.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌳 Pirate’s Background Story & Early Life Journey🌳 Pirate’s View on The Current State of Affairs in Australia🌳 The Alienation Experienced by Native Australians🌳 The Aboriginal Way of Life, And How to Learn It & Live It🌳 Preservation of Forests, Water and Native Wildlife🌳 Attaining a Reconciliation Between Natives and White AustraliansABOUT OUR GUEST: Pirate Myangah ButlerPirate is a Budawang man from the Yuin Nation from the Southeast Coast of Australia.Myangah (“sea eagle”) is his skin name.Pirate is an artist who uses traditional materials on a contemporary base to create sculptures, weapons, tools, totemic items, paintings and so much more.He as a wealth of knowledge and helps a diverse range of people undergoing various troubles or disadvantages.Support the show (
Thousands of years ago Ayurveda shared detailed information regarding epidemics thus, applicable to pandemics.Epidemics were documented in the great Ayurvedic text Caraka-Saṃhitā, likely complicated between 4th century BCE and 2nd-century CE.In this episode of the Vital Veda Podcast, Dylan dives into the wisdom expounded by ancient Ayurvedic texts on the idea of Pandemics & Epidemics. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🦠 The Meaning & History Behind the Words "Pandemic" or "Epidemic"🦠 Factors Responsible for Epidemics🦠 Lines of Treatment for Epidemic DiseasesSupport the show (
Are you caught up in the ever repeating known of sex that only slightly fulfils you? mainly short term?Diana Richardson has been teaching Tantra and assisting couples transform their relationships for decades.She is a highly experienced teacher, facilitator and author in supporting couples to go beyond quick dopamine-hits of hot conventional sex to experience greater fulfilment, intimacy and love. What love-making experiences await beyond “climaxes“ of orgasm and ejaculation?How to transform mechanical repetition of sex to a timeless sexual experience?Containing the Life Force -  overcoming pre-mature ejaculation and enlivening The Penis as a Potent Electromagnetic Instrument.How to enhance sensitivity and desire and dissolve sexual reluctance - especially in the second half of life and post-menopause? IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:❤️  The Imprint That Modern Society Makes On Us Regarding Sex and Sexuality❤️  The Meaning Behind the Concept of Tantric Sex❤️  Cold Sex as Opposed to Hot Sex ❤️  How The Energies Play Out During and After Sexual Climax❤️  Moving Away from Habitual Ways of Love Making and Engaging in Tantric Sex❤️  Transcending Performance Anxiety in Men❤️  Practical Tips on How To First Approach Tantric Sex❤️  Tantric Sex Tips Specifically for Same-Sex Partners❤️  Menopause and Sexual ActivityABOUT OUR GUEST: Diana RichardsonBorn in Zululand, South Africa, obtained a degree in Law from University of Natal (B.A.LLB).She is a teacher of Therapeutic Massage since 1978 (ITEC). In 1979 she became a disciple of the Indian mystic Osho. Her interest in meditation touch and healing initiated an exploration into Tantra, the union of sex and meditation. In 1993 she began teaching Tantra to couples. Writing as Diana Richardson, her first book was published in 1999. Since then she has written seven additional books, two of which are with Michael Richardson as co-author.Support the show (
An experienced Vedic Astrologer like our guest Laura Plumb can clearly see the planetary influence that manifested a chain of pandemic events in 2020 and 2021, specific to each country. What is in store for 2022?Understanding the influence that planetary bodies have on us not only allows us to embrace and utilise our full potential and highest Self, but also guides us on what the future inevitably holds for us. Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish or “The Eye of the Veda”, is the science that allows us to perceive and interpret messages of the cosmos. Why is it that things unraveled in this or that way?What are the lessons that nature wanted us to learn?What is coming up in the horizon for us?For all of these are questions, Jyotish suggests answers, and in this episode, acclaimed Jyotishi and Ayurvedic practitioner Laura, gracefully breaks downṭhe power of what is coming up.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 🌕 The Planetary Arrangements That We’ve Experienced This Last Few Months🌕 Sri Yukteswar, Paramahamsa Yogananda & The Wisdom of the Vedas🌕 The Astrological Blessings of the Pandemic🌕 Jyotish Forecast for 2022Laura's correction: Jupiter's orbit around the sun is roughly 12 years. