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Sophie Alloway

Sophie Alloway


Sophie Alloway is a fantastic UK drummer that tours internationally with a ton of artists. She’s in one of my favorite bands - the Lydian Collective.  In this episode we look hear about: Her work with different artists Her work with Lydian Collective Latest album adventure Her process for learning a new track Some interesting analysis of her tracks How to think about groove as a band leader How she approaches developing and maintaining her chops Her ‘Desert Island Disks’ Links ‍Terri Lyne Carrington episode‍ Peter Erskine Artist Works‍ Dave Weckls Drum School‍ The Jazz Podcast with Sophie‍ Capitol Orchestra with Lydian Collective‍ Chihiro Yamanaka Definitely check out their tours and music over at ‍
When the first musician you ever sit in with is Rahsaan Roland Kirk, your first gig is when your 10 and names like Max Roach, Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Haynes, Alan Dawson and Jack Dejohnette are really interested in your development... you know you're off to a good start. Terri Lyne-Carrington is a GRAMMY® award-winning drummer, composer and bandleader with decades of experience. Over the course of her career, she's played with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter, Esperanza Spalding, Dianne Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater, John Schofield, Lizz Wright, Terence Blanchard and the list of her amazing musical collaborations goes on and on... During this interview we get into talking about how this all came about. We talk about the different styles of band leaders she's worked with & how she herself works with others. It was a true honour to speak to Terri - she's a really great person - very real and super chilled. On the day that we spoke Terri was actually doing numerous other interview for names like Jazzwise Magazine - so I'm really grateful for the time she took to speak to us. Show notes at:
Barry Green is a writer, performer and teacher. He was principal bassist for the Cincinnati symphony for 28 years. He’s coached hundreds and hundreds of people on their performance, not just the practical but the inner game. He’s an endlessly fascinated and inspiring musician who’s been on a lifelong quest and exploration of musical mastery. He’s the perfect guest for us to have on. In this episode we discuss, among other things: Barry's 3 books: Mastery of Music, Bringing Music to Life and The Inner Game of Music How Barry became involved in the Inner Game and then how he applied it to music The principles of the Inner Game How Barry has worked with these principles in other professions as well as music The principle of ‘relaxed concentration’ that creates optimal performance How to practice using inner game principles How to deal with distraction and increase your focus The importance of detail and paying attention and more... For the last three decades, Dave has been the main bass man for Jools Holland. In this interview we hear about how Dave started out, we hear about his journey to becoming a well rounded musician, his early years with Jools, all the experiences with the band & we talk a load about education. Above all, there’s one quote or message that I took away from the podcast & it’s directly hinted at the excerpt at the beginning of the podcast. Often the study of music - whether through education or not - can all too easily become an academic affair - in other words, our effort to study and intellectualise music can actually work against us. In this brilliant interview, Dave reminds us how important it is to “go to the source” with music - in other words, don’t study things around music, or books etc… but listen, transcribe, assimilate - and then go do your own thing. It’s amazing and deceptively simple advice.
Chris Donnelly, a Juno-nominated pianist and composer from Toronto Canada came on the show to discuss how to practice, the importance of play, finding flow with computers, chip tunes and much more. Show notes & links at:
In this episode of the Lean Musician podcast I have David Reed on for a chat. David is the founder of Improvise for Real - a methodology and library of materials that allow anyone to start and improve their improvising in a unique and natural way. This interview was really great and I know you’re going to enjoy it. What you’re going to learn in this episode -‍ How David’s worked on building out a simple and progressive approach to modern harmony so that students can actually enjoy the process of going through it. - How to naturally engage in the learning process by savouring and enjoying music, rather than forcing anything. - The difference between playing music and feeling the music - How valuable it is to have your own fascination and connection with music before or above the ‘rules’ and ‘advice’ of teachers. And much more!
William is a concert pianist, professor at the University of Texas & the author of ‘The Perfect Wrong Note’ a book about - as the subtitle says - ‘rediscovering your musical self’. He’s a perfect guest for episode number one & of course that’s no accident. During the episode we discuss his life’s work in education, as well as his deep exploration of practice & performance. At first glance, the concepts that William explores here are non-traditional, but as you will hear - they are from a tradition and musical wisdome that has been around for a long time.
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