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The Divorce Podcast is a new podcast dedicated to looking at divorce from new perspectives, and driving reform. Hosted by Kate Daly, each episode invites experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to discuss their own views on divorce, and debate them with the other guests.
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Kate is joined by Rory the Vet and Oli Juste, dog behaviourist, to discuss all things pet and separation. Kate and her guests explore all topics related to pets, divorce and separation – from pet anxiety when their owners split to whether ‘petnups’ might be the way forward. Dr Rory Cowlam, also known as Rory the Vet is a practising veterinary surgeon in the UK. Rory has a popular television presence with a leading role in the CBBC show The Pets Factor now on its 8th series of production. As well as this, Rory has appeared on Blue Peter, BBC Breakfast, Lorraine, CBBC HQ as well as Saturday Morning Mash-Up.Oli Juste, is a UK based dog behaviourist, who provides positive, modern, ethical dog training with an emphasis on behaviour to dogs and their owners all over the UK & Europe through his 1-on-1 Online Video sessions. Oli, from Channel Four’s Puppy School, also featured in This Morning, The Telegraph, Dogs Today, Metro and Hello Magazine. 
Dr. Amy Baker has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College of Columbia University in the USA and is a researcher, expert, author, and a nationally recognized expert in parent child relationships, especially children of divorce. She is the author or co-author of 8 books and over 115 articles on parental alienation, co-parenting with a toxic ex, and helping teenagers navigate their parent’s divorce. She works as a coach to lawyers and mental health professionals as well as continuing her academic research and working as expert witness in courts.
Carl Donnelly is an award-winning stand-up comedian, writer, and podcaster. He’s been twice nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award and appeared on a selection of TV shows such as Mock The Week, and Russell Howard’s Good News. Carl has travelled the world having performed at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The New Zealand Comedy Festival. In this episode, Carl talks candidly about his divorce and his mental health. 
Rosie Wilby is an award-winning comedian, author and podcaster who has appeared many times on BBC Radio 4 programmes including Woman's Hour and Four Thought. Her first book Is Monogamy Dead? was longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize and followed a trilogy of solo shows investigating the psychology of love and relationships. Her new book The Breakup Monologues is based on her acclaimed podcast of the same name.P.s. We're sorry that the sound quality of this episode is not up to our usual standards, we're still recording remotely!
Zemar Dajani is a proud mum of two girls, Dania and Yasmina, who are from two different marriages in two different countries. Zemar’s first marriage in Jordan was very difficult,  after her first divorce she re-invented herself and decided to go to law school. Since qualifying, Zemar has been working as a Commercial Solicitor in London for over 15 years and is also an accredited breakup and divorce coach practitioner. Zemar’s book "From Breakup to Empowerment" is a guidebook on divorce to provide helpful tips for any person embarking on a divorce in England or America. The book tackles the various steps which may ease the divorce process; it covers topics such as: finances, emotional issues, child custody and maintenance as well as how to start a new life post-divorce.
Episode #27: Lucy Fry

Episode #27: Lucy Fry


Lucy Fry is a writer, author and speaker. Her memoir, Easier Ways To Say I Love You, explores love, lust and loss in all its rawest forms.  During this episode, Lucy shares how she and her wife co-parent their son and how they've achieved an amicable split, even with bumps in the road. Thank you Lucy for your realistic and honest insights into relationships and parenthood. About LucyLucy has worked as a weekly columnist at The Sunday Telegraph newspaper and has written articles for publications like The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Stylist, Psychologies and Women’s Health.Lucy’s particular areas of expertise include physical, mental and emotional health, and addiction. You can find out more about Lucy on her Instagram: @lucy_fry_writer
This episode is about the beginning of a separation. The difficult bit when one of you knows the relationship is over but the other person isn't ready to move forwards. Our guests are Relate counsellors, Dee Holmes and Peter Saddington.Relate is known as ‘the relationship people’, specialising in counselling for every type of relationship including marriage counselling, LGBT issues, divorce and parenting.Dee Holmes has worked for Relate since 1997 and trained as a couple counsellor initially and then as a family, young persons and children’s counsellor. Dee has worked in schools and colleges (from 5 to 18 age group) delivering counselling and have often heard and seen the effect of parental conflict around separation can have on young people.Dee’s current role is part of the team that oversees the clinical governance in Relate , she is also the clinical lead for safeguarding and the lead for children and young people at Relate. Peter Saddington is an experienced relationship counsellor and sex therapist who also has experience in family counselling and addiction therapy. Peter has worked for Relate since 1994 and works with couples and individuals who are going through separation as well counselling people through re-building relationships. Peter’s clients can be aged anything from 16 with his oldest client being 93.  
Dan is a 31-year-old Dad from Hampshire, and co-parent to his beautiful four-year-old daughter Evie. Evie’s mum and Dan separated just over two years ago when she was two and have since been navigating the ups and downs of a co-parenting life which as we know can be tough. Dan started to share their journey together on social media in an honest, no-frills and candid way, to show other co-parents who are struggling with parental separation that they aren’t alone. He now has a substantial online following and is known as The Breaking Dad. 
