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Ghost Talk with 187 P.I.

Author: WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL

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Live shows from the Haunted Old Paulding Jail featured on Portals to Hell with owner Shelly Burk Robertson. Shelly is also the founder of the 187 P.I. Paranormal Research Team.
75 Episodes
Featured guest Santiago Cirilo joins Shelly to discuss all things paranormal AND all things Santiago including his many upcoming events, Santiago is an award-winning actor & has appeared in many T.V. shows & movies including The Walking Dead, Rosa Leigh, Zombified, Beast of the Water
In this rebroadcast Shelly brought an amazing history for some of the most haunted & notorious GHOST TOWNS OF AMERICA!
Tonight Shelly is bringing it OLD SCHOOL with her home state haunts! You're going to love this show!
Reaching all the way back to 2019 for this great rebroadcast! You will enjoy the information shared by Shelly in this great show.
A reabroadcast of the Haunted Schools & Universities show from July 17, 2020.
The show last week was so good we are running it again! Scot & Jenna were excelllent guests & the knowledge they shared was great I just wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to enjoy them!
Jenna & Scot Fithen join Shelly tonight for a great discussion about paranormal investigations & techniques, equipment & person experiences! This is going to be interesting!
Haunted Islands 4.30.2021

Haunted Islands 4.30.2021


This Haunted Islands rebroadcast is from 7.31.2020 & it is excellent! Shelly always does the best research & brings the best stories relevant to these hauntings! With travel opening up & vacay's being booked I thought it was a good time to know which islands could bring you paranormal adventures! You will enjoy this show!
This episode with Lori Dorsey & Kat Hobson sharing investigation histories with Shelly. They have traveled to many locations to investigate together & gather evidence to share with others. Great show!
A great discussion as Shelly welcomes fellow paranormal investigators Lori Dorsey & Kat Hobson back to Ghost Talk Radio for an interesting discussion with all topics fair game!
This is a great show to rebroadcast because it is full of information! I loved this show live & know you will enjoy this. Shelly always brings excellent information backed by her great research!
This is a rebroadcast of Shelly's great episode Karma Destiny & Free Will
Haunted Islands 3.19.2021

Haunted Islands 3.19.2021


We're re-playing Shelly's great Haunted Islands show from July 31st of 2020! I loved this show & cosider it classic Shelly Robertson. I also love islands! Because I'm on one!
Shelly welcomed all of the hosts of WBHM-DB to join her in celebrating the New Year with their experiences, ideas, opinions & loads of fun! This was a great show!
Tonight Shelly brings us descriptions of a lot of Haunted Castles all over the world! Excellent show!
Ghost Towns of America

Ghost Towns of America


This show is a rebroadcast of the amazing Ghost Towns of America show Shelly did 11.2.2020. I LOVE it!
A repeat of this fab show where the whole network came together!
Join all our hosts, Shelly Robertson, Denise Pridemore, Brian Clune, Peter Havilland, Angie Mohle, Teal Gray & Kat Hobson as they discuss their upcoming programs & why they host their shows & what they expect for the new year!
A rebroadcast of Shelly's Hauntings From Around the World show of 6.17.19
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