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Laura PlumbLaura Plumb is the Founder and Director of VedaWise, and lead faculty for the Ayurvedic Integrated Nutrition 200 hour Professional Training, author of the best-selling book Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners, creator/presenter of the online video course The Medicine In Your Kitchen: Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking hosted by Spirituality & Health, host of the 53-part television show CleanseVeda, and the 12-part series called Divine Yoga.Formerly the General Manager of The Discovery Channel Europe, Laura offers clinical services in natural medicine for whole person wellness, and health practitioner trainings in the Vedic sciences. She leads many online courses, and gives classes and consultations in Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga Therapy, Whole Food Cooking and Nutrition. Additonally Laura has served as a contributing Ayurvedic educator at the UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine, is an Ambassador for Banyan Botanicals and runs The Sophia Camp for Girls  – a week every summer dedicated to cultivating self-esteem, self-care and self-regulation through Yoga, Ayurveda, mentoring and creative play.As a graduate of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy, the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and decades of study into Yoga, Meditation, Vedanta, Jyotish, herbal medicine, nutrition, health and healing, Laura is an international educator on the power of the Vedic sciences to promote radical health and sacred, sumptuous living.Support the show (
There is a certain beverage in Ayurveda which supersedes “superfood status” and offers an impressive spectrum of therapeutic benefits. This simple beverage is even categorised with “divine status.”And the awesome part? This beverage is ridiculously simple to stir up.The beverage is called “Takra” in Ayurveda, which refers to buttermilk or “thin lassi.”IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 What is Takra?🌿 The Vedic Mythology Behind Takra / Thin Lassi🌿 The Recipes for Thin Lassi🌿 Thin Lassi for The Dairy Intolerant🌿 How Often Should One Drink Takra🌿 The Difference Between Yoghurt and Thin Lassi🌿 Benefits of Drinking Takra🌿 The Takradhara TreatmentSupport the show (
The lifespan for today’s era according to Ayurveda should be around 120 years old.This doesn’t mean living into old age feeling frail and in a state of cognitive decline, it means feeling vital and able to share your wisdom and joy with full cognitive function for all to enjoy.At 65, Dr John Douillard is an exemplar of what it means to be healthy in the second half of life.Dr John is a globally recognised leader in the field of natural health, Ayurveda and sports medicine and practices what he preaches.He has personally been a significant inspiration to me (Dylan) and has taught me a lot in my years, along with thousands of other practitioners of Ayurveda.Dr John’s specialty is integrating ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science, which he shares generously though - the leading Ayurvedic health and wellness resource on the web.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 The Influence That Dr. John Has Had on Dylan’s Journey As a Student Of Ayurveda🌿 Dr. John’s Journey of Adopting Ayurveda in the Early Days🌿 Blending Ancient Wisdom With Modern Science🌿 The Promise of The Second Half of One’s Life🌿 The True Purpose of Ayurveda🌿 Ancient Techniques That Refine Our Capacity to Live Life to The Fullest🌿 The Often Overlooked Benefits of Nasya Therapy & Panchakarma🌿 The Science of Pranayama 🌿 Seasonally Drinking Cow’s Milk🌿 Food IntolerancesABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr. John DoulliardDr. John Douillard, DC, CAP is a globally recognized leader in the fields of natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine. He is the creator of, the leading Ayurvedic health and wellness resource on the web with over 9 million views on YouTube and over 130 thousand newsletter subscribers. is evolving the way Ayurveda is understood around the world, with thousands of articles and videos joining ancient wisdom with modern science. Dr. John is the former Director of Player Development for the New Jersey Nets NBA team, author of 7 health books including his newest Amazon bestseller Eat Wheat, a repeat guest on the Dr. Oz show, and newly released Yoga Journal video course Ayurveda 201 on Ayurvedic Psychology. He directs LifeSpa Ayurvedic Clinic, the 2013 Holistic Wellness Center of the Year in Boulder, CO.Support the show (
