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Sincerely, Hueman: Stories of Kindness and Doing Good
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Sincerely, Hueman: Stories of Kindness and Doing Good

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Stories of kindness in action — from the lens of today's most inspiring humans. Sincerely, Hueman features the diverse, vivid lives of advocates, philanthropists, change makers and compassionate humans who are making a positive impact in their communities.

On the show, we've shared the journey of Karamo Brown, Serinda Swan, Linda and Ashley Graham, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Meredith Walker, to name a few. New episode drops every Tuesday. Support this podcast:
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In 2013, Ben and Laura Harrison became first-time parents. After waiting for years to have a child, they received devastating news that their son Jonas was blind. Jonas was born with a rare disorder called Peter’s anomaly. At birth, he had cloudy corneas and glaucoma. Though Jonas was born without sight, his vision was restored to a functional level after 21 sight-saving surgeries. In spite of this miracle, Jonas still needed the help of eyeglasses. Ben and Laura weren't able to find any affordable kids glasses they felt would make Jonas feel confident, stylish and empowered. And out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jonas Paul Eyewear was born.Jonas Paul Eyewear has been a thriving business for Ben and Laura. But beyond that, it also created an opportunity for their family to make an impact. Through their partnership with CBM (formerly Christian blind mission), an international Christian development organization, Jonas Paul Eyewear is able to direct a portion of their sales to help prevent childhood blindness around the world.Learn more about Jonas Paul Eyewear: jonaspauleyewear.comFollow Sincerely, Hueman on Instagram @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In 2009, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson packed their bags in a minivan with their mothers. Though their journey had stops along the way, it wasn’t a typical road trip. Lauren and Molly were on a mission to make a documentary about the “mean girl” phenomenon and the negative effects of girl-against-girl bullying. In this episode, Lauren and Molly share their own truth (including the traumatic experience of being ostracized in school), and how they turned their nonprofit organization Kind Campaign into a global movement.From capturing deep seeded emotions in their award-winning film “Finding Kind”, Lauren and Molly are now impacting the lives of thousands of girls all over the country. Through Kind Campaign assemblies, curriculums and an online community, girls are able to heal from the effects of bullying —and ultimately, step into the power of kindness. In the process, these young women also recognize their ability to create positive change within and outside their school hallways.Learn more about Kind Campaign or follow them on Instagram @kindcampaign.Follow Sincerely, Hueman on Instagram @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Imagine being told constantly that you’ll never get out of your situation. Or that your environment, the family or neighborhood you were born into, is who you are. In this episode, we’re sharing the journey of Stanley Richards, a criminal justice reform advocate, acting Vice Chair of NYC Board of Correction and the Executive Vice President of The Fortune Society.Stanley cycled in and out of jail until he was arrested for robbery in 1986. He was sentenced to 9 years for his crime and spent 4 and a half years in prison. In this riveting story of hope and breaking free from the shackles of circumstance, Stanley is a remarkable example of what your life could be, if you don’t give up on yourself. Today, he’s a role model and inspiring leader at the helm of The Fortune Society — a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the successful reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals into society.Learn more about The Fortune Society: fortunesociety.orgFollow Sincerely, Hueman on Instagram @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What does it mean to be a girl in today’s world? At Girl Up, a leadership development initiative of the United Nations Foundation — there are no bounds, no limits to defining what a girl is or who she could be. On this week’s podcast episode, we are sharing the journey of Melissa Kilby, a mother, persistent leader and the Co-Executive Director of Girl Up.What started out as a fundraising campaign for partners at the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up eventually grew into a global movement. In the early years of the organization, Melissa quickly learned that girls didn’t want to stay on the sidelines. They wanted to lead and create change for girls all around the world. Since 2010, the organization has impacted the lives of more than 48,000 girls — whether it's by preventing child marriage or helping girls stay in school. Today, Girl Up continues to unleash the potential of young leaders to achieve equal rights for every girl, everywhere.Learn more about Girl Up by following @girlupcampaign. You can also attend or follow the 2019 Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. from July 15-17.Follow Sincerely, Hueman on Instagram @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
We’ve seen them grab headlines. They’re on the streets, calling out world leaders and organizations that have failed to protect our environment. They’re teenagers like 16 year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg or the 21 young people from Portland, Oregon who are demanding their government to step up and protect children and future generations from the effects of climate change.In this episode, we’re sharing the story of an inspiring young leader — Cindy Chung, a teen climate activist and the co-head of youth-led movement Zero Hour NYC.Daughter of immigrant parents from South Korea, Cindy would remind family members to put used plastic bottles in the recycling bin when she was much younger. These days, she spends her spare time lobbying for policies that would enable her city of Bayonne, New Jersey to react effectively to the climate crisis. Surrounded by other unwearied, impassioned teen activists, no one can stop Cindy from fighting for her future. Learn how you can support:zerohournyc.weebly.comwww.imatteryouth.orgCheck out Haley Kennedy's art on Instagram: @shopsundaeYou can see her exclusive artworks for Sincerely, Hueman at our Instagram: @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
