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Discussions on human resources in veterinary practices with Oculus Insights.
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In this episode, Katie and Mike discuss simple strategies to help your practice stand out to job seekers – from how to write an engaging job posting to ways to ensure that your unique culture shines through the entire recruitment process. We also speak to Lee Baker from Veterinary Education Today about the excellent content we can look forward to at the VET Toronto Conference at the end of October. Writing the Perfect Job AdPay Applicants for Job InterviewsWays To Make Your Company Stand Out To Job SeekersAttract Talent
In this episode Katie and Mike talk about ways that leaders and managers can use communication, transparency and empathy to help maintain employee engagement and trust during an economic recession. This episode’s listener question asks how to set up and maintain personal boundaries when the boss expects after-hours client and colleague communication.Links:Managing Employees During DownturnSupporting Employees In The WorkplaceLead Through Tough Times3 Ways Leaders Prevent Ab Economic Recession From Becoming A Trust Recession3 Steps To Prepare For The Engagement Recession
Katie and Mike define Quiet Quitting and debate whether it’s truly a new phenomenon or not. They go over the factors that seem to contribute to this new form of disengagement and talk about some strategies practices can employ to address it. This week’s Listener Question asks an excellent question about how to make a practice’s Core Values more “live” and relevant to employees’ day-to-day work lives.Is Quiet Quitting A Response To Quiet Firing?Why Quiet Quitting Is Nothing New 
Do you know what your employees are thinking and feeling about how they are doing in their roles? When was the last time you delivered some genuine appreciation or maybe tackled some constructive feedback? Are you finding it challenging to make time for formal performance reviews? What if there was one simple trick to making all your feedback dreams come true?In this episode, Mike and Katie talk about the benefits of two-way feedback and delve into the different types of one-on-one check-in meetings. We also answer a listener question related to how practice owners can deal with the challenges and burnout relating to practice ownership. Articles Mentioned:Why People Crave Feedback and Why We’re Afraid to Give itWant Fewer Employees to Quit? Listen to ThemGive Feedback Like a CoachHow to Conduct Stay Interviews
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss mentorship in veterinary practice from defining what a mentor is, the benefits of having one and what qualities make a good mentor.Articles Mentioned:How Doctors Can Be Better MentorsPhysician Mentorship: Why It’s Important, and How to Find and Sustain Relationships - NEJM Career Center ResourcesDon’t Let Mentoring Burn You Out
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by Oculus colleague, Dr. Rob Kieboom. Together they discuss the importance of finding the right candidate for your veterinary team and different employment processes.
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss developing a workplace culture of candour and vulnerability, otherwise known as Psychological Safety. The focus of the discussion is how reducing the fear of making mistakes in a veterinary practice is the gateway to nurturing a practice culture that is a safe place for growth and development for all.Articles Mentioned:4 Steps to Boost Psychological Safety at Your WorkplaceCelebrating Errors Creates Psychological Safety In The WorkplaceBlame Culture Is Toxic. Here’s How to Stop It.
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss how you can help manage the strengths and weaknesses of veterinary staff.To send an anonymous HR-related question to be answered on our podcast, head over to our website at MentionedTo Unleash People's Strengths, Help Them Manage WeaknessesWhy HR has to make staff uncomfortable before they can growDeveloping Employees’ Strengths Boosts Sales, Profit, and Engagement
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by guest Dr. Stacey Cordivano, an equine veterinarian, practice owner and podcast host to The Whole Veterinarian. Together they discuss the importance of finding joy and continuous learning in veterinary practice.Stay tuned for the end of the episode where we answer a listener question.Important Links:The Whole VeterinarianAsk us an HR-related question  
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by guest, Dr. Farah Murrani, Practice Manager and Veterinary Surgeon at The Veterinary Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Together, they discuss the process of hiring vets and what it’s like to be a practicing veterinarian in Dubai.Articles Mentioned:Why Companies Should Consider A Four-Day Workweek
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline talk about the importance of empathy and compassion in leadership.We are excited to share two new segments to the podcast where we share some marketing insights, as well as answer listener questions related to HR.Click here to submit a question anonymously.Articles MentionedEmpathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To ResearchEffective Leaders Move Beyond Empathy to Compassion
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by Dr. Joop Loomans to reflect on the 37th World Veterinary Association Congress in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline talk about the most wonderful time of the year…employee reviews. We discuss why employees dislike performance reviews, how they help employees improve, their importance to the company and how to implement them.Articles Mentioned:More Harm Than Good: The Truth About Performance ReviewsThis Year, Performance Management Must Become Agile 
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by guest Stacy LeBaron, Board Treasurer of the United Spay Alliance. The United Spay Alliance is a national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to promoting affordable, accessible, and timely spay/neuter services as the solution to the crisis of cat and dog homelessness. In this episode, we discuss people management in the non-profit sector vs. private practice, the shortage of veterinarians and more.Links Mentioned:United Spay AllianceFeline Fix by Five MonthsThe Community Cats Podcast Understanding and Addressing Moral Distress
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss leaders who realize change is needed, how to be an involved leader and the roles leaders need to take for effective change.
In part two of our HR Program Fundamentals series, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss having a core purpose in your veterinary practice.
In this episode of Hire The Smile, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline begin the discussion of fundamental components of an HR Program, starting with core values in your vet practice.
In today’s episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by members of the Oculus team to share their 2022 predictions for the veterinary profession.
In this episode, Dr. Mike Pownall is joined by Kirsti Clarida, president of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) to discuss the importance of RVT roles in vet practices and the regulations that OAVT provides.Visit the OAVT website hereArticles Mentioned:Doctors are trained to be kind and empathetic – but a ‘hidden curriculum’ makes them forget on the job 
In our last podcast episode of the year, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline review the most prominent articles and discussed topics on the podcast in 2021. Podcast Episodes and Articles Mentioned:1.    Hire the Smile: Redefining Burnout Podcast mentioned: Why Burnout Happens — and How Bosses Can Help2.    Hire The Smile: Mindfulness to Prevent Veterinary Burnout with Dr. Tovah Caldwell3.    Hire The Smile: Part 2 - Mindfulness to Prevent Veterinary Burnout with Dr. Tovah Caldwell4.    Hire The Smile: Managing Toxic Employees5.    Hire The Smile: Managing Disruptive High Performers in Your Vet Practice Article mentioned: Managing a Top Performer Who Alienates Their Colleagues6.    Hire The Smile: Step Up or Move On Article mentioned: 5 Reasons Business Owners Don't Fire Bad Employees--and 5 Bigger Reasons Why They're Wrong Firing With Compassion7.    Hire The Smile: From our Dream World to our Current Reality in Veterinary HR Article mentioned: Stuck in the Middle: The Plight of Average Performers8.    Hire The Smile: The Customer Isn’t Always Right Article mentioned: The Customer Is Not Always Right9.    Hire The Smile: Rethinking Compensation Article mentioned: How poverty changes your mind-set10. Hire The...
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