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Federico Veronesi is a Kenya-based professional wildlife photographer and safari guide. This is his second time on the podcast. We spend time chatting about his upcoming photographic book, One Life, which is following up his incredible first book, “Light and Dust.” We recorded this back in June when the Kickstarter was up and running. Unfortunately, it took me a little longer to edit than I would have liked. That being said, the book will be available for purchase in October. I’ll link to where you can buy / pre-order on We chat about: the book the life and death of the most famous elephant on Earth Trophy hunting Wildlife in the times of COVID Federico’s work: One Life Kickstarter: (Facebook) (his first book, Light and Dust) Sources for topics discussed: One Life Kickstarter: Light and Dust: Tim elephant: Amboseli Trust for Elephants: Federico’s video for Tim: Kenya Wildlife Service: Kenya bans trophy hunting (1977): ‘Together’ photo: --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Arnaud Desbiez is a conservation biologist living in Brazil. He is the founder of both the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project as well as Anteaters & Highways. He is also the subject of Hotel Armadillo, a story by BBC narrated by David Attenborough. We chat about: Giant armadillos and giant anteaters Fires in the Amazon The role of zoos in conservation, and much more! Arnaud’s work: Giant Armadillo Conservation Project Anteaters & Highways Armadillos Facebook Armadillos Instagram Anteaters Facebook Anteaters Instagram Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Chris Schmid is a photographer, filmmaker and cinematographer specializing in natural history in remote locations. He is a Sony Ambassador and National Geographic Explorer. He explains that his efforts to document and protect the few remaining areas of wilderness are fueled by a love for the natural world and a desire to protect what's left.  We chat about: Desert lions Cheetah 'supermoms' The Jaguars of the Pantanal, and so much more! Chris’ work: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Kinari Webb is the founder of Health In Harmony, a rainforest conservation organization that holistically addresses the health of people, ecosystems, and the planet. In a nutshell, she created an incredibly innovative model that protects the indigineous and traditional communities that protect that rainforests that protect the health of our planet. Their work has driven enormous impact in Borneo - saving human lives, wildlife, and trees - and is now expanding to Madagascar and Brazil. Dr Webb’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Donella (Dana) Meadows: The Limits to Growth by Dana Meadows: Beyond the Limits by Dana Meadows: Our Planet: Planet Earth: WWF: WWF Human Rights: Bolsonaro and Amazon: Andrew Yang - Gross Domestic Happiness: Shaaz Jung: UN 12 years to limit climate change: Jonathan Jennings, Health In Harmony: Doctors Without Borders: Dr. Jodi Rowley: Frog ID: Health In Harmony Results: --- Support this podcast:
Rob Timmins is a biologist who has discovered several new wildlife species never before known to conservation. We talk about striped rabbits, bald birds, and Asian unicorns. Rob’s work: Rob’s research: Sources for topics discussed: William Robichaud: Saola Working Group: Kha-nyou discovery: striped rabbit discovery: bare-faced bulbul discovery: saola: saola captive breeding: Yao Ming Wild Aid: Shawn Heinrichs: --- Support this podcast:
Shaaz Jung - One Leopard

Shaaz Jung - One Leopard


Shaaz Jung is a naturalist, big cat tracker, professional wildlife photographer and cinematographer. We talk about: - His upcoming film on the black panther - How one leopard changed the course of his entire life - Stories of sloth bears, elephants, leucistic deer, flying lizards and so much more! Shaaz’s work: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Serge Wich is a professor in primate biology at Liverpool John Moores University and an honorary professor for the conservation of the great apes at the University of Amsterdam. He is also the co-founder of the nonprofit, Conservation Drones. His research focuses on primate behavioral ecology, tropical rain forest ecology, and the conservation of primates and their habitats. Much of his work has been focused on orangutans in Indonesia. We discuss: - the complexities and nuances of conservation - the new species of orangutan discovered in 2017 - the terror of coming face-to-face with one of the rarest species on Earth....the Sumatran tiger Serge’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Our Planet: ‘Jane’ documentary: Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program: Borneo Nature Foundation: Conservation Drones:  Lian Pin Koh: Air Shepherd: Spider monkey survey in Mexico: New orangutan species: Hydroelectric scheme that will hurt new species of orangutan: Tapanuli orangutan paper: ‘Primates of West Africa’ by John Oates: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Rhett Butler - Mongabay

Rhett Butler - Mongabay


