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Ready, Get Centered, Go! with Jess G

Author: Jess G Yoga

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Hello! I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in Austin, Texas.
I help make yoga teachings relevant to your life today.

What you're about to hear is the opening of my public yoga class where I introduce an idea that I hope you can use on the mat...and OFF the mat... in your everyday life. Then we'll set an intention, and do some guided breathing.

You can listen to this while you're driving, or doing the dishes, or maybe you can take a break...just STOP. Get CENTERED...before moving on with your day. Support this podcast:
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"Forget self-improvement and [bask] in what's already great about yourself." --Willibald Ruch, from TIME article "Nine Ways to Feel More Joy." Full blog post about focusing on your character strengths to experience more happiness at Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Are some of us born with a "happiness gene?"  My mom thinks so 😊👍Whether or not we have a happiness gene, for ALL of us the practice of pausing to savor small things throughout the day has a big impact on our overall happiness.Check out this week's podcast to hear how you can up your happiness factor in 15 second increments.Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Sign up on website for weekly newsletters full of expanded content straight to your inbox! Send in a voice message: this podcast:
This episode is a lively conversation with Laura Forsyth, founder and CEO of OneYogaGlobal, an international yoga retreat company.  You'll hear about how she came to yoga, to retreats, and her experiences organizing global yoga adventures.  She's a TOTAL PRO at this. I couldn't be more excited to chat about our upcoming retreat to ARUBA! February 28- March 5, 2020.  Can you picture it?  Right when you are ready to be done with the cold and rainy season, you will take off for 6 days to rest, detox, have an adventure, do the most yoga ever, make friends, laugh, go deep, and feel great in the warm and toasty sand and sun of Aruba.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........If you've ever had an itch to travel AND do your yoga, or take a vacation that requires no "recovery time," this is your chance.And if you sign up before October 1, it's $150 off!Early holiday gift, anyone? ;)Talking with her, I can almost TASTE the salty air and feel the sand under my feet--while doing yoga! ALL LEVELS welcome!Everything you need to know can be found at linked on my website, you find your path to Aruba, and I will meet you there...--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Your energy is a precious gift.  It is a unique resource that must be replenished and protected. It is a gift to be shared through healthy participation.  It is nourished through your attention, self-care, and thoughtful discrimination. In this week's podcast I talk more about Brahmacharya in our everyday lives, and we tune in to how our energy is feeling right now and where it is felt in our bodies.To learn more about Brahmacharya and healthy BOUNDARIES, check out my blog you always remember to be a loving gatekeeper of your precious energy.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
58. Asteya: Generosity

58. Asteya: Generosity


Asteya is usually translated as non-stealing.But I know that most of you aren't shoplifters or bank robbers, so we have to look deeper ;)What if that book you keep on your shelf but will never read again steals the opportunity for someone else to read it?  Isn't accepting accolades or credit for something you didn't do the same as stealing? When greed seeps in and makes us want more for ourselves than we need, there is poverty of spirit and stealing of resources.The thing about going to get more than is yours, or taking someone else's, is that it prevents your true wealth from flowing into you.In this week's podcast, learn how to breathe with a non-stealing rhythm of life, flowing from reverence, to gratitude, generosity, to patience.Read more about applying Asteya to your life on my Send in a voice message: this podcast:
57. Aparigraha: Abundance

57. Aparigraha: Abundance


Aparigraha reminds us of the ABUNDANCE of life.It is the clinging that shows we forgot.As Nischala Joy Devi puts it in The Secret Power of Yoga, "Life's ebb and flow brings things into our life and then out again.  Even the slightest hesitation of holding impedes the flow...If you believe that material and spiritual blessings are infinite, a cornucopia awaits you."In this week's podcast, I talk more about Aparigraha, and we practice breathing into a sense that there is enough.  We couple this with gratitude, which is the antidote to scarcity.For more on aparigraha,  visit my blog, Unfolding on the Mat. Send in a voice message: this podcast:
56. Satya: Truth