Ayurveda is has been dubbed “Indian medicine” or “traditional Indian medicine.”Ayurvedic medicine certainly has a pronounced presence throughout India and has so for the past millennia, but Ayurveda is not only Indian, it is universal.But why does Ayurveda seem to be so active in India?This is true and an interesting point…Although Ayurveda has been in the past and has the potential today to express itself fully in any country in the world, Ayurvedic wisdom and practices are well rooted and expressed throughout India. India and its culture exceptionally have and continue to uphold and nourish this precious knowledge, as well as act as a safe source for those who want to contact it. Even throughout various invasions where Moguls and British have targeted Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) in an attempt to delete the healing wisdom, we can be thankful that the body of knowledge was safely hidden from those with dire intentions & passed down in sacred lineages of teachers and students. Indian culture and traditions have therefore assured the safekeeping and cultivation of this ancient science.In this podcast episode we will dive deep into why Ayurveda lasted and continues to flourish in India, compared to other countries. We also explore how at the primordial root and heart of Ayurveda we can find universal laws of nature that can be expressed through any country, culture, or tradition.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 The Parts of The World in Which Ayurveda Surfaced🌿 A Quick Overview of Ancient Ayurvedic Texts🌿 The Caraka Samhita🌿 Why Ayurveda Is So Strong In IndiaSupport the show (
Nick Heath, aka The Breathing Diabetic, is utilising simply breathing techniques to manage and improve his type 1 diabetes - a medical condition that requires 24/7, 365 days/year attention.But simply shifting your breathing mannerism has other health benefits beyond just healthy blood sugar levels. Nick is a breathing nerd. He’s hooked on breathing. And the beautiful thing is that he’s not an extremist, but rather shares very practical interventions and subtle adjustments to your way of living (breathing) that has the potential to significantly heal and prevent imbalance + and optimise overall health.We dispel the myths of oxygen is good and carbon dioxide is bad.We explore the Nobel prize winning panacea molecule that is freely available to you, how to optimise your exercise, sitting and walking practice + much more!Take a deep calm belly breath through the nose and get ready to dive deep into the realms of oxygen, breath and our fundamental life-force.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 Nick’s Early History with Type 1 Diabetes🌿 Why Put In The Effort When There's Insulin Out There?🌿 The Relationship Between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide In The Body🌿 The Wim Hof Method🌿 The Many Benefits of Nasal Breathing🌿 Meditation & Breath🌿 Mouth Taping🌿 Treating Asthma With Breath-work🌿 Treating Diabetes With Breath-work🌿 Simple Breath-work PracticesABOUT OUR GUEST: Nick HeathNick Heath Ph.D., a.k.a. The Breathing Diabetic, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 11. At age 30, he began practicing simple breathing exercises that helped improve his blood sugars, improve his sleep, and increase his energy levels, all of which helped him better manage his diabetes. Having a background in scientific research, Nick wanted to understand the inner workings of breath to not only be able to explain the reason behind the changes he was experiencing, but to exploit and push the boundaries of breath therapy.  This curiosity led him on a deep quest to understand the science behind breathing its implications on the human physiology. By means of the The Breathing Diabetic platform he generously shares and breaks down complex pieces of wisdom for all to understand and make use of. Nick’s formal education is in atmospheric science, and he is also a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor.Support the show
Diwali (Dīpāvalī दीपावली) is the time of the year to supersede our personal limitations, and enliven the light of consciousness that is the basis of all existence. AKA the Festival of Lights, it is perhaps the most famous Vedic festival of the year. In Sanskrit “Dīpāvalī” means “a row of earthen lit lamps.”On this new moon night, you will see India or Indian communities abroad lit up with lights. Light signifies purity, knowledge and auspiciousness.Lighting the “diya” (earthen lit lamp) guides us through the darkness to seek the eternal truth in our own personal lives.In the battle between light and darkness (jyoti and tamas), knowledge and ignorance (vidya and avidya), we must awaken and utilise what is offered on Diwali to leap beyond our ordinary boundaries rooted in ignorance and fear. We can awaken an inner transformative power in our devotion to the highest excellence within us. This is known as “Sri Rama” in the Vedas.May the light in your life, pure consciousness, shine on you and reflect with your flavour of radiance onto all others to enhance peace and abundance for the whole world to enjoy.