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Third Impact Anime is a podcast and panelist group out of the South Eastern United States anime community. Through our bi-weekly podcast and convention panels, we discuss the the artistry, history, and community surrounding anime from all eras and genres!

The podcast is hosted by Austin (@bebopshock on Twitter) and the rest of the Third Impact team as we bring our unique tastes, opinions, and perspectives to the conversation.
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Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice, Liz & the Blue Bird) is one of the youngest and most critically acclaimed anime directors in the business today. Austin, Tori, and Andrew look back at her 2013 original TV series and subsequent sequel film, Tamako Market and Tamako Love Story.Thank you for listening! We're available on most podcasting platforms.Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at helpful links:
If you haven't heard by now, Final Fantasy VII's long awaited Remake is coming out next March! We got a ton of new information about it at this year's E3, so of course it's the perfect time to revisit Final Fantasy VII in anime form!Austin, Tobias, and Tori are joined by our gaming pals, Will and Ryan of Mid Shelf Gaming, to discuss the 2005 film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as well as it's 2009 "Complete" version and other adjacent FFVII anime projects. We discuss how we watched the film for the first time back in the day, how Tifa is really the main character, how this movie is only almost all fan service, and much more!Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Mid Shelf Gaming on Twitter at Play:
To celebrate Pride month, Sully sat down with voice actor, script writer, and ADR director David Wald to discuss his work in working to dub and license LGBTQ themed anime, including Love Stage!! and Hitorijime My Hero. David is known for voicing Gajeel Refox in Fairy Tail, Bulat in Akame ga Kill!, Berg Katze in Gatchaman Crowds, and Tetsutetsu in My Hero Academia, and has been the ADR director for Love Stage!!, Hitorijime My Hero, Kokkoku, Bloom Into You, and the upcoming dub of Cutie Honey Universe. In this episode, David discusses pushing to get more queer anime into the West, the place that LGBTQ fans have in the anime community, and introducing anime to a wider audience. Sully and David also talk about how anime can play an important role in the coming out narratives of LGBTQ fans.Note: Due to connection issues, there are some drop outs on David's end from the mid point until the end of the podcast. Austin tried to edit around them the best he could but unfortunately, the sound quality is not the best. Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play:
So while some jerks were in Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend, the rest of us were in Raleigh for Animazement! The con brought us out as Featured Panelists, doing what we do best: talk way too much about Japanese cartoons.We had a total of 24 hours of content to provide over the weekend, some new, some old. As we’ve never really talked in-depth about our panels on the podcast, we break all of them down in this Dynamaxed episode of the Third Impact Anime Podcast. If you missed Animazement, or are still feeling those post-con blues, this podcast will transport you right to the halls of the Raleigh Convention Center, that’s the Third Impact Anime Guarantee™.Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Podcasts: Play:
A couple weeks ago, bits and pieces of the Third Impact crew visited Momocon 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Panels, parties...plenty of fun was had! Join Ryan, Sarah, and recurring-side-characters-with-cult-followings Edwin and Will as they share some of their favorite experiences from the con and determine if Momocon is worth the hype or not!Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play:
Last weekend, at Animazement in Raleigh, NC, Sully got the chance to sit down with voice actor Linda Young, most famous for her iconic portrayal of the evil Frieza in the first Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z! Besides Frieza, Linda has a long history of acting and voice work, from stage and commercials, to other anime roles. Notably she can be heard as Genkai in the dub of Yu Yu Hakusho, and the land lady in Double Decker.Huge thanks to Linda for coming on the show, and to Animazement for making this possible! Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play: 
Last weekend at Animazement in Raleigh, NC, Bill and I had the pleasure of having Robert Woodhead on the show. Robert is the Founder and CEO of Wilmington, NC's AnimEigo, one of the oldest anime licensing companies in North America. Anime fans these days would know them best for their highly successful Kickstarter campaigns to re-release titles such as Bubblegum Crisis, Otaku no Video, Riding Bean, and most recently, Gunsmith Cats. Huge thanks to Robert for coming on the show! And thanks to Animazement for making this possible. Note: Please pardon the audio quality on this episode. It was recorded with a phone on the convention floor, but it sounds better than you'd think?Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play:
Tori, Austin, and Tobias review the latest anime adaptation of a Tomihiko Moremi novel, Penguin Highway! We have lots of good things to say about it, but a solid handful of critiques as well, so give it a listen! Hopefully you had the chance to see it in theaters recently yourself! Our next convention coming up is Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina (May 24th-26th, 2019) and we hope to see you there! We will be performing many panels so feel free to attend and say hi!Thank you for listening! Want to support our podcast? Please share our episodes with your friends or visit our iTunes/Stitcher pages and leave a review, we would really appreciate it!Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play:
This week, Austin and Bill pay tribute to Kazuhiko Katō (a.k.a. Monkey Punch), the creator of Lupin the Third, who passed away of pneumonia on April 11th, 2019. To celebrate his life and work, we're reviewing the first Lupin the Third TV special, 1989's Bye Bye Lady Liberty!Please enjoy!Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at Play:
Tori and Austin recount their recent trip to NYC to see Frozen on Broadway, Perfume in concert, and Sailor Moon: The Super Live! Sully jumps in as well to give a brief history of Sailor Moon on stage. Please enjoy!Available on most podcasting services! Show notes are available at www.thirdimpactanime.comFollow us on Twitter at
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