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Ever question how we could do education better?

Disrupt Education founder Peter Hostrawser takes on that question with diverse learners and educators across the world. Support this podcast:
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On this episode, Michaela Foster Marsh is our guest. Michaela is author of the book Starchild, a memoir about Michaela’s life with her adopted brother Frankie and Michaela’s journey to learn more about Frankie after his tragic death by finding his birth family in Uganda. We talk about human centered education and building and learning from schools in Uganda.   Check out more at --- Support this podcast:
Joel Bein is the Business Development lead, CX and Content at Crash.  From being an educator to launching people on the job hunt with the innovative Crash platform.  Crash helps job seekers find the best roles and win the job hunt with beautiful video pitches and skills profiles instead of boring resumes and cover letters.   Check out more at Head over to our sponsor to amplify your education, engineer your career, repurpose your life.   --- Support this podcast:
Karl Millsom was not a great student in school... now he teaches teachers.  He is also the founder of the #RebelTeacherNetwork.  Follow his educational journey and the future of the Rebel Teacher Network on the podcast. Head to our sponsor HallPass Education to see how you can prepare for a successful learning journey. --- Support this podcast:
Jody Aberdeen's path to being a ghostwriter was definitely not a linear path.  Peter Hostrawser interviews Jody about his educational path and journey to becoming a ghostwriter.  Jody also shares some great advice for young creatives and writers. --- Support this podcast:
An amazing new innovative school is launching in the Fall of 2021.  The New England Innovation Academy (NEIA) will open its doors and start a new era of innovative education.  Peter Hostrawser had a chance to speak with NEIA's Founding Head of School Tom Woelper and NEIAs Innovation Advisor and Trustee Matt Kressy.   Learn more at --- Support this podcast:
Emmanuel Thompson (ET) the 18 year old CEO of Strength Together talks about his experiences in education and building coding skills.  ET is self taught and building amazing programs to help others while taking some college courses and winning pitch competitions.   Learn more at Head to HallPass Education to find more opportunities to level up your life. --- Support this podcast:
Seelan Karthi speaks with us from Malaysia about Design Thinking in education.  Hear Seelan's thoughts and efforts to break down barriers in education and bring curiosity, problem solving and more to youth.   Check out more at Level up your life at --- Support this podcast:
Natasha Price is an Oakland-based product designer with a background in visual design and management experience. Specializing in rapid prototyping, organized and thorough UX research, and branding. She is interested in immersive world-building through digital products, visual art, music, interactive art spaces, cartoons, and video games. Currently she is the Product Designer with District 0.  Learn more at Visit and for more on innovative education! --- Support this podcast:
Pam Roy describes herself as a Meaningful Education Advocate. She is a co-founder of the Viktor Frankl Institute of America and co-author of The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor Frankl: A 21-Day Reflection Book about Meaning (coming out in August). She writes an education blog for parents called Pam Roy Blog and co-hosts a podcast called Q-Ed UP with Ziz and Pam: Powerful conversations about what it means to be educated in the 21st Century. Read more about Pam at --- Support this podcast:
He was PSM-1 Certified as a 15 year old.  Jake Weinberg is now going into his senior year at Oak Park and River Forest High School. He taught middle school students SCRUM and is now a co-owner of On The Dock Designs.  He talks about his journey and how he would change education. Learn more at --- Support this podcast:
One of Dallas’ top custom suit tailors, speaker and social media marketer JC Scott in on #137 of Disrupt Education.  JC talks about his journey in education and entrepreneurship and how he would change things in the education system. Listen carefully as JC drops many valuable tips to become successful in life and learning. --- Support this podcast:
He was named as one of 100 Most Influential Young Africans in 2019.  Julio Maria Muhorro is a driving force in bettering the lives of others in Mozambique and worldwide.  Peter Hostrawser had a chance to discuss his journey and how he helps hundreds of people find their life, business, and career fulfillment. --- Support this podcast:
Tray-Sean Ben Salmi aka I'm That KID is not your average 15yr old. Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a 15yr old Amazon #1 Best Seller & Award Winning Author, Stock & Shares Trader, Property Mentor & Investor, Award winning Public Speaker (Virgin, The Beat You Expo 15,000 attendees) and Child Advocate. Sponsored by Luster Products. He speaks about his educational path and his passion of turning learners into leaders. --- Support this podcast:
Jamal Maatuka is the Curriculum Advisory Chair of  He is also a father, husband, activist, coach, mentor, educator, lifelong learner and a CTE teacher at Champaign Central High School in Champaign, Illinois.   Head to Disrupt Education for more! --- Support this podcast:
Christopher C. King, MPA, MBA is an activist entrepreneur, educator, and consultant recognized by Black Enterprise, Village Capital, the DC Mayor's Office of Greater Economic Opportunity, the National Institute of Health, and the Howard University Trustees for impact and innovation achievements.   Learn more about Christopher at Learn more about Disrupt Education  #disrupteducation --- Support this podcast:
This episode features international educational professional and cultural trainer Jordyn Hawkins-Rippie.  A Fulbright Scholar and higher edcation enthusiast, Jordyn talks about the international landscape in education.  Check Jordyn out on IG @Jordyn_HR Learn more at --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we interview Billy Bross.  Billy left a promising career in the renewable energy industry to go full-time on a side project he had been quietly working on -- an online home beer brewing school. Other course creators started asking Billy for help, and he’s now sold online courses in over 50 different niches, generating millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. He is passionate about online education and enjoys growing businesses while making a positive impact.  Learn more about Billy at   Check out for more. --- Support this podcast:
It must be a struggle to be an elementary school P.E. Teacher during the pandemic... right?  With a few adjustments and some learning of technology, we speak with Brad Clark who has found a way to engage with his elementary P.E. students.  Brad is a Physical Education teacher at Forest Road Elementary School in La Grange Park, Illinois.  He shares his journey to becoming an educator and his strategy to engage students at home during the pandemic.   Check us out at Follow on Instagram and Facebook --- Support this podcast:
Devon Alexander was born and raised in the Northwest suburban area of Chicago, Illinois. Given his lived experience of race within American society and the American educational system, it’s fitting that Devon grew up in the suburban Chicagoland area immortalized in John Hughes films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles. Devon came of age as a young male of color in a social and cultural environment that was a tempest of racial dissonance. It was within schools that he became increasingly aware of the disparity between his developing racial consciousness and the people with whom he inhabited these environments. As a racial equity and racial justice coach, he works with the hope of transforming the systemic racial inequities and injustices that diminish the lives of and within organizations. Go to for more! Check out --- Support this podcast:
Blake Boles is the founder and director of Unschool Adventures and the author of Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?, The Art of Self-Directed Learning, Better Than College, and College Without High School. He hosts the Off-Trail Learning podcast and has delivered over 75 presentations for education conferences, alternative schools, and parent groups. Blake and his work have appeared on The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, BBC Travel, Psychology Today, Fox Business, TEDx, The Huffington Post, USA Today, NPR affiliate radio, and the blogs of Wired and The Wall Street Journal.  Check out more about Blake at Join the journey at --- Support this podcast:
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