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 The Title of Ācārya🌿 Acharya Shunya’s Daliy Routine (Dinacharya)🌿 The City of Ayodhya🌿 Diwali and The Divine Feats Told In The Ramayana🌿 Ways to Celebrate Diwali & To Align With Our Higher Self🌿Ghee LampsABOUT OUR GUEST: Ācārya ShunyaAcharya Shunya is a wisdom teacher and a catalyst for empowering health and elevating consciousness worldwide. She is an award-winning and internationally renowned  author, speaker and scholar of non-dual wisdom (Advaita) and a classically-trained master of Yoga and Ayurveda.The first female head of her 2,000-year-old Indian Vedic spiritual lineage, Acharya Shunya provides a rare opportunity to receive authentic teachings. Acharya Shunya is the President of The Awakened Self Foundation with its international headquarters in California and founder of the spiritual and philanthropic non-profit Vedika Global.She hosts the Shadow to Self podcast, the Alchemy with Ayurveda program, author of best-selling book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, Live with Vitality and Joy (Sounds True, 2017).Author of Sovereign Self: Claim your Inner Joy and Freedom with the Empowering Wisdom of the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita and Her third book, slated for release in January 2022, Roar Like a Goddess: Every Woman’s Guide to Unapologetic Power, Propensity and Purpose.Support the show (
Karma  कर्म, a concept often misunderstood by most, is commonly translated as "action that binds", and it is basically any action that is determining our direction or pathway in life. When it comes to those we call our family, our karma acts as the underlying universal intelligence that bound us to these people. Understanding this concept, how to transcend and work through our already existing karma and how to avoid creating more of it, is a fundamental aspect of the path towards liberation or moksha, as called in the Vedic sciences. In this episode we not only dive into the concept of karma, but also explore how it intertwines with our familial relationships and how one can work through one's karma to reap the benefits of a frictionless life (kriya क्रिया). IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 🌿 An Introduction to the concept of karma🌿 Karma and dharma🌿 An introduction to family karma🌿 Managing difficult family relationships🌿 Broken families🌿 The current global state of affairs & its impact on family relationships and friendships🌿 Nature's divine arrangement of a global pandemic🌿 Relatives that are in the very end stages of life🌿 Karma and reincarnationABOUT OUR GUEST: Jonni PollardJonni Pollard, program founder and head teacher of 1 Giant Mind, is a world-renowned meditation teacher who has studied how to unfold human potential for over 20 years under great masters in the East and West.His programs, including 1 Giant Mind’s Learn Meditation app, have taught more than 250,000 people how to meditate.Jonni is at the forefront of authenticity in the meditation teacher landscape, making practical translations of ancient teachings for a modern lifestyle.Support the show (
The Sun, divine sustainer of all life on earth, also known as Sürya in Sanskrit, can be one of our greatest allies when approached with reverence and understanding. Having a clear comprehension of the relationship between the Sun and our own physiology is fundamental to make of this astrological body an empowering force within our lives.In this episode we break down the science & mysticism behind this astounding & ever-reliable force of nature.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 🌿 The three main causes of disease in Ayurveda🌿 Sunglasses and the tamas guna🌿 Rising above the detrimental effects of wearing sunglasses🌿 The healing power of the sun🌿 Circadian rhythms in the body & their connection with the sun🌿 Hormones & lightABOUT OUR GUEST: Matt MarucaMatt Maruca founded RA Optics to make the world's finest blue light blocking glasses, and created The Light Diet, a diet that directly addresses the root of the modern chronic disease epidemic, mitochondrial dysfunction, after having suffered from poor health and chronic fatigue at a young age due to technology overuse and an indoor lifestyle. He is now 22 years old and travels the world, studying and teaching about the relevance of light in human health.Support the show (
