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The Vital Veda Podcast: Ayurveda | Holistic Health | Cosmic and Natural Law
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The Vital Veda Podcast: Ayurveda | Holistic Health | Cosmic and Natural Law

Author: Dylan Smith: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Health Educator, Conscious Entrepreneur

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The Vital Veda Podcast is a show for people who intend to live the most evolutionary life at their highest potential, while experiencing total wellness and bliss. Our host Dylan Smith brings you the most inspiring interviews with thought leaders and experts from around the world in the fields of health, spirituality, personal development and natural law. Dylan Smith is an Ayurvedic practitioner, holistic health educator and exponent of Vedic wisdom. He is devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this profound knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy.Enliven your natural capability to tune into your own body and mind, awaken your instincts and engage in life in a frictionless flow. Find out more at
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Ever wondered how fertility journeys intertwine with the power of trust and surrender? On this episode Dylan brings you an enriching conversation with his patient Tam Oblowitz. Tam's incredible journey towards fertility is sure to inspire, as she bares her heart out about the emotional rollercoaster she experienced during her long journey towards fertility before finding Ayurveda and how things shifted for her once that happened. Her experiences reveal the importance of shifting one's mindset and taking control of one's health.Tam's story is a testament to the transformative power of this ancient holistic science. Dylan and Tam also delve into the different treatments and herbs that helped support Tam in her fertility journey. This traditional approach, aimed at nourishing the womb and reproductive tissues, resonates deeply with Tam's ethos of holistic healing.In this engaging conversation, Dylan & Tam explore the concept of trusting your body and surrendering to the fertility journey. Tam shares her insights on how tuning into her body's responses and maintaining faith in the process has been vital in her journey to conceive her cheerful and  6-week-old baby. They also discuss how these principles can impact the processes of conception and birthing, adding a new dimension to our understanding of fertility. Tune in to our enlightening discussion to discover more about Ayurvedic practices, preconception stories, and the incredible power of trust and surrender.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🧑‍🍼 Tam's Journey of Trust and Surrender​🧑‍🍼 The Role of Spirituality In Tam's Fertility Journey​🧑‍🍼 Ayurveda and Holistic Well-being Focused On Preconception & Fertility​🧑‍🍼 Divine Timing: Learning To Flow With Nature's Rythms​🧑‍🍼 Hope and Wisdom For Those Grappling With Fertility Issues​ABOUT OUR GUEST: Tam OblowitzTamarin holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and has trained at prestigious clinics in Beverly Hills, California.Through her travels, attending Balinese healing + yoga retreats, and life experiences, Tam has merged her Psychotherapy experience and background with her spiritual guidance, intuitive and energetic healing capabilities. And so, EmpowHER Healing was born. Tam now calls Sydney, Australia, home.Tam offers one-on-one sessions (in person and virtual) which which weave the wisdom of many modalities, merging the traditional psychotherapy model with a more holistic + spiritual guidance + healing. Her powerful sessions aim to cultivate the deep transformation driven by one’s readiness to discover their own potential for self-love, empowerment, expansion, and healing. Clients leave Tam’s sessions with their souls feeling aligned, empowered, expanded, and transformed.After struggling to conceive for 12 months, Tam approached Dylan seeking for guidance and support in her pre-conception journey. After 6 months of undergoing an Ayurvedic preconception protocol prescribed by Dylan and adhering to subtle lifestyle changes, Tam managed to successfully conceive a healthy and thriving baby. Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
In this divinely captivating episode of the Vital Veda Podcast we sat down with Jahnavi Harrison, a rising star in the world of Kirtan & devotional music 🎵 .Jahnavi, raised in the heart of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) in the UK, shares her special journey going from a small-town Vedic community to worldwide kirtan phenomenon.Her majestically composed music illuminates & enlivens the Divine within those who listens. Join us as Jahnavi discusses her evolution as a Kirtan artist and leader, offering a glimpse intothe fusion of Sanskrit mantras with English lyrics,her recent EP collab with Willow Smith which initiated an explosion of bhakti (devotional) music with the wider world,her upcoming musical releases, and a bunch of other delightful topics. We couldn’t be more excited to be releasing and sharing this episode with you all.