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Author: Qin Hang

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Qurious China aims to bring you bite-sized insights into China, where I interview professionals, executives and entrepreneurs currently working and living in China. In my humble opinion, one needs to be on the ground of China to get the ins and outs and the know-hows. To satiate my own curiosity of China, I created this podcast where I get to pick brains of these experts on tips and advice of engaging the Chinese market.
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In this episode, I invited Miro Li from Double V to speak on one of the most popular social media/commerce channels Red App (aka Xiao Hong Shu). We discussed how brand can engage Red as an entry platform into the China market, how to engage KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and how frequent the brand should post content and in what format. It's packed with gems so have a listen. 
In this latest episode on Qurious China Podcast, Peter Arkell shares his enormous knowledge in human resources and talent acqusitions in China and its change over the years. He also reminds us how under-represented Australian ASX companies are in China compared to other Western countries and his advice towards, particularly the board members of the ASX companies. Show notes can be found on 
In this episode, I got to speak to Hannal Keirl, Founder of Spirits Box, who helps Australian craft spirits enter the Chinese market. I Having had a successful career internationally, Hannah shares her "secret recipes" of doing business in China, now selling Aussie craft spirits to over 10 cities in China. Lots of tips and advice for starting your business in China in this one so have a listen. 
In this episode, I reached out to Matthew McKenzie from the Export Group. also the strategist behind the "Weet-bix" success in China.    Matthew shared his view on how to select the right partners, how to identify the right audience as well as his tips and advice on taking your business to China.    Show notes:
In this episode, I reached out to Tim Lyons, CEO of Manage China, a Shanghai and Hangzhou-based advisory and business process management consultancy specialising in assisting foreign companies with a small China footprint to manage their market entry and/or day-to-day compliance/management requirements in China.   Tim is a seasoned expat and has lived and worked in China for the past 16 years. Hailing from an education background, Tim is able to apply his education experience and expertise advising education providers accessing the Chinese market.    We discussed about the regulations involved as well as a few mistakes in Tim's opnion almost all businesses make when it comes to doing business in China.    Tim has also shared some trends he sees coming as well as tips and advice for education players to enter the market.  Show notes:  
In this episode, I was delighted to speak to Will Zhao, Head of China Operations at Metcash Asia. Will has an extensive industry experience prior to joining Metcash in China.  In this episode, we discussed Metcash's unique China strategy, its target audience, common myths perceived by foreign businesses as well as tips and advice for brands that are trying to enter the market.  Show notes:
In this episode, I reached out to Michael Norris, now Research Manager at Resonance China based in Shanghai. Michael has achieved some impressive milestones in the AusChina space at a young age of 27. He speaks and writes Chinese at a level not so far below a highly-educated Chinese national. We covered topics of New Retail, and Social eCommerce app in China, the branding strategy for foreign brands entering the Chinese market, the dos and don'ts and his thoughts on living and working in China in general. I highly enjoyed my conversation with Michael and hope you do too. Show notes:…michael-norris
Brian is the founder and CEO of Let's Make Great!, a creativity consultancy based in Shanghai. He's also a 3x TEDx Speaker and kickstarted the game PROTO dedicated to entrepreneurship. Previously, Brian had been working and living in China as a marketing consultant and an English teacher since 2007. In his spare time, Brian drinks heaps of coffee and blogs on WeChat and Instagram on pretty much anything that inspires with his own tweaks.   In this episode, Brian and I covered an array of topics on innovation in China, what industries he noticed that need a bit of kick and the difference between innovation and customisation of something original. Brian also has some great tips for those who want to venture into China.   To see the show notes, click: Qurious China
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