In this episode of the Vital Veda Podcast we have a very special guest, Raghunath (Ray) Cappo, who has a wonderful life-story & absolutely profound teachings to share. A hardcore punk rockstar-turned-monk-turned-teacher of all things Vedic.Raghunath achieved great fame & prominence within the punk-rock scene in the 80s, and yet decided to give it all up and wholeheartedly dive into a purely spiritual path. For 6 and a half years he became a celibate monk of the Hare Krishna Bhakti-Vedanta tradition and now dedicates himself to teaching & enlightening others with the powerful knowledge he attained during his wonderful lifetime. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 Shifting from rajas (passion) and tamas (inertia) to sattva (purity)🌿 Ragunath's punk-rock days🌿 Studying the Bhagavad Gita🌿 An overview of bhakti yoga🌿 What is raising devotee children like🌿 His 6 pillars of bhakti yogaABOUT OUR GUEST: Ragunath (Ray) CappoBy the late 1980’s, Ray Cappo's punk rock band had tens of thousands of fans. Ray was a trendsetter in the centre of hardcore culture.Then Ray discovered Bhakti Yoga, became a monk, and became “Raghunath.”Interestingly after that, he started another punk rock band called “Shelter”, which became even more successful.All members of the Shelter band were Yogi monks who would tour all over America & the world, singing to large crowds about clean living, self-mastery, vegetarianism and God through hardcore punk music. Now he’s the opposite of a monk and punk rocker.Raghunath is a devotee to the Vedas and Bhatki Yogi who is magnificently relevant at integrating vedic wisdom with the modern world and sharing it in the most playful way.He is a yoga teacher, spiritual storyteller and he is Born to Give.Support the show (
The Brāhma Muhūrta, also known as the "time of totality" is the period of the day where creative intelligence is at its peak.Being able to understand and harness these energies is a fundamental aspect of the Ayurvedic daily routine (dinacharya).IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 An introduction to the brāhma muhūrta🌿 The energies of the brāhma muhūrta🌿 How to harness and reap benefits from the brāhma muhūrta🌿 Special advice for special circumstances🌿 The meaning of proper health in AyurvedaABOUT OUR HOST: Dylan Smith Dylan Smith is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and holistic health educator who founded the Vital Veda clinic in Sydney and works very closely with the Raju family, an internationally renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors. Aiming to uncover the root cause of ailments, Dylan travels the world to share his passion of ancient Vedic wisdom for everyone to utilise, enjoy and experience total wellness and bliss.Support the show (
Sanskrit संस्कृतम् is the sound nature makes when intending form, function or phenomena.Sanskrit reflects the vibratory patterns that govern the universe.It links the human brain and mind to the vibratory field of Cosmic Intelligence.Two human brains and minds that Sanskrit and Vedic chanting have absorbed into are this episode's guests: Jahnavī and Kamalā, two sisters who were raised in the foothills of the Himalayas, spending their childhood learning from Vedic sages and scholars in India.These young women are strongly influenced by Vedic philosophy and culture, they are absolutely living the Vedic life, and are sharing it with the world.Even beginners in Sanskrit can learn various mantras and terminology that will greatly expand our understanding of ourselves, other creatures and the entire universe.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 🌿 What it was like to grow all around the world.🌿 How Samadhi Collective came to be🌿 Merging western education with traditional Vedic knowledge🌿 Learning Sanskrit🌿 Vedic chanting🌿 Favorite places in India🌿 Maharishi Patañjali & the Yoga SutrasABOUT OUR GUESTS: Jahnavī & Kamalā (Samadhi Collective)Kamala is an art history graduate from the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London), and holds an MPhil in Sanskrit and Indian philosophy from Oxford University. She has also studied Sanskrit in Karnataka, India, and holds a diploma in Hindustani Classical Music. She is fluent in both Hindi and French. In Samādhi Collective, Kamala teaches all our Sanskrit and Indian philosophy sessions, as well as developing and writing our informative posts on topics pertaining to philosophy, yoga and more.Jahnavi is an artist, designer and portrait painter, who studied the tradition of Indian miniature painting in Rajasthan. She is also an experienced yoga instructor, trained in Karnataka, and has taught traditional Hatha yoga in both India and Europe, including at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. Jahnavi also holds a diploma in Hindustani Classical music.Support the show (
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Oct 9th

abhigna tekumalla

I love to hear this podcast, but the words are unclear to hear (especially for a non native English speaker)

Oct 2nd

abhigna tekumalla

I really love your content, but your podcasts (voices) are unclear, less audible and needs to be edited well. Thank you for making podcasts! (from Instagram)

Sep 30th
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