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🎻 The Meaning of The “Hare Krishna” Maha Mantra🎻 Being Raised in The UK & Growing Up As A Member Of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)🎻 The Initial Challenge Of Venturing Into Western Culture & Society After Being Raised in ISKCON🎻 Finding Her Voice As a Kirtan Leader & Artist🎻 Going “Mainstream” & The Experience Of Recording The “R I S E” EP With Willow Smith🎻 Hybridising Kirtan Music: Sanskrit & The English Language🎻 Mantra Tradition & Respecting Guru Parampara (Lineages)🎻 Jahnavi’s Upcoming Musical Releases🎻 Q&A Rapid Fire RoundABOUT OUR GUEST: Jahnavi HarrisonJahnavi Harrison was raised in a family of Bhakti-yoga practitioners at Bhaktivedanta Manor, one of England’s most important spiritual landmarks. As a child she was fascinated with song and story, and has nurtured that interest through her life long exploration of music, dance, visual art and the written word. She is a musician who aims to channel her creative expression as a path to self-realisation and service.For over 12 years she has travelled the world, offering her voice and violin playing in the performance of sacred music and call-and-response mantra chant (kirtan). Her sound encompasses rich influences of East and West, and aims to offer an experience which truly nourishes the spirit. Based in both London and New York, she offers regular concerts, sound baths and workshops.She released her debut album, ‘Like a River to the Sea’ in July 2015, and features on the Grammy nominated ‘Bhakti Without Borders’ charity album (2016). Jahnavi presents regularly for BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’ and ‘Something Understood’ on BBC Radio 4.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Step into a realm of transformation and initiation with our latest podcast episode on Rites of Passage (ROPs).Join Dylan as we navigate the ancient and contemporary perspectives on ROPs, unraveling their enduring relevance.In this engaging episode, we dive into the core elements of ROPs and their evolution.Our guest, Arne Rubenstein, CEO of Rite of Passage Institute & Dylan share personal ROP experiences, shedding light on the impact of these rituals. We also explore innovative programs like "Making of Men" and "Mother and Daughter," bridging traditional concepts with modern contexts.Discover the cultural impact of a society without ROPs and how these rituals traditionally prepared individuals for new responsibilities. We discuss the challenges of reintegrating initiates into a community that lacks the language of ROPs.Join us for a captivating exploration of personal growth, cultural significance, and the modern application of Rites of Passage.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:👶 What Was The Traditional Perspective on Rites Of Passage (ROP)?🧒 Why Are ROP Still Important/Relevant In Modern Culture🧑 The Key Elements of A ROP🧓 The Cultural Impacts Of A Culture Which Is Largely Uninitiated Through ROPs👶 Transitioning Into The "Elder" Space / Time Period🧒 Indigenous Rites of passages🧑 Advice For Listeners To Apply The ROP Framework & Thinking In Everyday LifeABOUT OUR GUEST: Arne RubensteinArne Rubinstein started his professional life at the coal face of youth trauma and misadventure in several Emergency Rooms in regional NSW. Through his own research, observations and investigations, Arne identified a critical stage in the development of our youths was missing - a traditional and public Rite of Passage.Dr Arne is the CEO and Founder of the Rites of Passage Institute. He has over 30 years experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. The programs, seminars and camps he’s helped to develop have been attended by more than 350,000 people globally, while some of the largest schools in Australia have implemented the framework effectively. The programs are designed to support boys and girls successfully make a safe, healthy transition into adulthood. His goal is to make Rites of Passage mainstream once again. Dr Arne is the proud father of two wonderful young men and a mentor to many others.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Iron, a vital mineral responsible for ferrying oxygen through red blood cells, performs a multitude of essential biological functions. Surprisingly, iron deficiency has emerged as the world's most widespread mineral deficiency, affecting 20% of women, 50% of pregnant women, and even 3% of men.In this episode Dylan delves into Ayurvedic insights on optimising digestion, strategic dietary choices, harnessing the power of Ayurvedic herbs, and embracing lifestyle practices to enhance iron absorption naturally. Whether you're seeking to complement modern treatments or delve into holistic wellness traditions, this episode equips you with actionable knowledge to revitalize your vitality.