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Opinions & advice from our lives in Engineering hosted by Alanna (IE), Jeseekia (SE), and Kayla (EE).
59 Episodes
As the founder of HBCU STEM Education Run, Danielle is using her love of running to support the next generation of HBCU women Engineers.
Episode 58: Clitastic

Episode 58: Clitastic


This week Kayla curates girl talk with exploring and understanding being a sexual being. We try to keep it PG, but we're all grown.
Black women in STEM and beyond are grinding to achieve loftier and loftier goals, yet some people seem so bothered when we choose to indulge in the luxury that we've earned access to as a part of that hustle. We're here to support normalizing Black Girl Luxury. We deserve it and have no reason to feel ashamed of enjoying success in whatever ways make us happy! OK?!
Internal Medicine Dr. Bryanne Standifer breaks down the processes for medical school so make sure you pull out your pen and paper. Exams, choosing schools, and matching for residency are all on the list plus an extra dose of Dr.'s advice for the rest of us non pre-med folks. Goodies all across the board!
Episode 55: Dangling

Episode 55: Dangling


Jeseekia started an accidental but much-needed 1st quarter goals checkin in the group. Let's talk what's going on, what's working and what's not serving us well so that we can find success in the chaos we now call life. Ready, set, goal! Yes that's a pun lol.
Episode 54: The Audacity

Episode 54: The Audacity


The levels of audacity in people is at an all-time high. Maybe this is just a rant lol, but can you blame us? People really have no boundaries these days.
So many of us aspire to be great, but does our idea of Black Excellence cause us to downplay ourselves and the very people we want to uplift? Alanna always making us go deep.
Episode 52: Four Eyes

Episode 52: Four Eyes


Optometrist Dr. Brittany Adams talked about the process of becoming an optometrist, diagnosis of diseases through eyes, and gives us tips on keeping our eyes healthy.
Mechanical Engineer Tiffani Teachey went all out with her STEM advocacy work by becoming a self-published author. She tells us how she launched her book, shares how she copes with the challenges of the career and gives tips on standing out to a mentor or sponsor.
Khari Dickey aka Coach Khari joins us to talk all about her journey from Kinesiology and Sports Medicine to being a fitness coach and entrepreneur. She also lets us know how we can get it right and get it tight through quarantine.
Episode 49: Issa Pivot

Episode 49: Issa Pivot


It's time for an honest check in on how the year went and what effect covid has had on our goals for 2020.
We get an insider's perspective on topics like the COVID-19 response and how minorities are treated in healthcare from Engineer turned Public Health professional Azia Harris-Martin.
Kayla tells us how she held down a job search during quarantine and found her next Engineering opportunity.
Alanna tells us how she graduated to being grown-grown and bought her first house in the middle of quarantine.
Episode 45: Entangled

Episode 45: Entangled


Hide ya kids, hide ya wives, and hide ya husbands because we're talking about entanglements today.
It's time for some straight fangirl talk on one of our fave shows: Game of Thrones! Spoilers of course. Don't get us started on that last season...
Episode 43: Career Rehab

Episode 43: Career Rehab


We speak with Kanika Tolver, author of "Career Rehab", about career changes, setbacks, and finding out what drives us to succeed.
There's so much to intersectionality when you're a Black girl from Detroit in STEM. We talk about what it's like to feel comfortable showing all the facets of ourselves when they don't fit the professional stereotype.
Episode 41: Detour Ahead

Episode 41: Detour Ahead


Jeseekia is the type to take very calculated risks. She tells what it took to go from Engineering student to Software Engineer without a degree! Oh, and did we mention she started as a music major?
Online classes can seem great until you miss that discussion board or exam. We give the real on what it takes to survive and even thrive in online classes!
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