In this episode, Kate is joined by two guests to discuss the newly launched campaign, the Parents Promise. James Hayhurst is the founder of the Positive Parenting Alliance and creator of the Parents Promise.  Having seen up close the multitude of issues in the family courts and the scale and numbers of children affected James wanted to begin a new conversation about separation.  In May 2021, after many conversations with like-minded people and organisations, the Parents Promise was launched. Backed by over 20 organisations ranging from the likes of the children’s mental health charity Place2Be to Relate to Black Mums Upfront the aim of the Alliance is to effect important cultural change around separation in the UK and beyond.Dr Angharad Rudkin is a clinical psychologist with 20 years experience of working with children and families.  Angharad is also an expert for the Metro's relationship column and the program tutor for Clinical Psychology doctorates at the University of Southampton and has co-written parenting books and books for children, including consulting editor for ‘101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children’. Angharad is also passionate about communicating her work believing key messages around child and family well-being should not be limited to the clinic room or the classroom and has a wide media profile. 
Holly Bell is an award-winning blogger, author and a finalist of the Great British Bake-Off.Holly is divorced and has three sons and recently released her book, “I know I don't know you, but... True stories, reflections & advice on divorce" after experiencing many women reaching out to her for advice and support. Holly wrote the book to be a bit like a friend, who would advise you on what to do with your wedding ring as well as how to cope with sleeping alone. She believes stigma should be banished from divorce and has sat in too many coffee shops in Leicester advising friends to believe that all divorces can be amicable. 
Tamsin Caine has a background of over 15 years in financial services. She began Smart Divorce following her own experience of divorce.  Tamsin now advises people in the same situation as she once was in, helping and empowering them to take back control of their life and finances.Smart Divorce provides bespoke divorce financial planning services to those who are faced with navigating the challenges of divorce or dissolving a civil partnership.
Since we've hit the milestone of twenty episodes, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know your host, Kate Daly, a little better. In this solo episode, Kate shares her journey and why she created The Divorce Podcast and amicable. It's short but sweet and we hope you enjoy it learning more about Kate. 
Ulrika Jonsson is a television presenter and writer. She has an illustrious TV career including TV AM, Gladiators, Shooting Stars and Celebrity Big Brother to name just a few. Ulrika has been married three times and has four children. During this episode, Ulrika talks honestly and openly about each of her three divorces and how she and her exes have navigated co-parenting and blended families for over 25 years.  Follow Ulrika on Instagram @ulrikajonssonofficial
Sue Atkins has over 15 years experience as a parenting coach and teacher, she is also Mum to two kids.  Sue is the Parenting Expert for ITV’s ‘This Morning’, BBC Radio, Disney Junior, Good Morning Britain and India’s Education and Parenting World. She’s helped thousands of parents to overcome challenges and develop a balanced, down to earth parenting approach that creates happy, positive children, and relaxed confident parents. Topics covered include; back to school anxiety, common questions from separating and separated parents, journalling and how it can help children through their parents' divorce or separation. 
What is Dad.Info and why has it become Europe's largest support and advice website for Fathers? Kate and Ian discuss the role of  Dads,  the most common topics and questions asked on the site, the impact COVID-19 has had on shared care and visits, how parents can avoid damaging their kids mental wellbeing when they divorce and separate. This is a fab episode jam packed with lots of advice for Dads and Mums. 
Dating after divorce (and in lockdown). Advice from Rachael Lloyd eharmony's relationship expert  and James Preece, the UK's top celebrity dating expert and dating coach. 
The breakdown of a relationship is tough and putting a brave face on at work or using work as distraction is the default position for many people. Recent research revealed that a staggering 1 in 10 people leave their job after a divorce or separation and 56% of employees say their work could do more to support them with mental health struggles. In this episode, Kate and her guests discuss what can be done in the work place to look after people's mental health generally and when navigating difficult life moments like a break-up. In this episode, Kate is joined by by Petra Velzboer and Gareth Jones. Petra’s expertise and passion in mental health in the workplace stems from her own personal experience battling mental illness and struggling with cultural and circumstantial challenges. After being raised in a religious cult without any access to formal education, her story and climb from rock bottom have inspired thousands to better understand how to improve mental health for themselves and others.Gareth is a passionate HR practitioner with multi sector experience including technology, media, design, and luxury consumer with over 14 years’ expertise working with some of the markets leading start-up and growth businesses.
In this episode Kate discusses blended families and is joined by  Sophia Rantzau. Sophia is a qualified counsellor and has worked with many parents, children and blended families. Having her very own blended family, Sophia honestly shares her “wins” and “mistakes” as a step-mum in the book. She does this along with providing guidance, reassurance and a bit of humour to enable you to enjoy your “wins” too. Sophia lives in Storrington, West Sussex with her husband and their two cats Cotton and Bud! Her Stepson now refers to her as “the best stepmum in the world”!
During this episode, Kate is joined by Divorce Coaches Sara Davison and Rhiannon Ford as they discuss when and how to tell your children you're getting divorced. Sara is a break-up expert, divorce coach and best-selling author. Sara launched her break - up retreats back in 2016 and her mission is to banish stigma around divorce. Rhiannon is a divorce consultant, and was previously a family lawyer, and left the profession to support people with more practical help and emotional support. The trio discuss when and how to tell your children, how to tailor the conversation for different ages and stages, how to support your child in the early stages of separating, how to spot if your child isn't coping well with the news and the change. 
Bob Greig is the co-founder of OnlyDads and OnlyMums that was set up to support Mums and Dads through divorce, separation and co-parenting. 
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