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🩸 The Ayurvedic Treatment & Understanding for Iron Deficiency🩸 Symptoms of Having Low Iron🩸 Root Causes of Low Iron🩸 The Relationship Between Vitamin C and Iron🩸 Ways To Naturally Boost Iron & Ferritin🩸 Ayurvedic Herbs that Boost Iron🩸 The Problem with Iron Supplementation (Nutraceuticals) & Medications🩸 Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) & IronSupport the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Join us for a powerful and transformative episode centered around men’s mental and emotional health, and the quest to establish a conscious connection with the Divine Masculine.Our special guest, Tony Tow, a seasoned professional executive coach, facilitator, and leadership expert, leads the way in creating spaces for men to heal emotional trauma and foster meaningful connections with other conscious individuals.In this episode, Tony shares profound insights, drawing from his expertise in guiding men towards emotional healing and personal growth. Together, we explore the challenges men encounter in expressing their emotions authentically and the significance of nurturing mental well-being.Through candid discussions and practical advice, we unravel the transformative power of embracing vulnerability and breaking free from societal expectations.Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the depths of men's work, discovering how the conscious connection to the Divine Masculine can pave the way for profound personal growth, healthier relationships, and a harmonious integration of spirituality into everyday life. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🧡 What Is Most Needed For The Healing of Men 🧡 What Are Some of The Biggest Challenges Men Are Facing Today🧡 The Value of Having a Conscious Community of Men 🧡 Men's Groups & Enlivening The Divine Masculine 🧡 Advice For Men That Haven't Yet Ventured Into Men's Work 🧡 How To Check-In With Men Who Are Struggling 🧡 The Mantribe Program ABOUT OUR GUEST: Tony TowTony is a professional executive coach, facilitator and leadership expert.When he is not facilitating ManTribe, he works at Bendelta, Australia’s most awarded and recognised leadership firm. He works with leaders across all sectors not just to develop leadership skills such as delegation and communication (horizontal development) but more importantly to explore the underlying beliefs, assumptions and motivations (vertical development) that shape the way a leader shows up.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Dive into a captivating conversation on the Vital Veda Podcast as we explore the transformative realm of an alcohol-free lifestyle with James Swanwick, a renowned speaker and facilitator on connecting, functioning and relating consciously.Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, uncovering the profound impact an alcohol-free lifestyle can have on your physical and mental well-being. James shares his wisdom on transforming societal norms, navigating rites of passage, and discovering the bright road ahead while embracing conscious partying and challenging conventional beliefs. Delve into intriguing questions and gain insights on living a fulfilling and embodied alcohol-free lifestyle. Tune in to unlock the secrets of a vibrant, liberated existence with James Swanwick.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:💪 Impact on Physical & Mental Health💪 Transforming the Norms Around💪 Rites of Passage💪 Self Enquiry & Self Assessment💪 The Bright Road Ahead & Conscious Partying💪 Why Does AA Have Such a High Failure Rate?💪 Living & Embodying An Alcohol Free LifestyleABOUT OUR GUEST: James SwanwickJames Swanwick is an Australian-American entrepreneur who helps casual drinkers reduce or quit alcohol. He has coached thousands of people to improve their lives and performance by adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle.He is the author of The 30-Day No-Alcohol Challenge and the creator of Project 90, an online program providing support and coaching for individuals eliminating alcohol from their lives.He is also the host of the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Podcast and co-founder of Swanwick Sleep, a company which produces blue light-blocking glasses. In 2015, Forbes Magazine included James in its 25 Professional Networking Experts To Watch.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Honey, nature’s sweet nectar, was considered by the ancient Vedic sages as one of the most exceptional food items available to mankind. It offers unique and very potent medicinal properties, BUT only when used properly.In stark contrast, honey when heated is considered fatal and is classified as toxic poison. Not only did ancient Vedic sages clearly warn civilisations about this, but now modern science is proving ancient wisdom by confirming the toxicity of heated honey.We personally consider heated honey as the #1 Biggest Flaw in The Post Modern Era Diet.IN THIS EPSIODE WE DISCUSS:🍯 The Importance of Honey🍯 Potent Medicinal Properties & Uses of Honey🍯 Ways to Adequately Take Honey🍯 Honey's Poisonous Potential 🍯 Honey Brand RecommendationsSupport the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Dive into the fundamental, revolutionary concept of