56. Satya: Truth


This week I'm here to tell you:You CAN handle the truth!In fact, not only can you handle it, you ARE it.But sometimes we can't see it.  We do not see by the Light of Truth within, so we can't see the Light of Truth around us.  Things like inner conflict, lack of sleep, poor diet, increased stress, and lack of movement cloud our perception.  We start to see the world as ugly, lacking, and dark.  We are more easily fooled by the illusion of separateness and scarcity.  Attachments and aversions creep in and create suffering.We get a lot of dross covering up our golden joy.In this week's podcast, I discuss the second YAMA of SATYA, or Truth.  In its most basic form, SATYA takes the form of controlling speech so as not to lie.  But beyond that, when you establish your life in Truth, it "burns away the dross"(B.K.S Iyengar, Light on Yoga) and reveals a life of abundance.Interested in a yoga practice to burn away the dross?  Go to my Blog Page and get started! --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
55. Ahimsa: Non-violence

55. Ahimsa: Non-violence


In this week's podcast, we are informed by BKS Iyengar's Light on Yoga to help us wrap our heads around going beyond non-violence and into love of all.  We are encouraged to EXPERIENCE what we believe, not just think about it.   Start by experiencing it in your own body--pain can be thought of as the body's signal that there is some violence going on.  Stop, back off, breathe, and re-enter what you are doing with more attention, ease, and self-compassion.  Or perhaps change your activity entirely.  Sometimes it's helpful to treat your body the way you want your best friend or partner to treat their's. Then take the practice to the world. We're all complaining that the country is divided, right? Do your part to practice love of ALL. The next time you catch yourself thinking negatively about someone or a group of people, try THE 7 STEPS OF AHIMSA at me know how it goes! I love to have stories to draw from for my teaching. Your experience could help someone else, so don't be shy!May the world you create within and around you be one of love, compassion, and non-violence.Love, Jess--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
I am excited today to share my very first interview! In this conversation, we talk about how the space you call home has its own energy, and the things within it can either support or suppress joy in your life. We talk about the KonMari Method™ of home organization and how it relates to yoga.  This is all in excited anticipation of Making SPACE, our upcoming Yoga + KonMari Workshop, Sunday, September 8, in South Austin.www.jessgyoga.comMaking Space Tickets----------------------------------------PDF: 3 Strategies to Curate SPACE in Your Life: ----------------------------------------Erin Mursch, of Organized for Good ATX, is a home organizing consultant based in Austin, TX. Her passion for order and transformation have been apparent all her life, from her days lovingly tidying up her roommates' closets to tidying up spreadsheets in her first professional job.  After experiencing the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up herself in 2015, Erin trained with Marie Kondo to become Austin's first Certified KonMari Consultant. She has now logged more than a thousand hours of tidying in spaces of all sizes and shapes with clients of all circumstances and backgrounds. She uses empathy, positive energy, and expertise to support and guide clients wherever they find themselves along their decluttering journey. ----------------------------------------Angela Kelley is founder of Buffalo Roam, a movement to make space for possibility and connections through serendipity and sagacity. She has a knack for connecting people to what they are seeking. In her own roaming, she seeks to pay rapt attention to the undertones of life.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
I first watched the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” back in June, and it really left an impression! Now I think about the space I’m in as a deeper part of my experience of Spirit. In this week’s podcast, learn to acknowledge both the space around you and within you as ALIVE with energy! Realize that the STUFF in your space might be blocking your energy. Take a moment of GRATITUDE and shift the energy of the space around you, and feel how it affects your body and mind 🙂🙏If you’re in the AUSTIN area on September 8, I’d love for you to join me for a workshop called Making S P A C E. We will learn from Erin Mursch of Organized for Good, how to make simple changes towards a mindset of ease within your space, surrounded only by things that spark joy. Jess G Yoga and the Kon Mari Method come together to practice letting go of what keeps you from your natural ENERGY: inner JOY. Tickets and info: Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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