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The Weekly D Podcast

Author: Daniel Garay & Kyle Cavnar

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The Weekly D Podcast is the self proclaimed greatest podcast reigning from Houston. It’s a hilarious podcast filled with jokes, seriousness, and complete absurdity while the hosts of the podcast speak on a plethora of topics including pop culture, world news and what ever random drunk stories or thoughts come to them. They also on occasion bring in friends from other podcast, creatives up and coming artist and so much more. Get ready for one hell of a ride full of laughs and controversy. Hosted by Daniel Garay (@danny_g951) and his high school friend Kyle C (@itsthatguykyle).
94 Episodes
The boys are joined by Chris and Blake from Accidental Chaos for a very explicit super raunchy Episode. you might laugh you  might be offended the only way to find out is by hearing what we had to say.
Weekly D #97 - To The Moon

Weekly D #97 - To The Moon


With Danny back in the studio we have a fun and hilarious episode for ya'll as the boys catch up and speak on everything including Kyle's identity issues growing up, Danny G's theory of Elon Musk being Autistic, and Gorilla Glue hair styles. Live, learn, and laugh with us on the funny yet bumpy ride. Shout out to Anson for the song. Check his music out on Spotify Thank you guys for listening 
Weekly D #95: Dad Vibes

Weekly D #95: Dad Vibes


This week the Boys Sound very mature and even kinda dad ish as they take a more serious note and talk politics, Impeachments, Presidential expectations, debate minimum wage, and talk Crypto currencies
This week they were Joined by Spencer H. and they took some Hot Takes on the current political climate
All of Paper Plate Media got together for this hilarious episode in which we have our end of the year Office Christmas Party. You do not want to miss out on these festivities
We want to Wish our D Fam a very happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at The Weekly D
The Trio hit all sorts of topics including Presidents, Controversial Netflix shows, and even Slavery. this is a no holds barred, raunchy, and poorly phrased episode
. Who called the hit on JFK? Was 9/11 an inside job? And how did an Elitist Fraternity gain possession of an Ancient warriors remains? Why so much secrecy? Tune in to find out the who what and why.
What does Cuban Superman, Donkey from Shrek, and Donald J. Trump have in common? Big Dick Energy! And that's what this episode Delivers
Weekly D #87 : CA the Don

Weekly D #87 : CA the Don


This week the boys are joined by CA the Don. Together the trio talked AOC, Music, and Only Fans
Its a political Pod that includes Cyber strip clubs, Ouija boards, and VP Candidates.
This Week Danny is joined by special guest grill master and founder of Fire To Table Ivan Rosas and they talk meats, the journey of starting your own business, and so much more you do not want to miss out on this episodes. Warning you might get hungry
We Talked Zombies, Corona Virus, Soups, and Moving Back in with Parents
This week Danny G and younger Brother Mikey G tell stories of past experiences with psychedelic drugs, alcohol, and just plain out tell hilarious stories of things they went through in their coming of age..
What's all over ? Is The Podcast Over? Did the Guys break Up? What happened?
This week Danny G brought his #PizzaGate obsessed girlfriend Noelia and friend Becky to have a discussion and share their thoughts and knowledge of the subject matter to bring some light to this horrible and disgusting acts of pedophilia.
Watching the ultimate fighter , Celebrating a birthday, and Dan's Sketchy Air BnB booking has the guys going on wild tangents and rants. listen as the boys try to decide who will be the sacrifice to a Ted Bundy Look alike.
Believe it or not Daniel Blake is Back! Upon his return to the Weekly D Podcast he brings a new perspective on life. Now somewhat sober, a coffee addict, and health nut the boys start the pod talking about a their new health/weight goals. Dan's await...
talk about the Golden State Killer, Choose which celebrity President they would want dead or alive, and get into a heated debate over celebrity influence and their accountability to the youth
This week Dan is out. We're in a different studio, and Danny G is taking the reins bringing in new gues
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