rewilding with Daniel Vitalis, a renowned speaker on health, human anthropology, and wild food.Daniel is a provocative and controversial speaker, which is one of the reasons he is one of my personal favourite speakers.Daniel is a “real-deal”, no “BS” kind of guy, who is well articulated, well researched and has some fascinating and dynamic life experiences.Discover how our domesticated lifestyles have led to a decline in physical and mental health, increased chronic diseases, and a lack of fulfillment.Daniel sheds light on our disconnection from food and the natural world, emphasising the importance of developing meaningful relationships with the creatures and plants that sustain us. Through intimate killings, hunting, and foraging, he explores the original human diet, natural human living and the benefits of embracing diversity in our food choices. Join us on this journey of rediscovery as we learn how to break free from domestication and reconnect with our wild nature.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🍄 The Negative Impact of Domestication on Human Physical and Mental Health🍄 Food And The Importance of Connection With What We Eat🍄 Developing A Deeper Understanding of The Plants & Animals We Consume🍄 The Role Our Connection With Our Food Sources Plays In Addressing The Climate Crisis🍄 The Original Human Diet vs. Contemporary Eating Habits🍄 Foraging and Utilizing Resources Beyond Food🍄 Wholesome Hunting and Foraging🍄 Advice for Podcasters and Content CreatorsABOUT OUR GUEST: Daniel VitalisDaniel Vitalis is the host of WildFed on Outdoor Channel, now in production for its fourth season.For ten years he lectured around North America and abroad, offering workshops that helped others lead healthier, more nature-integrated lives. A successful entrepreneur, he founded the nutrition company in 2008. He was the host of the popular podcast ReWild Yourself, and most recently, The WildFed Podcast.He’s a Registered Maine Guide, writer, public speaker, interviewer, and lifestyle pioneer who’s especially interested in helping people reconnect with wildness, both inside and outside of themselves. After learning to hunt, fish, and forage as an adult, Daniel created WildFed to inspire others to start a wild-food journey of their own.GIVEAWAY:There’s three chances to win $25 Surthrival gift cards in association with the podcast.Follow @VitalVeda and @DanielVitalis on Instagram.Share a key takeaway from the episode and tag Vital Veda and Daniel Vitalis.For a second entry, leave a Apple Podcasts review and email a screenshot to deadline: Sunday, July 23, 2023. Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
What does true exercise actually look like?How can we reap the maximum health benefits from our movement practice?Beyond inflated six packs and good looks, although those physiological changes may manifest, the ancient Ayurvedic seers shared physiological benefits of proper exercise, and how to reap the results, all in the name of health.They also shared how to do this without potentially damaging your physiology, as improper exercise is currently quite persistent in our modern day culture.In fact, what a lot of people are practicing in the gyms today would be more appropriately referred to as “body-building” or increasing heart-rate and stressing the body out. While these practices may provide some benefit, I want to share with you the principles of Ayurveda, the laws of Nature, and how you can integrate that knowledge into your exercise routine.Because a fact of reality is that every body, every body’s needs and every type of movement and exercise is different and unique.Utilising Ayurvedic principles can support you to get the most out of the movement practice that you gravitate towards and enjoy.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🤸 How to Properly Exercise According To Ayurveda🤸 When to Exercise🤸 Benefits of Proper Exercise🤸 How You Should Be Feeling After Properly Exercising🤸 People Who Should Not Exercise🤸 Symptoms & Harmful Effects of Frequent Excessive Excercising🤸 Exercise for Different Body Types and Constitutions (Doshas)🤸 Breathing During Exercise & Prāṇāyāma (Breath-Control Practices)Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Himālayan Master Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga, shares ancient secrets and time-tested wisdom on all the ways in which we can live a more blissful life.You'll gain a whole new understanding of what 'Bliss' is, and feel inspired and empowered with practical ways you can enliven and cultivate Bliss in your daily life.This recording was part of a webinar event. Before the interview, Anand shared a technique called 'Cultivating the Subtle Bliss' which activates Bliss within using techniques of Pranayama and Kriya directly from the Himalayas.Check out the Youtube Video on One Eleven Health to undergo this practice. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🕉️  “Sharad Pūrnima” - A Powerful Full Moon🕉️   What Exactly Is The Experience of ‘Bliss’?🕉️  Tools And Techologies To Access The Dimension of Bliss🕉️  Surrender: An Action of Supreme Loving Intelligence.