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DJ Vinyl Burns' Electrical Radio Show
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DJ Vinyl Burns' Electrical Radio Show

Author: DJ Vinyl Burns

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Welcome to DJ Vinyl Burns - a weekly (give or take) radio show of new and classic music tracks, philosophy, social commentary and life advice.

Vinyl Burns will help you out.
6 Episodes
I've been doing a LOT of live DJ sets recently... this is one of them! #livestream #livedjset #djlivestream #livedjstream 
DJ Vinyl Burns - Electrical Radio Showtime Experience, testing out a new studio setup and getting burned up a little along the way. Had an hour before the football began, so I jacked up a radio show and sent it to the world! It was fun, and messy. Like 1987.
Drums and Time

Drums and Time


DJ Vinyl Burns touches on the hits, the obscure and the unheard of.
DJ Vinyl Burns comes at you from the sunset autumn retreat of his rural horse farm paradise. It's all good, all the time. He's back and you don't have anything else to do.
Terraced Dynamics

Terraced Dynamics


I bought 7% of Anchor, so I’m here making a potroast with my own dogfood. Come along.
Trying out this new tech. Must try harder.
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