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Author: James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King

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Join the Loremen (James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King) as they "investigate" local legends and forgotten folklore.
70 Episodes
Join the Loremen (James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King) as they "investigate" local legends and forgotten folklore.This time, a particularly terrifying duck.



We've decided not to put out an episode of Loremen this week. Half our listeners come from the USA, and the black lives matter protests should matter to everyone, everywhere.   Stay safe. Love people.
We figured that every man and his podcast would be doing a spooky special in honour of Halloween month, so we've gone entirely ghost-free. James tells the tale of a kooky doctor trying to dispose of a dead body. The twist? It's a whale's body. The other twist? He's really bad at it. (Feat. Gary Barlow)   Loreboys nether say die! @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK
The Loremen came together for a special Halloween livestream, and here is the audio thereof! Featuring the much-anticipated reveal of great-grandaddy Shakeshaft's name! (It is not a human name.) James brings you a clock-hating poltergeist, a classic haunted inn and a bunch of skeletons that are believed... to be dead. The stories all connect, but how?  Gather your red string and thumbtacks now, for one challenge remains. Are you brave enough to enter the ghost maze of Wyck Rissington? (Say it with a flourish.) Loreboys nether say die! Support the Loremen here (and get stuff) @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK
A thrilling Kentish episode this week! James recounts the legend of 14th century kick-machine Sir Robert de Shurland. He kicked cattle. He kicked commoners. He kicked clergymen. NO ONE was safe from his pied-à-terror! This ep features a B-plot concerning a sailor's corpse with a wicked grin, who wreaked havoc on Kent's coastal churchyards. James pushes the boundaries of podcast storytelling* and gives you a startlingly accurate idea of the size of the Isle of Sheppey. (It's approximately Bristol plus Winchester). *tells the story slightly out of chronological order for dramatic effect. Loreboys nether say die! Support the Loremen here (and get stuff) @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK        
This episode comes from the much derided and profoundly strange city of Milton Keynes. The Lorepokes are joined by comedy maverick, steampunk pioneer and practising ritual magician Andrew O’Neill. MK’s ultra-modernist architecture conceals a cursed elm tree, a diabolical neighbour and a time-travelling windmill. Learn the secret of invisibility from Aleister Crowley, try to avoid the Illuminati and DO NOT EAT THE MYSTERY JELLY. You have been warned. Loreboys nether say die! Support the Loremen here (and get stuff) @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK      
In this episode, Alasdair and James meet a band of border reivers and a dubious cotswolds ghost.
We meet the original Tom, Dick and Harry (well, not exactly), and a gritty northern poltergeist.
James and Alasdair encounter the most dangerous animal of all, and discover how many witches it takes to pull a hay wagon.
James and Alasdair meet a 'Terrible William' and a band of Highwaymen burning the candle at both ends.
One tale definitely features dust, maybe skeletons, certainly dust - the other has silk and an awful, awful piggy bank...
There's a range of "miracles" associated with Durham Cathedral and Alasdair and James really get to the bottom of them. Plus a bunch of idiots. And that's putting it nicely. 
The Loremen "solve" a sheep-themed murder mystery and discover the greatest writer in Wessex (allegedly).
In the final episode of Loremen Series 1, our intrepid hosts tackle the Lambton Worm and uncover murder on the mean streets... of Winchcombe.
In Series 2 of Loremen, James and Alasdair shudder at the phantom jinmenken and witness the ministrations of TOO MANY parsons. This episode also features a Deputy Lorewoman, in the form of award-winning comedian Yuriko Kotani. The Loremen ride again! @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK | @yurikocomedy   PS The Family Ness Episode 1 PPS Proof That Is / Isn't A Great Andy Parsons Impression
Series 2 continues, as James and Alasdair unravel two tales of death and hubris: a romantic poet packing heat, and the Buzz Lightyear of the 11th century. Find the show notes here: @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK 
The Loremen discover that Lincoln Green is people, and ride to windswept Argyll on an "entire" horse.In Episode 3, James and Alasdair are joined by another Deputy Loreman: award-having comedian and troubadour Jon Long. Find the show notes here: @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK | @jonlongstandup   Here’s the Lincoln Echo video Jon tells us about. (We were clearly joking about this guy. Do not sue us, please.)  A quick correction: It turns out St Mary’s unique porch in Chipping Norton is HEXagonal, not octagonal. And there are two other like it. Also, the Princess Di visit is not corroborated:, never let it be said that the Lincoln Echo can’t do clickbait titles:Do You Like Lincoln’s Big Metal Face? (Lincoln Echo)
A true crime in Restoration England? A bizarre ritual on Scarborough Pier? It's episode 4 of Loremen Series 2. Find the show notes here: @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK
A knight errant lobs a baby in a stream and twins are struck deaf by a sinister wooden chest. Curious tales of the macabre and absurd from your friendly neighbourhood Loremen.Alasdair relates what is potentially the most problematic rom-com premise ever. James tells us about a spooky storage solution. (Does feature guns).Find the show notes here: (Includes THAT picture) @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK
Alasdair tells a tragic monkey's tale and James turns private dick, on the trail of a Cornish Bluebeard. Who fled the headless hounds? Who hung the monkey? Both these questions answered for the low price of zero pounds.(Seriously, if you haven't visited Trago Mills - you should. It's quite the thing.) Find the show notes here: @loremenpod @JamesShakeshaft | @MisterABK
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Jeepster Peepster

Oooh I've found me a new poddy to binge. Quality stuff guys 👌

Oct 2nd

Kris Pycroft

hey guys after Sunil mentioned listening to the podcast at 1.2× speed... i decided to listen to it in 0.5× speed... Guys you sound like you've had a few to many pints! =D

Sep 13th

Ashley None Given

This was brilliant 😁 and very interesting

Jun 30th

Kris Pycroft

hey guys dont know why but recent episode ended up in others category ...rather than following on from The vegtable lamb of tatar...

Jun 18th

Jackson Phillips

I'd love to see them cover Black Annis

Apr 15th


Three days until Dec 20th. Could we be blessed with a new series? Surely Christmas miracles do exist! xxxx

Dec 17th
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Hern Huntsman

With regards to the telling of Cinderella, the Germans did not add gore to a French tale. Cinderella was originally a very old and very gory fairy tale that was popular in Germany, though the earliest fragments of the story (including a prince locating his true love through shoes) can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The Grimm brothers were fastidious about only including German tales in their collection, though a few of foreign origin did sneak past them, such as Red Riding Hood (which probably came from an old Italian tale). Interestingly, many of the tales that did slip through, like Cinderella, had Middle Eastern roots. Charles Perrault was infamous for bastardizing old stories, and Cinderella is a perfect example of him adding fluff and sparkle to a somewhat bleak older tale to cater to the rich, entitled, and often bored ladies at the French court. He also invented the concept of the pumpkin carriage.

Jul 21st
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