🕉️  Yogis in the Himālayas Consuming Herbal Elixirs to Aid Their Spiritual Evolution🕉️  Practices, Rituals and Intentions for Full Moon & New Moon🕉️  Top 3 Practices for cultivating Bliss: Prana, Kriya, Dhyāna🕉️  Fear Consciousness & How To Overcome It🕉️  The Difference Between Bliss, Happiness and Joy🕉️  The Different Types Of Bliss As Per Vedic TraditionABOUT OUR GUEST: Anand MehrotraAnand Mehrotra is a spiritual master who was born and raised in the holy city of Rishikesh, recognised as the birthplace of Yoga and as one of the most sacred locations in India. He has dedicated his life to honouring the pure knowledge of the integrated practices of the original teachings and wisdom of the Himalayas and to protecting the integrity of the powerful techniques contained in these ancient practices. He is the founder of Sattva Yoga, Sattva Yoga Academy located at the Sattva Retreat, and Sattva Connect, online platform.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
This is definitely the most uncustomary conversation I have had on the Vital Veda Podcast show.By uncustomary I mean our guest, my friend Luke, talks about violence and swears more than any other guest that has been on this show.HOWEVER, the reason why this is relevant and we recorded this podcast episode is because Luke’s work and approach is very aligned with the Vaidyas - natural law, and even specially Ayurveda, how nature governs health.Luke is a big proponent of prevention and expanding awareness. If you apply Lukes teachings with the right mindset, that will be playing a big role in your physical and mental health and wellness.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:👊 How Did Luke Start His Journey Running Private Security👊 Preventative Measures vs. Self-Defense Training👊 Martial Training: Being Prepared For When Worst Comes To Worst👊 Cyber Security In The Digital Era👊 Preparedness vs. Paranoia: Navigating These ‘Murky Waters’👊 Home Security👊 Life Running Private Security In JapanABOUT OUR GUEST: Luke HollowayLuke Holloway is the founder of Raw Combat International, an organisation dedicated to providing education & training in  holistic approach to preparedness; personal security, self protection, survival & martial Skills.With Raw Combat International, Luke has developed over 90 branches worldwide and now the 'Get Street Smart' app.Quickly becoming a Youtube hit with US & Japanese audiences, Luke's Youtube Videos (Now at Over 120M Views) first gained the attention of martial artists and other industry professionals by sharing his 'RAW' approach to both martial & aurvival skills based on door-work in Australia and Japan, where he spent most of his adult life in the night life.This led him into private security, close protection and advisory for first responders, law enforcement, military and national security. These public services are in desperate need of something eealistic, logical, practical & functional, and that is exactly what Luke is providing them. With over a decade of real world experience on the streets having to navigate the politics & drama of the 'Night Life' in two cultures it has become his mission to educate people in the realities of violence, street crime and criminal behaviour.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
You should be having a complete bowel motion each and every morning, before any food, coffee or tea.Improper elimination of waste products, specifically the bowels is a very common imbalance I see this a lot in my patients, and it not only drastically affects our physical health but our mental as well.In this episode I break down why Ayurveda gives utmost importance to daily, regular and natural bowel motions, as well as the best Ayurvedic practices & natural methods to aid in cases of constipation. A heads up: proper elimination and cleansing of toxins and waste products is one of the main factors that deems an individual to be “established in health” according to Ayurveda.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:💩 Why It Is So Important To Have Regular Daily Bowel Motions💩 Bowel Motion & The Vata Dosha💩 The Best Ayurvedic Tools To Aid With Proper Elimination💩 Herbs You Can Take To Promote Bowel Motions💩 General Lifestyle Considerations To Keep In Mind💩 Laxative Abuse & Considerations for Laxative Users💩 Enemas, Bastis & Colonics And Why They're Not Always Recommended💩 Constipation in Babies & ChildrenSupport the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Being born with a congenital chronic disease can be one of life's biggest challenges. For many it may become a devastating & disempowering condition, but some very special humans have a way of turning obstacles into opportunities, blessings even.On this episode Dylan sits down with Ajna Christoffersen, who was born with VACTERL Association Syndrome, a disease that essentially rendered her unable to ingest any foods, have normal bowel & urinary function, breathe with ease,  as well as renal and cardiac capacity & more. However, while managing on a daily basis her wavering physical health, undergoing 50+ surgeries and 150+ hospital admissions, Ajna still managed to turn the tables on life and use the cards she was dealt with to become an internationally renowned runway model, disability advocate and motivational speaker. If you are looking for inspiration on how to look at life through a different lens, and how to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth & service, as well as how to put your skills & passions to service humanity as a whole, this episode is for you. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌹 Being Born with VACTERL Association Syndrome🌹 Anja’s Early Life Struggles With This Condition🌹 Views On The Allopathic Medical System & Alternative Therapies🌹 Chronic Diseases: Acceptance vs. Striving To Heal🌹 Finding Empowerment Through Life's Challenges🌹 Becoming An International Runway Model & Walking Amsterdam Fashion Week🌹 Writing A Book & Becoming a Spokesperson For The DisabledABOUT OUR GUEST: Ajna ChristoffersenAnja Christoffersen is a woman of many roles; an international model, author, motivational speaker, disability advocate and entrepreneur – with her story showcased in media around the world. Anja has a life-long, congenital disability - VACTERL - that sparked a passion to improve equity and quality of life for others facing disability and chronic illness. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Champion Health Agency - a world-first 'lived experience talent agency' representing people with disability, chronic illness and carers to access meaningful opportunities to create positive change based on their lived experience. It was Anja’s sharing of her story that propelled her career in motivational speaking, advocacy and consumer advisory. Anja has presented about her disability, incontinence and overcoming obstacles and adversity in big & small platforms all around the world.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Living life in alignment with our dharma means every action we take in life is in accordance with the most evolutionary thing we can be doing in any given movement.In fact, Ayurvedic medicine is the Science of Life to not only live with maximum health, but also to to live with the four main attributes of human fulfilment (“chat puruṣa“):1. Artha - Infinite abundance2. Kama - Absolute presence with richness of life3. Mokṣa - Freedom and liberation4. and… (this is the first one)… DHARMA - Living a truely purposeful life performing the most evolutionary actions in any given moment in order to uplift and interact with society successfully for greater harmony.On this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kute Blackson, a world renowned best-selling author and motivational speaker, who with immense eloquence and grace breaks down key principles to live life in a more joyous, impactful and “dharmic” manner. By the early age of 8 years old Kute was already speaking to congregations of hundreds of people at his fathers churches across West Africa. Later in life he decided it was time to leave his mother land and travel the world to learn from spiritual masters of various different wisdom traditions.Nowadays he is an accomplished, wise and kind-hearted motivational speaker & best-selling author.Believe us, Kute's life story and potent teachings will stick with you even long after you finish listening to this fantastic episode.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:✊ Being Raised As A Spiritual Healer, Preacher & Leader✊ Moving To The USA, And Traveling The World In The Pursuit Of Greater Spiritual Mastery✊ Living In Alignment With One’s True Purpose Or “Dharma”✊ How To Forgive & Find Peace In Seamingly Broken Relationships✊ Healing Our Own Trauma✊ How To Embody A State Of Blissful SurrenderABOUT OUR GUEST: Kute BlacksonKute Blackson is the son of a revered spiritual leader and healer from West Africa.By the age of eight, Kute was speaking to his father’s congregations of hundreds of people, in more than 300 churches.At the age of 14, he was ordained into his father’s ministry preparing to carry on his father’s spiritual legacy.But his heart drew him and his soul called him to another path: America.Today, Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher.He is author of the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and The Magic of Surrender. He is widely considered the next generation leader in the field of personal development.His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfil their true life’s purpose.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Indigenous knowledge loss and a disproportionate mistrust for wild produce has given way for a society of disconnected living. We no longer know the names of the plants living on our doorsteps; we distrust and dismiss some of the most important food and medicine plants that have always walked with us as our co-evolutionary species.But let me tell you, food is literally all around you. You probably have PLENTY of highly nutritious and life-force rich foods growing within 3 meters of where you are right now.To tell the story of plants is Diego Bonetto’s passion, and in this episode he very eloquently shares some of the rich and inspiring foraging wisdom he has accumulated over several decades of reverently communing with nature. Popularly known as “The Weedy One”, Diego has developed a beautiful reciprocal loving relationship with weeds and wild flora in general, which is truly palpable and contagious. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🥬 The Many Benefits of Foraging Food🥬 Broadening Our Food-Source Spectrum🥬 Leaving According To The Seasons🥬 How To Begin Foraging🥬 Foraging As A Way Of Life & Facilitating A Greater Communion With Nature🥬 How To Forage Sustainably, Safely & Respectfully🥬 Foraging And Managing Potential Toxicity of The LandABOUT OUR GUEST: Diego BonettoDiego Bonetto grew up on a dairy farm in northern Italy when it was still common practice to collect the wild produce of the land. He learned this ancient craft of gathering from the fields and woods while caring for resources.Diego moved to Australia in the mid 90s where he spent many years working in orchards and garden centres. Diego runs public and private workshops every week and collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers and has been featured in a substantial amount of media.His bestselling book, EAT WEEDS, A field guide to foraging, has been released in 2022Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Light Watkins has been living a minimalist lifestyle for 4 years, living from a backpack, and has found this to be one way to enhance his spiritual evolution. Light is a renowned Vedic Meditation teacher, bestselling author and keynote speaker who is now integrating Spiritual Minimalism into his life and teachings.The Spiritual Minimalist approach differs from “mainstream minimalism” and creates impactful positive change in our communities and the world at large. You’ll hear about the backpack that Light has been living from for the past few years, and get a peek into the minimalist lifestyle he embraces.This episode is filled with insightful and rich wisdom, where simplicity meets abundance, and deeper contentment is found in the smallest of places.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🧘 Exercise As An Essential Component Of The Daily Routine🧘 Spiritual Minimalism 🧘 Inner Guidance & How To Reconnect With Our Purpose In Life🧘 How To Fit Inner-Work Into Our Busy Daily Routines🧘 Meditation & Inspiring Change In The WorldABOUT OUR GUEST: Light WatkinsLight Watkins is a bestselling author, an accomplished meditation teacher, founder of The Shine Movement, and an inspirational keynote speaker and workshop leader. He has delivered over 500 wellness-themed talks around the globe since 2007.He also has been living out of a backpack for the past few years and is a nomadic. You wouldn’t know it.But there are lessons to learn from these practices and minimalist philosophy.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Unpack and process Ayurvedic algorithms in order to apply them to modern actions like drinking coffee and alcohol, GMO food production and breathing exercises (pranayama).Dr Sumit K. in fact is researching and applying the medicinal benefits of coffee and single-malt whisky. For those who want to drink coffee and alcohol, this episode may guide you to refine your relationship with consuming substances. Dr Sumit also frequently hikes ruthless pilgrimages into the high Himālayas in search for Ayurvedic herbs, ancient village healers and to commune with the Vedic Energy of Lord Shiva: that Absolute untouched Silence and force of nature which removes irrelevancy.  This episode decodes some of Ayurveda’s teachings around substances, the six tastes, and other more occult & rare Vedic technologies.After all, according to Ayurveda, EVERYTHING in the universe can be medicine when you know how to transform that substance.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🔱 The Six Tastes & How To Start The Day🔱 The Ayurvedic Properties of Coffee🔱 Re-Understanding The Six ‘Rasas’ (Tastes) In Ayurveda🔱 Chai (Tea) Under The Lense of Ayurveda🔱 Lord Shiva: The Destruction Operator in The Vedic Tradition🔱 Rāvaṇa Tantra & Shivaite PhilosophyABOUT OUR GUEST: DR SUMIT KESARKARVaidya and the founder of the 'National Library of Ayurveda Medicine (NLAM)', a searchable online repository of ancient Āyurvedic formulations and study modules.You’ll often find Dr Sumit journeying across India working towards the conservation of medicinal plants, local health traditions and ancient Hatha Yoga practices. It is his firm belief that the arcane secrets of the Vedas, Tantra and Yoga should be accessible to all and he continually tryies to demystify them for bite-sized consumptionIn simplifying and decoding Vedic Sciences, he also teaches his students to practically apply them conjunct with modern-day methodologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in developing sophisticated systems.Dr Sumit has explained the health benefits of single malt whisky by experimentation and application of Ayurvedic Algorithms.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Are you interested in studying Ayurveda? Do you want to integrate Ayurvedic wisdom and healing techniques into your offerings as a practitioner of any sort?Or do you want to deepen your understanding and learn about this “Mother of Medicines” for yourself, family or friends.Perhaps you are curious, and whenever you immerse in potent Vedic wisdom, it lights up your heart.Well, if you feel a yes to these questions, this podcast episode is designed for you!IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:📿 Becoming a Student of The Veda📿 Starting The Intellectual Journey📿 Cautions For The StudentSupport the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
