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The BEST thing you can do for your personal development is be consistent. With a fresh 2 minute self-improvement tip every day, you can learn ways to take action on new insights and earn tangible results in your life.

But that’s the thing - it requires YOU to TAKE ACTION. It’s called ‘personal development’ for a reason!

Thousands of people have said “Yes!” to realizing their potential in a practical and sustainable way… And you can too by subscribing now! Nothing changes if nothing changes.
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Presence and receptiveness to what is immediately around you holds your happiness. 
Self-awareness as it pertains to white privilege and the opportunities and systems in place to present opportunities. $100 Race -
Having Self-Awareness

Having Self-Awareness


Self-awareness isn't just about knowing what you're good at, where you come from, and all of that. It's also about being able to evaluate yourself and accept those realities without judgment.
So much in life is about how you approach it.
Getting Warmer...

Getting Warmer...


Every thing you do is a step toward your goal. You're getting warmer!
Monday - Treat Everyone Like You Have Something To Learn Tuesday - Experiment With Your Morning Routine Wednesday - It Might Not Be A Good Fit Thursday - "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Friday - An Observation About Pigeons and People
From years of evolution we have developed "knee-jerk" reactions to best respond to our environment. Well now that environment has changed, so what should we do about those default reactions?
Before we can do, we must be. Things cannot be fixed at the level of consciousness in which they were created. Can you help me out? Please complete this survey:
One of the hardest things for us to do is have the awareness to know that something is out of integrity, and then take action on changing it. But the truth is, it might not be a good fit. 
It's always important to see how new additions or ideas might affect you. I encourage you to experiment and give some new things a go!
We will never know everything in the world. And even less, we will never know everything someone else knows. Treat every moment as a learning opportunity.
Dan Pallotta has disrupted the non-profit sector because of one simple premise - He dared to dream big. Not only that, but he encouraged non-profits to dream big as well and get the support they deserve. It is very difficult to understand the non-profit world at first glance, but Dan has done an excellent job helping people know how to evaluate and support different charities. He recently released a book called "The Everyday Philanthropist" that details everything you need to know about your own charitable habits, and how they interact with non-profits. Dan is probably best known for his record setting Ted Talk "The way we think about charity is dead wrong". If you're interested in learning more about helping others through philanthropy, I highly suggest you check out Dan's work.
Monday - Wherever you go, there you are. Tuesday - Stay Calm, Stay Centered Wednesday - Dream Big with Dan Pallotta Thursday - "You are nothing special." Friday - The Caged, Comfortable, and Charged Life
According to Brendon Burchard, there are 3 types of life and you can have any of them. What will you settle for?
Now let me finish... while you are nothing special, that's the best part. It's because everything can do anything, and you are nothing special in that you can do anything too!
"I think what's really silly is for grown men and women to squander this tiny, tiny little bit of time we have here on Earth to make a difference on anything less than the most daring breathtaking dream we're able to dream." - Dan Pallotta
We all have a lesson to learn here - don't let your emotional state prevent you from taking the action you know is beset!
I don't mean this physically, I mean this emotionally. You always have your own back. You're never truly alone!
Monday - Steps To Being Courageous Tuesday - 20 Seconds of Courage Wednesday - What is your purpose? Thursday - "Be kind. Life is a mirror." Friday - PSA About Domestic Violence
Rates of domestic violence have spiked since the quarantine has started, and Paul Brunson identified 3 ways to be there for someone in need - Be empathetic, don't judge, and have a code word.
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