Rhett Butler is the founder of Mongabay, one of the most popular environmental science and conservation news sites in the world. He has such an interesting background and some wild stories. We talk about rainforests, deforestation, climate change, bioacoustic monitoring, close encounters with elephants and gorillas, and what it is like to be friends with Jane Goodall. Rhett’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Jane Goodall: zero deforestation commitments: Steve Winter: Hollywood mountain lion photo: aye-aye lemur: Health in Harmony: Rhett Butler publications / bioacoustic monitoring: Dr Jodi Rowley: Frog ID: Rainforest Connection: Planet Labs: Wildlife Conservation Network: Acaté Amazon: Global Forest Watch: World Resources Institute: David Quammen: Virunga documentary: Impossible Foods: Global Fishing Watch: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Daisy Gilardini is a photographer and conservationist specialized in the polar regions and North American bears. Her images have been published internationally by leading media outlets including National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, and many, many others. Gilardini is a Canadian Geographic photographer-in-residence, member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a fellow of “The Explorer Club”, and part of the Swiss Nikon Ambassador’s team, the SanDisk Extreme Team, the Lowepro Storytellers Team, and the SeaLegacy Collective. We chat about her travels to the polar regions, becoming a wildlife photographer, climate change, biodiversity, and much, much more! Daisy’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Annenberg Center for Photography: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: Dan Westergren: UN Report - 1 Million Species At Risk: tech to absorb carbon dioxide: Cattle seaweed: The Ocean Cleanup: Boyan Slat: Lonesome George / extinct pinta tortoise: Sudan rhino: IAATO (Antarctica tour operators): Carl Safina: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel: Paul Nicklen: Cristina Mittermeier: March of the Penguins: Our Planet: BBC’s Dynasties: Greenpeace Antarctica: SeaLegacy: SeaLegacy Collective: ILCP: Meat companies rebrand as protein companies: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Caine Delacy is a marine biologist, expedition leader, conservationist and wildlife photographer. We chat about:  - swimming with sperm, humpback and pilot whales - the mysteries of whale communication - photographing bobcats in Colorado Caine’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Grizzly Years by Doug Peacock: spinner dolphin harassment Hawaii: Tony Wu: Blue Planet sperm whale family: wooly mammoth climate change: Paul Nicklen: Cristina Mittermeier: Conan O’Brien podcast: Joe Rogan podcast: Caine’s bobcat photo: Keith Ladzinski: Cory Richards: Adam Greentree grizzlies in Colorado: wolves in California: Caine’s pilot whales selfie: Jacques Cousteau: Blue Planet: Our Planet: David Attenborough: Caine’s whale, shark, dolphin photo: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Rebecca Stirnemann is a biologist, conservationist and writer from New Zealand. Rebecca has spent nearly a decade working to protect the critically endangered, national bird of Samoa....the little dodo. Check out Rebecca’s work: book: Twitter: research: Medium: Sources for topics discussed:  little dodo / manumea: Jeremy Hance manumea article: kakapo: baby manumea: ma'oma'o: ‘Walden’ by Henry David Thoreau: William Robichaud: Saola Working Group: Predator Free New Zealand: Dr. James Borrell: manumea book: Auckland Zoo: tragedy of the commons: Elinor Ostrom’s “non-tragedy of the commons”: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Bryce Andrews is a rancher, conservationist and author from Montana. He works with People and Carnivores, a non profit aimed to reconnect and restore carnivore populations in the Northern Rockies by working with the region’s people to prevent human-carnivore conflicts. He just released his new book, Down from the Mountain, which tells the story of a grizzly bear named Millie: her life, death, and cubs, and what they reveal about the changing character of the American West. Check out Bryce’s work: Down from the Mountain: The Life and Death of a Grizzly Bear Sources for topics discussed: Carl Safina: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel: How Wolves Change Rivers: Bryce’s first book ‘Badluck Way’: Pat Zentz: E. O. Wilson: Half Earth Project: Half Earth book: Vital Ground Foundation: Great Bear Foundation: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Defenders of Wildlife: A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold: Of Wolves and Men by Barry Lopez: Grizzly Years by Doug Peacock: The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Jeremy Hance is a journalist with experience writing about wildlife, climate change, energy politics, animal behavior, conservation and much more for outlets like Mongabay and The Guardian. We talk about: - the recent human rights allegations against the WWF - the potential reintroduction of the Malayan tapir into Borneo - the conservation status of Sumatran rhinos - and much more! Please check out and support Jeremy’s work: Saving Life on Earth: Words on the Wild: Radical Conservation: Sources for topics discussed: Saola Working Group: Dr. Jodi Rowley: Niall