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Author: Alex Maxwell, Jake Tabor

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My show is the tangential ramblings of three collective heads of knuckle. Alex and Jake co-host a show that tries to cover a broad range of topics without taking anything too seriously. Jake lives in Seattle and Alex lives in Portland and the two work together on collaborative writing projects which are an artist away from completion. They are joined by the third man in the booth, Rbn, from the deep south of Oregon. Support this podcast:
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Episode 80:

Episode 80:


Welcome to the AHL! The Alex Hockey League. That’s right, we conclude the trio or sports leagues with Alex’s turn to give the minor league version of NHL teams. We hate the Wild. Go away Minnesota. We also hear Robin go on Robin’s Rant about helicopter parents and letting educators educate. We also get into Robin trying to learn about Pokemon and whether or not an adult can get into it now without the nostalgia factor. It’s Boo or Goo! --- Support this podcast:
 Well it’s finally happened. Alex watched Big Trouble In Little China and niw we get to talk about it! We also get to discuss the upcoming sequel and we find out..did he like it and is he excited for the sequel? Staying on movies we talk about the Oscars and Jake is pissed.To make him less pissed he lists the names of the NBA’s minor league affiliates. It’s all this week on My Show!  --- Support this podcast:
We've got stories of our past this week on My Show. All of us reminisce to times when we were able to go out in public and be idiots. This happens in cars, at the Douglas County Fair and in an alternate universe where we have yachts. Jake has problems with Peacock and Rbn and Jake prime Alex on the Brian Pillman episode of Dark Side of the Ring. R.I.P. New Jack --- Support this podcast:
As Mother's Day arrives we need to take into account the things our mothers want from us to show our love. Why not a cameo from New Jack? It spawns a game of "How Much is their Cameo in which Alex is much better than Jake. We also take a deep look at an Eminem lyric that Jake seems to think he knows a thing or two about. It's a video laden podcast so make sure to pop over to to see the Daigo full parry, the Blue Velvet video and T-Pain running a train. Also, hi Super Humman, I hope you like it. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 176: Drunk Uncle Bod

Ep 176: Drunk Uncle Bod


Yes, we start this episode with an extended preshow of us looking at sunglasses on eBay. If you aren't here for that comedy, skip ahead until you hear the music. Once the show starts, we get into some of the wild misadventures of driving Jake's old Ford Ranger. We also talk about ways we battle our insomnia and how the Office typically ruins it. We argue about Rocky vs. Terminator 2: Judgement Day as films. And there Jake was...minding his own business... --- Support this podcast:
Alex had a Taylor Swift CD stuck in the CD player and we talk about the uniqueness of making road trip mixes. Falcon and the Winter Soldier concludes this week and we have a brief preview and a shout out to the post-credits scene. Did you know there is a post-credits scene? We talk a little bit about the UFC and whatever Triller is. IT’S A WORK! Also, how much cocaine did Jean-Claude Van Damme used to do? --- Support this podcast:
Ep 174: Mood ring finger

