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Episode 80:

Episode 80:


Welcome to the AHL! The Alex Hockey League. That’s right, we conclude the trio or sports leagues with Alex’s turn to give the minor league version of NHL teams. We hate the Wild. Go away Minnesota. We also hear Robin go on Robin’s Rant about helicopter parents and letting educators educate. We also get into Robin trying to learn about Pokemon and whether or not an adult can get into it now without the nostalgia factor. It’s Boo or Goo!
 Well it’s finally happened. Alex watched Big Trouble In Little China and niw we get to talk about it! We also get to discuss the upcoming sequel and we find out..did he like it and is he excited for the sequel? Staying on movies we talk about the Oscars and Jake is pissed.To make him less pissed he lists the names of the NBA’s minor league affiliates. It’s all this week on My Show! 
Yes, you heard it right. We talk a little about trying to compare athletes across eras and why Lewis Hamilton gets a seemingly disproportionate amount of hatred for someone in the GOAT conversation. On the other side of things we talk about the most embarrassing things to happen to us in sports. Oh and by the way, we had two people in the booth last week, we've got four. Check out the madness and the chaos when Jake sets Alex off from the open of the show.
Ep 156: Squirrely Sans

Ep 156: Squirrely Sans


Rbn and Jake embark on the possibility of a new business endeavor, but first Rbn reveals something about himself that no one really knows. This week we take on Oregon's first game back on the gridiron, the new gaming consoles, a would you rather from Rbn and we talk about Matt Damon, Paul Rudd and their unique times on television shows.
What a wild week it has been. Jake has been locked in the Election office, Alex has been working on getting a new house and Rbn has been on a legendary hunt, trying to get a deer before the season comes to a close. Find out what happens as we all enter our own version of the FINAL COUNTDOWN. Rbn's hunting stories, Jake's voting stories and Alex's humor brings this one together. Also, you all get to hear what happens when Rbn puts on a stupid mask. Jake can't handle it.
All three of us have a pretty athletic background and we pride ourselves as sportsmen. However, there comes a time when everyone is a little unsportsmanlike and we talk about some of those times, complete with ball punching, people falling and rules exploitation. Alex had the best dinner he’s ever had but he only got to enjoy half of it. Remember, he’s not the pregnant. What happens when you try to bring booze on a plane and what happens when you beer bong a screwdriver. Rbn went to the hospital because we tailgate like champions.
We play some of the hits here on the episode. Alex gets it all started with a story in preshow of being a DDD. You'll have to see what we mean. All three of the guys have stories together involving scoreless basketball games, acquired road signs, ducking and dodging pseudo-authority and all around doing things we aren't supposed to be doing. This has all passed the statutes of limitations and besides, you can't prove we did it anyway. 
Ep 152: Doctor Kramer

Ep 152: Doctor Kramer


Jake has TV now and he's finding his way through the slog that is actual television. Alex made his way up to the Emerald City and got to see Dominic's Red Apple Market up close and personal, in all its glory. We also go into what happens when it snows too much in Myrtle Creek and what's happening on The Boys. Check it out this week on My Show!
Ep 151: Dead Al Davis

