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Welcome to the The Ladies Meeting Podcast, where we talk about becoming out best selves in the present moment, while we build extraordinary lives.
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Get to know Connie Warner

Get to know Connie Warner


Connie will be speaking at The Ladies Meeting on October 29th, 2019The Emotional Mirror- Reality is but a mirror reflecting on our inner worldThe topics she will cover are -Self-Perception-Self-Expression-Interpersonal Relationships-Decision Making-Stress ManagementConnie will talk about aligned emotional intelligence, which is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and how to use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.” Discover an insight into your leadership strengths and areas for development in authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation through our 15-minute Skype session. These Emotional Intelligence skills will enhance your knowledge and ability to become a top leader. Knowledge is the biggest modifier of behavior. You will learn to understand, appreciate, and adapt your behavior style for effective communication.  Sign up here more about The Ladies Meeting visit us on social Contact Anyssa through www.anyssajane.comProduced by
Our speaker this month is Member and Author Shelley R Shearer.#theladiesmeeting #TheEntrepreneurCollective #NetworkingYVRShelley Shearer. Mother, grandmother, author and coach. Here are her 8 questions answered and a great conversation.You can also check her new guide to building great habits.Check out her book High Functioning Habits-Take a deep dive into what will actually make a lasting change in your life.-Real, Common Sense that leads to Uncommon Results... Quickly.-Expert advice to avoid the mistakes we made when we started out.You can download it at and come out and hear her speak at our next meeting on SeptemberYou can check out other events and member meet once a month at The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. We are a social and business networking group for any woman. We are all here to support each other in our definition of success and personal leadership. Please check out our members through their writings on the blog, their ads and in-person at lunch each month. Looking to build more than just a network, join us also for our monthly mastermind in the mornings. See Anyssa for more info. Find out more a business, benefits of being a member and our monthly podcast at may come 2x as a guest - we will put the cost of the first visit towards your membership if you join the month after your visit.and follow
 Our April Speaker will be The Queen of Clean! She will be speaking on 10 Ways to Clean up Your Life.Estrellita owns and operates Derma Bright Clinic and Holistica Wellness, a skin care clinic and wellness center on the west side of Vancouver. With a BBA in HR Management, she spent 15 years working and consulting in the areas of HR and Marketing prior to starting her small business which has been operating since 2012. It began as a result of a health scare she had that involved lead and skincare/beauty products.  Since then Estrellita has written 2 books, and writes and speaks on wellness. In 2017 she launched her alter ego “The Queen of Living Clean” and offers workshops; her topics include "Face Your Acne", a one-hour talk for teens, as well as "Clean up your life" and "How well is your being". These are workshops designed to outline ways to mitigate the toxic load on our bodies. She also has an online store which markets clean skincare products.  Estrellita lives in Vancouver and is a single co-parent to a teen son. In 2017 she entered politics and is now a 2-term current Vancouver School Board Trustee, having run with the Green Party and placing second overall in October’s election. Her top values are health, wellbeing, community and the environment. As a scuba diver she saw what was happening to our oceans. Getting involved in politics is just one way we can have an impact.  Estrellita’s mission in life is to help people be the best version of themselves by taking control of their health and wellness. By being proactive, we can live long, healthy and fruitful lives!Get to Know her better and subscribe on Youtube to get to know our members better!
 What does normal mean to you?   I love people who challenge this and who push me to keep doing this. I came from a town where, settle down, have kids, stay married forever was a " thing" I failed, I have long since let go of this but it is so much a part of what shaped me.  Gina is my guest today and she is pushing boundaries, making me thing about how comfortable I have got in my new normal!  it was great getting to know a little more about this woman, speaker, and a women who gets shit done!!!  In Gina's words..  What does normal mean to you? "This is a question that comes up all the time and, depending on who you are, how old you are and how you were raised, the answer differs. We use the word normal all the time yet none of us are. We let what others think normal is influence so many parts of our life.    How does it influence your life and the bigger question, how do you let it mess with you?  Is following the guidelines of “normal” holding you back? Maybe it is time to take stock and see what it’s all about. Shift is in the air – what are you going to do about it?" If you want to hear her live, check come out to The Ladies Meeting live and in person at up later, Anyssa Jane! 
Feature Member Laara Jansen

Feature Member Laara Jansen


We love getting to know our members, and this special podcast introduces you to our newest podcast host Angela Lavigne interviewing one of our newest members Laara Jansen. Check it out and please subscribe! If you want to come out to a live meeting please visit our website 
As our featured speak at our monthly luncheon and someone I am constantly inspired by, it was great to catch up with Anita before she speaks in Vancouver at The Sylvia Hotel: Her topic- bringing Joy to all you do! Get to know Anita! - Anyssa Jane
This is unedited version of Asheida Arruda Speaking today and will be up for 2 days and then only in the members area. Enjoy while it’s up and unedited before it goes in the tool box!
It is the night before our next event and Asheida was hosting Anyssa and they just started chatting about how it came to be! Join us for this chat about building deep friendships and how building them can be good for business.
  Andrea Turner is one of the many colorful members at The Ladies Meeting. She has been in direct sales for 25 years and has learned about success and failure and how to "walk the walk" as she leads other women to successful careers. Check our our interview as we walk through our 8 questions and see where the conversations leads! To find us online or in person check out our live events at  
Thank you for joining us on The Ladies Meeting Podcast. Grab a cup of tea and join us and get to know another one of our members. Asheida is an accomplished artist and instructor. She is not just a vocal coach for singers, but assists business owners and entrepreneurs connect their voice with their passion and purpose. As you will hear in this episode, this can be so important this when you want to build deep connections to achieve their goals. - Anyssa JaneThe Ladies Meeting and Epic Life Styles are Produced by Anyssa Jane at The Communication Studio
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