Ep 174: Mood ring finger


Finally back in the studio for the first time in what seems like forever. The treacherous trio return with some takes on the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We also talk about our least favorite Trail Blazer of all time and run down memory lane for some truly terrible hoopers from the Rose City. Hey, who can talk for 30 seconds without saying ”um?” The answers may shock you. Plus Alex wastes the local fire department’s time with his neuroses. --- Support this podcast:
It's timefor the annual Las Vegas show where Rbn visits Sin City and the other boys have to deal with the insanity. We talk about the new season of Drive to Survive and Disney+'s newest offering in the MCU, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There's a lot of TV on this week's episode as we've also turned our snarky gaze towards Last Chance U:Basketball and our first trip to East Los Angeles. --- Support this podcast:
We’re fully loaded this week with a big announcement…Jake has finally seen two of the three John Wick movies and he’s ready to talk about it. Also how much we enjoy the works of Ian McShane in comedic and also dramatic roles. Ultron and Robert California are never that far apart and we make predictions for the final episode of WandaVision. Come hear how wrong we are! Also, F1 liveries, Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy and why Jake hates lens flare! --- Support this podcast:
Everyone is mad. Jake’s mad about BBQ, Rbn is mad about the OSAA and football and Alex is mad about the FIA and secret punishments. On this week’s episode, we talk about what car our time machine would be and our shitty audio mods to have custom sounds in our cars. We get into WandaVision again, because of course we do. Alex gets into his perspective on Young Rock on this Semi-F1, Semi-Wrestling, Semi-Banter podcast. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome Alex back to the show this week as his excursion to find his wife's cat has come to a close. At least we know where it is, now. We talk about why we don't trust movie trailers, WandaVision, eBay issues, Young Rock and Cobra Kai. Rbn is the resident Jackass expert and we talk briefly about Jackass 4. There's a lot of television on this week's show. Also, we talk sports uniform trends and what makes us mad.  --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to the show, Bailey! We immediately start with the hilarious mic botch of Nia Jax screaming MY HOLE! Jake also follows this up with some ranting about recent wrestling. We're instituting podcast rules and a brief review of them. We also talk about the latest we’ve ever seen fireworks and why baseball games go so late. Haha, sucks to be on the East Coast. We get a Jake’s Shitty Review of the Weeknd’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl and the preceding story. It’s surprisingly interesting. We also talk about the actual Super Bowl and how we felt about it. --- Support this podcast:
This is a weird one. We take some time to analyze some of the failed items that McDonald's has offered over the years to...let's call them mixed reviews. Everyone has stories about doing a high school talent show and all three of us have some fun misadventures at these events. Lastly, we take a look at last week's episode of WandaVision and try to predict the future. --- Support this podcast:
Weather has been outside its mind recently and it brings with it, funny stories. Find out what to do if your sun roof is broken or what not to do when you're fighting a guy kicking your leg. Yeah, we get into the McGregor fight and talk about what happened but it's a lot more fun talking about the AND 1 Mixtape tour, White Chocolate and Randy Moss. Jake gives one of his classic "vague reviews" this time, it's Grand Theft Auto 5. Also...WANDAVISION! We aren't ready. We really aren't. --- Support this podcast:
This week we spend some time talking about some sports news with the firing of pretty much all of Tennessee's football coaching staff, the NFL on Nickelodeon, Patrick Mahomes dying on the field. We also try to talk Rbn into playing Fallout 3 with the most vague description in history. Don't miss round two of The Office trivia! --- Support this podcast:
Once again we come to you with news on My Show! Alex and Jake have been working towards this for a long time and are excited to announce the next big step for Red Arrow. We look at one of the greatest moments of taking it out on the messenger ever. Jake outlines his sleeping issues in the middle of a storm. This episode is capped off with some Office Trivia now that Rbn has some new Office memorabilia. --- Support this podcast:
Right off the top, we have some major news in the podcast. You’ll have to turn in to find outr exactly what but it’s considerable. We also go into the mental state of watching TV. Talking about the Mandalorian and why it is that we tend to focus on things that are bad rather than the things that are good with the shows we like. It’s a surprisingly introspective episode as we open Season Five with some fireworks. --- Support this podcast:
Happy Festivus to the rest of us it's time for our annual airing of the grievances, this year done on the podcast. Tune in to find out just what pissed the boys off this year as we wrap season four! --- Support this podcast:
What's it like when your dad insists you learn how to change the oil in your car and then cars advance beyond the layman's abilities? Well, it goes a lot like this podcast. With the holidays baring down on us we find an oasis of college football with the Oregon Ducks finding their way into the conference championship game. We also talk about the problems of trying to shop for Christmas presents in the heart of a pandemic. --- Support this podcast:
Alex learned some important information earlier this week that involved a death-defying trip to the hospital. This sets off coversation about other times we've been to the emergency room and other medical oddities we've faced. We talk a little bit about the University of Washington's football team not playing this week and what it means to us as Duck fans. A lot. We also talk about podcasts that didn't happen and how Kevin Smith can save movies. --- Support this podcast:
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