Mantras are sound vibrations that harness the subtle energies of this creation.When used in a proper way that considers the various influences that come from our local environment and beyond, the mantras can help improve different areas of life.Sound vibrations can create and support profound and positive changes in our own physiology, those around us, the wider community and society.Join Swami Purnachaitanya, who for over 15 years has been studying and teaching the Science of Mantras to harness specific sound vibrations to interact with Natural Law for greater evolution. Swamiji offers expert advice to utilise the power and sacredness of sound safely and effectively.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:📿 The Meaning Of The Phrase "Jai Guru Deva"📿 The Meaning Of The Name "Purnachaitanya"📿 The Four Stages Of Life According To Vedic Tradition📿 What Does Being A “Swami” Really Mean📿 What Is A Mantra According To Vedic Tradition📿 The Power Of Japa (a.k.a. Mantra Repetition)📿 Developing Siddhis (Superhuman Capabilities) By Means of Mantra Repetition📿 The Influence of The Gunas (Qualities) On Your Mantra Practice📿 Tips To Properly Do Japa📿 Quantity vs. Quality in Japa📿 The Number 108 In The Vedas📿 Teaching Vedic Wisdom On A Large ScaleABOUT OUR GUEST: Swami PurnachaitanyaBorn and brought up in the Netherlands, Swami Purnachaitanya from a young age had a keen interest in the spiritual practices, cultures and philosophies of the East.As a teenager he met his spiritual Master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and started his journey to explore the traditions of yoga, meditation, mantras and ancient wisdom.A life dedicated to purity of knowledge, practice and experience, sharing his Master’s wisdom through the programs of The Art of Living.Swami Purnachaitanya has become a public figure traveling the world extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe, conducting a wide range of self-development programs in over 20 countries. His relevance stems from his ability to bridge the philosophies of the East and the West and his skill in simplifying arcane concepts. He plays the role of spiritual guide, peace builder, story teller, author, healer and teacher, as he triggers dramatic change in the lives of his audience.Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
What a year of interviews (and solo shows) on the topics of health, consciousness, and natural law, aka “The Veda”. In this episode I give a brief summary of my personal top 3 favourite episodes of 2022, and the wisdom that was shared by experts in their fields.Plus, I list a few extra episodes that nearly made the cut, in honour of these high-class interviews.I also give a sneak synopsis preview of the AWESOME interviews yet to be released in 2023, some very special ways to learn and study authentic Ayurveda in 2023, as well as Your (our audience’s) most listened to podcast episodes of 2022.So if you are not a die-hard who has listened to every episode of the VV Podcast, this episode is a great way to be directed to the best episodes of 2022, as a starting point of course to the portal of wisdom within the Vital Veda Podcast archives.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:🌿 3 Episodes that nearly made the top 3🌿 Dylan’s (Personal) Top 3 Episodes of 2022🌿 3 Most Listened to Episodes By You, the AudienceLINKS TO ALL MENTIONED EPISODES: (These episodes are not listed in a specific order)🎧 "Creating Your Own Reality & Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind" with Bruce Lipton #081🎧 "Homeopathic Immunisation for Babies & Children" with Dr Isaac Golden, World Authority on Homeopathic Immunisation #092🎧 "Hollywood to the Himalayas: Deeper Connections & Euphoric Love" with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati #083🎧 "The Ayurvedic Daily Routine, Guru & Spirituality" with Vaidya Aditya Raju #089🎧 "Healing Mental Health Epidemics & Eating Disorders w/ the World’s Largest Love-Based Movement in Human History" with Nicole Gibson #100🎧 "Tantric Sex: Deep Love Making Beyond Conventional Sex" with Diana Richardson #077🎧 "Vedic Astrology Forecast 2022 + Great Truths of Light (Jyotish)" with Laura Plumb #076🎧 "Mudra: The Sacred Secret to Draw Energy & Bliss From Within" with Indu Arora #087Support the show🌿 Follow us on Instagram (@vitalveda)🌿 Our Courses🌿 Our Treatments🌿 Our Online Shop🌿 Vital Veda Website
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