McCann: Greg McCann: jerboa: fat rat viral story: rats pretending to be snake: Jeremy Hance - Sumatran rhino: unsuccessful Sumatran rhino capture: successful Sumatran rhino capture: International Rhino Foundation: Leo DiCaprio / WWF human rights allegations: Jeremy’s article critiquing big conservation: Buzzfeed WWF scandal investigation: WWF in Cameroon/human rights: Survival International: Virunga documentary: Cameroon guards attacking Baka tribe: tapir reintroduction article: California condor success story: Wooly mammoth climate change: Bottleneck article: Bottleneck paper: insect armageddon: WildAid Yao Ming: Health in Harmony: geoengineering article: geoengineering paper: Durrell: The Zoological Society of London: EDGE of Existence: Wildlife Conservation Society: Borneo Rhino Alliance: full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
William Robichaud is the founder of the Saola Working Group. The saola is one of the rarest large animals on Earth. It is the sole species of a genus of bovids. Its scientific discovery in the forests of Vietnam in 1992 was one of the most spectacular zoological finds of the 20th century. Please check out William’s work: Publications: Sources for topics discussed: saola photo: Saola Working Group: Jeremy Hance: International Ocean Film Festival: Sharkwater Extinction: Rob Stewart: John MacKinnon saola discovery: Vladimir Flint: Greg McCann: Vladimir Dinets: Empty forest syndrome: golden coin turtle: SeaLegacy California driftnet campaign: Rob Timmins: Alan Rabinowitz: WildAid: Yao Ming shark fin success story: Rob Steinmetz article “see page 35”: Dr. James Chamberlain article “see page 20”: Troy Hansel: Joe Rogan / Elon Musk podcast: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Laos: Anthony Bourdain: Racing Extinction: Louie Psihoyos: Full show notes @ Full video @ --- Support this podcast:
Niall McCann is an explorer, biologist and conservationist who currently serves as the Director of Conservation for National Park Rescue, a direct-action conservation organization that focuses on preventing the slaughter of elephants, rhinos and lions in sub-Saharan Africa. We talk about: - giant otters and tapirs - catching pythons and anacondas - the roar of a tiger - and have a deep discussion on the state of conservation in Africa. Niall’s work: Sources for topics discussed: William Baird: Operation Muscox: His Dark Materials Trilogy: Philip Pullman: Harry Potter: JK Rowling: British Antarctic Survey: Mount Asgard: Sir Roger Moore: Nigel Leader-Williams: Giant otters vs jaguar: Niall with anaconda: Movie 'Anaconda': South Florida python bounty: Jesus Rivas anacondas: National Park Rescue: Baird’s tapir: Eating megafauna study: Four types of tapir: Panthera - Franklin Castañeda: Borneo tapir article by Jeremy Hance: Lanai cat sanctuary: DSWT: Reteti: Chizarira National Park: National Geographic: African Parks: John Hume: Ami Vitale: WildAid, Yao Ming, shark fin soup: National Park Rescue documentary: World Wildlife Fund: WWF scandal/allegations: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Will Burrard-Lucas is an incredible wildlife photographer from the UK. He often uses new technologies and innovations to photograph wildlife in unique ways.  He just released his brand new book, Land of Giants. Below is the book synopsis to provide perspective: "Deep in the heart of a vast wilderness, some of the rarest creatures on Earth still roam;  living relics from a bygone era, they are the last of Africa’s great tuskers. For the first  time these elusive elephants have been subject to an in-depth photographic study and  are now immortalised in this book.  Will Burrard-Lucas, in partnership with Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service, spent  months photographing elephants in all corners of the Tsavo Conservation Area.  Using the latest technology including his innovative remote-control BeetleCam,  Burrard-Lucas has captured an intimate glimpse into the lives of Tsavo’s elephants and  a spectacular photographic record of some remarkable individuals. Against a backdrop of escalating human-wildlife conflict and the ever-present threat  of poaching, this book brings a message of hope: that these giants are still out there –  and they can still be saved." We talk in depth about his experience making this book as well as stories of Ethiopian wolves, painted dogs, orangutans, wild pandas, and so much more. Please check out and support Will’s work: Full show notes @ Full video @ --- Support this podcast:
Ami Vitale is a Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic magazine photographer. Instyle Magazine named Ami one of fifty Badass Women who are changing the world, a list that also includes Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Katie Couric, Cardi B, and Jane Goodall.  Ami is a founding member of Ripple Effect Images, an organization that uses storytelling to shed light on the hardships women in developing countries face and the programs that can help them.  Ami recently published a best-selling book, Panda Love: The Secret Lives of Pandas. She lectures for the National Geographic LIVE series. And she’s won a million different awards.   We talk about: - Her time with Sudan, the last male northern white rhino  - The incredible conservation efforts supporting pandas in China - Reteti, a community-run elephant sanctuary in Kenya AMI’S OMAZE CONTEST - Support Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Join Ami Vitale on an African Safari & See the World’s Last Two Northern White Rhinos - Please check out and support and support Ami’s work: Web site: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: OMAZE CONTEST: Panda Love: The Secret Lives of Pandas: Ripple Effect Images: Sources for topics discussed: Instyle Badass 50 Women: Reteti Elephant Sanctuary: NatGeo Live: Jane Goodall Institute: Jane Goodall documentary: Manfrotto: Nikon: Samburu: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Carl Safina: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel: Giraffes “humming” paper: West African giraffe success story: Ami’s NatGeo panda story: Zhang Hemin aka “Papa Panda”: ...full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Carl Safina is a conservationist and writer. His writing about the living world has won a MacArthur “genius” prize, Pew, and Guggenheim Fellowships in addition to countless awards and medals. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, TIME, Audubon, National Geographic News and Views, Huffington Post,, and numerous other publications. He has a PhD in Ecology from Rutgers, hosted the PBS show 'Saving the Ocean,' and runs the nonprofit Safina Center at Stony Brook University. He has written seven books, including Song for the Blue Ocean. We spend the majority of the conversation discussing his latest, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel. It discusses the similarity between human and nonhuman consciousness, self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence. The book is an examination of humanity's place in the world and calls us to re-evaluate how we interact with animals.  Please check out and support Carl’s work: Web site: Books: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel: TED talk: PBS show: Nonprofit: Facebook: Instagram: Sources for topics discussed: Crows rival monkeys in cognitive functions: Blackfish: Windshield Phenomenon: DDT: Planet Earth: Peregrines in NYC: CA condor success story: Sumatran Rhino story by Jeremy Hance: Sumatran rhino capture: Bernd Heinrich: The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert: Diane Ackerman: BBC Planet Earth: Center for Biological Diversity: NRDC: Save The Elephants: Big Life Foundation: Yellowstone Forever: Amboseli Trust for Elephants: Cheetah Fund: Snow Leopard Conservancy: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Today’s guest is Greg McCann. Greg has a very interesting story. He has taken it upon himself to travel to some of the most remote wildernesses of Southeast Asia to find isolated ecosystems where not only have very few people have ever ventured, but very small populations of highly endangered species still exist. He then sets up remote camera traps, in hopes of capturing proof of these animals’ existence, to encourage support from nonprofits and governments to protect these areas.  He has located critically endangered Sumatran tigers, found Asian elephants in an area where people hadn’t seen proof of their existence in over ten years, and is hoping to discover a previously unknown population of orangutans. Lastly, we even get into detailed stories of sightings of a creature known as the orang pendek, which is essentially the bigfoot of Southeast Asia. Please check out and support Greg’s work: Greg’s book: Greg’s recent article: Another: Sources for topics discussed: Phil Davis: Tiger Awareness: Helmeted hornbill NatGeo video: Lost TV show: Orang Pendek: Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund: Cambodian genocide: Cambodian - Vietnamese War: Freeland: Habitat ID: People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF): Sumatran Rhino story by Jeremy Hance: Tiger poachers photo and story: Wildlife Alliance: Douc Langur study with Greg: Douc Langur Foundation: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Jodi Rowley is a biologist with a focus on amphibian diversity, ecology and conservation. Jodi and her team have discovered a multitude of amphibian species never before known to science and have gone to the most extreme lengths to find them. I found this conversation to be absolutely fascinating. We talk about: - trekking into remote Cambodian rainforests during monsoon season  - getting attacked by leeches in the jungle - benefits amphibians bring to humans and ecosystems - why they are being lost at an unprecedented rate - and how we may be able to help Please check out and support Jodi’s work: Sources for topics discussed: Vampire flying frog discovery: The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert: Chytrid fungus: Australian waterfall frog: Australian lace-lid frog: Kihansi spray today returns to Tanzania: Red-crowned toadlet: Frog ID: Pokemon Go: Mount Fansipan: Pink and yellow frog with spikes discovery: Jodi’s TED talk: Frog glue: Vietnam mossy frog: Australian Museum: David Attenborough: In Search of the Golden Frog by Marty Crump: Full show notes @ --- Support this podcast:
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