DiscoverSippin' and Trippin' with The Ladies Wine Club
Sippin' and Trippin' with The Ladies Wine Club

Sippin' and Trippin' with The Ladies Wine Club

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We review wine, but not in the traditional way. That's because the only thing we really know about wine is how to drink it. So we drink and rate wine according to taste, cost and buzzability. We also discuss hot topics, but not in the traditional way. That's because we are four women with distinct personalities, opinions and experiences. So our conversations are always surprising, often risqué, and almost never about wine.
14 Episodes
The Ladies ask "How much would you want to know?" and then theyhave a discussion about their personal faiths.Wines: The Infamous Goose Sauvignon Blanc Alamos Malbec
Is snooping on your significant other a good thing? The Ladies discuss this, and then they "Ask a Man!"Wines: Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon Lindeman's Merlot
The Ladies give their opinion on foreign language speakers and discuss just how much they can drink.Wines Seven Daughters Moscato Gascón Malbec
The Ladies delve into the subject of race, and flirting with ex's.Wines: Natura Malbec Prophecy - The Lovers Wine
The Ladies discuss what they value in a friendship, and whether women use sex as a weapon.They review Papi Cabernet Sauvignon and Little Things Red Blend.
You're on a date and someone sends a drink to the table. We discuss what happens next. And, threesomes.Also we review, from the Portuguese winery Casa Santo Lima, 2015 Colossal Reserva and from the Soledad Bodega winery, the 2014 Solmayor Red Tempranillo.
Would you tell a friend if you saw their spouse/SO with another? The Ladies' Wine Club wants to know. Also, what is your number?In this podcast, the Ladies review the Roscato Smooth Red Blend and Turnpress Deep Dark Red Wine.
Do you tell your partner if the sex isn't good? The Ladies Wine Club take on that topic, and they discuss their sweet, sweet fantasies.The ladies review Casa Bianchi's New Age White Blend and from Napa Valley, the Cellar Four 79 Red Blend.
The ladies discuss when should the big night happen in a relationship and a chat about women hating women takes an unexpected turn.They also review Noble Vines' 515 Rose (2017) and a red blend from 7 Moons (2016).
Vacationing with the Ex.
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