Ep 151: Dead Al Davis


But you know what we did write down? Borat. Borat is back and making a second movie film for all of us to enjoy. We take it on and talk about it and some of the shenanigans going on around it. Jake is back in his job at the Elections office and talks about some of the standards he has to go through while handling ballots. Also, who is the worst Office character and what is the worst storyline? We take a deep dive into The Office. Is there a player in the NBA that we hate for no reason and we don't know why.
I don't really know what to say about this episode. Sometimes it's just better to ask forgiveness than permission. This week we add Dave to the call and bring him in to introduce a bit of chaos to our podcast and he certainly does that. Hear as we talk about what it's like to have an ethnic friend who looks white but still makes ethnic jokes. It makes life a challenge. It is also fun. Just like this episode.
 The Pacific Northwest is on fire and we're here in the smoke. We talk this week on the show about the fires that have crippled the west coast and everything else around us. As if that weren't bad enough, school has started...kind of. Hear how two separate states and separate school districts have failed their staffs and constituents. Rbn has an epic monologue about getting a new pair of Jordan 5s and they are gorgeous. Also, how much is one person expected to comply with a mask mandate when they're already wearing a mask? It's absurd and ludicrous. Jake started streaming and hear about him not being able to handle scary video games.
Alex has some of the biggest news any of us have had in some time! This is definitely not an episode to miss. He even made it with his clotleg, so you have to be here. We talk about getting vengeance for children and how much “bullying” is healthy in a society. Remember, there’s no law in the jungle. Jake is experiencing the trials of getting a new job and simply put, people are bad at this. Jake pitches a TV series idea and it takes us down memory lane.
Listening back, this is a better episode title than what we had before. We are the saddle again with another episode. All three of us have returned and we get into the new DC universe previews and whether we think they're going to be any good. Jake has of course not seen them, this time because he's interested. The Snyder cut is out and Jake has a pretty funny take on it. Alex makes fun of Netflix and Rbn is pissed about having to get back to work to do literally nothing. No, that is the correct use.
Welcome to the cautionary tale of what NOT to do when you take blood thinners. Alex, a purported champion of Drink the Beer found himself smashed for two days off of less than a bottle of wine. Here all about what happens when you mix booze with meds. Rbn on the other hand, ended up in a strip club...kind of? It's what happens in a small town when that small town "goes too far!" Check it out this week on My Show!
This week on the show, we learn about why you should never leave the sporting event you're watching early. Something amazing is liable to happen. Also, we take a deeper dive into Last Chance U and find out exactly why Jake gets to make fun of Rezjohn Wright...falling into his safety school. With fall sports approaching (?) we take a look at the NBA and NHL bubble and see how they are working when you compare them to the jetsetting baseballers getting sick all over the country.
Ep 144: 20 minutes of yuks

Ep 144: 20 minutes of yuks


Welcome home Alex! Hillsbro's hottest returns to the show this week to talk bring us up to speed on a medical update and why he was absent from last week's show. We also talk about the downfall of most comedy movies and Tropic Thunder the best pound-for-pound comedy in the world? We also take a brief look at Last Chance U and our new favorite coach, John Beam.
Alex couldn't be with us this week and so he sent the next best thing, Bailey! Y'all know Bailey, he's been a not-so-silent character on the podcast, popping up in our stories and in our background. This week, he sits in front of the mic and we talk about the famous Redbox Bowl trip to Milpedas, CA, we parlay that into what college sports is doing about COVID-19 and the strange seeming duality of the NCAA. From there we talk about the Righteous Gemstones and whether or not we could ourselves become Kenneth Copeland.
We have a game this week! Thanks to Amber Share and her instagram account SUBPARPARKS, we got to play "Name that National Park" based on one-star reviews from Yelp! Jake peels back the curtain a bit into his personal lexicon because 12 OZ MOUSE has returned to ADULT SWIM for a third season and both Jake and Alex are excited. Jake is also mad. He's taking on the entire GAMING INDUSTRY because CODEMASTERS decided to get hinky with their release dates. Check it out this week on My Show!
We're back with the F1 season looming ahead of us. We're excited for the start of the series but that doesn't distract us from talking about...well chaos. Alex is trying to stick his finger in the dam when it comes to making people wear masks and Jake is yelling at the police about the same thing. We talk about design flaws in video game consoles as well as stories of video game muscle memory. In the process of talking about video games and Game Pass Ultimate, we start talking about hunting and fun little hunting stories. Check it out!
Wait, who booked the screw job in Montreal? Yeah. That’s how we start the show. This is a bit of a unique episode because Alex and Jake were riding a creative high when this episode started. Hear about why and what caused this creative high as a new comic gets written. We take a brief diversion into Formula E and whatever that is. Robin lives in a rural area so he can go to the movies whenever he wants. That’s why Jurassic Park has been at the top of the charts for the past few weeks. It’s all here and more on My Show!
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