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Disrupt Education founder Peter Hostrawser talks with those who do education in non-traditional ways. Support this podcast:
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The Real Rap With Reynolds!

The Real Rap With Reynolds!


In this episode, we speak with Real Rap With Reynolds... C.J. Reynolds.  Mr. Reynolds is a high school Literature teacher and public speaker in West Philadelphia. Reynolds uses "real rap" to share teaching tips and strategies and to give an authentic look at what it means to be a teacher in inner city Philadelphia.  Now an teacher, author, speakers, motivator, innovator... the list goes on... Reynolds shares his take on disrupting education!  Check out for more!Follow the Disrupt Education journey at www,disrupteducation.coInstagram @disrupteducationFacebook @disrupteducation1Twitter @peterhostrawser--- Support this podcast:
The International Mansion of Education and Innovation is set to open September 2019 in Oak Park, Illinois.  We talk with founders Maria Emilia Fermi and Brando Fermi Crawford about how this school is posed to change education for the better.  They take us through the process of founding the International Mansion to offerings and innovative practices.Learn more at www.internationalmansion.comFollow the Disrupt Education journey at www.disrupteducation.coInstagram @disrupteducationFacebook @disrupteducation1Twitter @peterhostrawserListen to our podcast @disrupteducation on most podcast stations.--- Support this podcast:
 On this episode of Disrupt Education, we speak with one of the most passionate people fighting for positive change in Chicago and surrounding neighborhoods.  Anthony Clark is a fighter for change and equality for all people.  Anthony is many things including a community activist, a Congressional candidate, an entrepreneur, an a veteran of the Air Force.  In this episode, he speaks about his past and what his ideas around education are.  Learn more about Anthony at the following sites:  Follow the Disrupt Education journey at Instagram @disrupteducation Facebook @disrupteducation1 Twitter @peterhostrawser --- Support this podcast:
From being homeschooled and on to Praxis, we talk to Emony Anderson and Randi Hill.  These two young professionals are making moves faster than their peers in the business world.  They share their journey and their hints to making bigger moves at a younger age.  Check them out at and www.emonyanderson.comFollow the Disrupt Education journey at www.disrupteducation.coInstagram @disrupteducationFacebook @disrupteducation1Twitter @peterhostrawser--- Support this podcast:
 With Episode 11 guest Danny Cola, Peter Hostrawser takes a look back at the second 10 Disrupt Education videos and discuss common themes of ways guests suggest how education can and should be improved.     Episode 11 - Donny & The Machine Episode 12 - Stephen Jackson Episode 13 - Luke Gawne Episode 14 - Clayton Bertoletti Episode 15 - Christian Harris Episode 16 - Deno Andrews Episode 17 - Bennett Sully Episode 18 - Juanita Williams Episode 19 - Jonathan Beech Episode 20 - Darryl Allen  Follow the Disrupt Education journey at Instagram @disrupteducation Facebook @disrupteducation1 Twitter @peterhostrawser --- Support this podcast:
Darius Grissom has pivoted though his educational journey.  He landed on Mind Over Tutors.  Find out how Darius has been working at changing education since the 90s and what is next for this educational entrepreneur.  Learn more at www.mindovertutors.orgFollow the Disrupt Education journey at www.disrupteducation.coInstagram @disrupteducationFacebook @disrupteducation1Twitter @peterhostrawser--- Support this podcast:
We take a look back to the beginning of our Disrupt Education journey.  Peter Hostrawser and guest Daniel Bevan review each of the first 10 episodes and find common themes among them.  A clear view of how education needs to change is discovered.   Follow the Disrupt Education journey at Instagram @disrupteducation Facebook @disrupteducation1 Twitter @peterhostrawser --- Support this podcast:
Be Your Own Credential

Be Your Own Credential


Isaac Morehouse knows that careers aren't found, they're made.  Isaac is the founder of Praxis and CEO of Crash, a career launch platform built around the idea that you don't need credentials to launch an awesome career.  At Crash, Isaac and his team lead Career Crashers to discover their talents and key personality traits, build marketable project portfolios, and leverage the Crash network and resources to grow into their dream career - without relying on a college degree.  Learn more at  Follow the Disrupt Education journey at Instagram @disrupteducation Facebook @disrupteducation1 Twitter @peterhostrawser --- Support this podcast:
Iowa Big is a game changer when it comes to high school.  The school is build around one mission... to unleash student potential.  We meet with Co-founder Trace Pickering and Media Intern and Iowa Big Graduate Kyle Kazimour and talk about this monumental paradigm shift in education. Learn more at www.iowabig.orgFollow the journey at www.disrupteducation.coInstagram @disrupteducationFacebook @disrupteducation1Twitter @peterhostrawser--- Support this podcast:
 The importance of tangible learning outcomes is important to Udit Agarwal and Desmond Martin of NextWaveSTEM.  We sit down with the CEO (Udit) and Program Coordinator (Desmond) or NextWaveSTEM and talk about the future of education and technology.  Learn more at  Follow the journey at Instagram @disrupteducation Facebook @disrupteducation1 Twitter @peterhostrawser --- Support this podcast:
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