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Just a black homeschool mom, trying to navigate, motherhood, child rearing, caretaking and wifehood. Support this podcast:
14 Episodes
Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been a buzzword in the business industry for years but how can we implement these qualities into our children now so they are second nature in for them in the future. I was able to get an expert in Emotional Intelligence who started off teaching students about it in colleges and is now teaching industry leaders how to use it in business.  It is my honor to present to you Dr. Korrel Kanoy --- Support this podcast:
Lee David Daniels is a #1 bestselling author who helps with topics that focus on parenting, relationships, and career improvement. He believes that success in is achievable by anyone as long as consistent action is taken with the goal of persevering despite all obstacles. Tune in! You don't want to miss this! --- Support this podcast:
My Crazy Birth Stories

My Crazy Birth Stories


Tune-in as I describe my crazy birth stories! --- Support this podcast:
When Woke Went Wrong

When Woke Went Wrong


A funny black homeschool story to brighten your day! --- Support this podcast:
Here are some quick tips for those who feel they are not patient enough to homeschool their children. --- Support this podcast:
Do you get questioned about having your degree and homeschooling? Do you wonder if using your degree and homeschooling your kids is a waste of your education? Let's talk about it here. --- Support this podcast:
Motivating kids made easy. This is episode 3 of the EI for Kids series. --- Support this podcast:
Empathy- EI for Kids

Empathy- EI for Kids


Listen in for tips on growing empathy in your children. This is part 4 in the EI for Kids series. --- Support this podcast:
Relationship Skills for kids is the 5th episode of the EI for Kids series. --- Support this podcast:
Learn these quick tips to teach kids how to regulate their emotions! --- Support this podcast:
It's easy to teach kids the components of emotional intelligence once you know exactly what each component means and how to incorporate it in your daily lives. --- Support this podcast:
Race is a touchy topic here is how we discuss it. --- Support this podcast:
My Homeschool Day

My Homeschool Day


Every homeschool parent does things differently. This is how our typical homeschool day goes. --- Support this podcast:
Why We Homeschool

Why We Homeschool


Tune in as I discussed why we homeschool the way that we do. --- Support this podcast:
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