While best known for her TV characters on Marvel’s Inhumans and Ballers on HBO, actress Serinda Swan, in real life, is turning the spotlight around. For years, she's raised awareness around global causes, activating the hearts and minds of people so they don't look the other way.Since 2012, Serinda has challenged celebrities to stare death in the face through her skydive mission, 18 for 18, a project that funds rescue missions and rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims. Her more recent venture, Deedly, is a tech-based curriculum that enables students to learn about today’s important issues, while empowering them to take action.In this episode, Serinda talks about the trip that changed her life, and why she is relentlessly using her platform to amplify the voices of those who’ve suffered injustice and unspeakable violence.To learn more about Deedly, visit: www.deedly.comCheck out Haley Kennedy's art on Instagram: @shopsundaeYou can see her exclusive artworks for Sincerely, Hueman at our Instagram: @sincerelyhuemanThis show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
How do you solve the most complex challenges that exist in our world — preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, ensuring access to quality education for refugees and displaced people and combating climate change, to name a few. For decades, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has taken on missions that seem beyond the bounds of possibility. In the 1960s, the MIT Instrumentation Lab developed the navigation system of the Apollo spacecraft — which safely landed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and returned them to Earth. Today, MIT is still taking these challenges head on. Through its initiative MIT Solve, people from all over the world pitch their solutions to massive global problems. On the podcast, we are sharing the journey of Alex Amouyel, ruthless problem solver and the Executive Director of MIT Solve. Since MIT Solve was established, Alex has been blazing a trail for people whose big ideas can change the world.  In the episode, you’ll also hear from two MIT Solvers. Richard Rowe, Chairman and CEO of Open Learning Exchange, an organization that’s committed to use learning as a tool to break the cycle of global poverty and violence. Sona Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of medical device startup Neopenda, also joins us on the podcast. To help newborns survive, Neopenda created its first product, a small device (worn as a headband) that monitors the vital signs of critically ill newborns in low-resource areas.  To learn more about MIT Solve, visit This show is produced by Hueman Group Media.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
For a lot of young women, adolescence can be an interesting and challenging journey. It’s usually awkward, and there’s always that crippling desire to fit in. In 2008, funny best friend duo and all around wonderful humans Meredith Walker and Amy Poehler launched Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an organization aimed at helping young people discover and cultivate their authentic selves. On the podcast, Smart Girls Executive Director and accomplished television producer Meredith Walker will share with us how she found her purpose as the caretaker of stories for young people. Over the past decade, Smart Girls has been showcasing the curiosity, breathtaking talent and the untarnished passion of young women and girls who are changing the world.In this episode, we’ll also hear from Maggie Chieffo, General Manager at Smart Girls. Maggie is a driving force at the organization who ensures that a diverse group of people are represented in the stories they share. Find inspiration on and follow them on Instagram @amypoehlersmartgirls.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In 2012, Stefani Germanotta whom the world knows as Lady Gaga, created the Born This Way Foundation with her phenomenal mom, Cynthia Germanotta. The Foundation is committed to support the wellness of young people, and empower them to create a kinder and braver world. But alongside Lady Gaga and Cynthia, is another remarkable human, Maya Enista Smith.For almost all of the seven years since the organization was founded, Maya has been the architect and the compassionate spirit at the helm of Born This Way Foundation. We are proud to share Maya's journey on the podcast and her instrumental role in formalizing a movement that embodies Lady Gaga's unbreakable bond with her fans. Today, Maya is leading an impassioned and selfless team. She is pursuing the Foundation's mission for young people and the future of her two children. In this episode, you'll also hear from Shadille Estepan, an empowering young leader who now works as the organization's Communications and Outreach Associate. Her story of speaking your truth is one you wouldn't want to miss.Check out:https://bornthisway.foundationhttps://www.channelkindness.org show is produced by Hueman Group Media.Sincerely, Hueman is on Instagram @sincerelyhueman. Also Facebook and Twitter.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Away is Here - Amirah Jiwa

Away is Here - Amirah Jiwa


When we travel, perceptions of other people and their culture are no longer confined to what we see on TV or read about online. As we explore the unfamiliar, the stories, the narratives and the experiences become uniquely, our own. On Sincerely, Hueman, we are committed to amplifying not only individuals, but also businesses and organizations that are a force for good. Today, we're excited to share our new podcast episode featuring Away, a global lifestyle brand whose intention, from day one, was to make a real difference in the world - from the products they make to the platforms they create.  In this episode, you'll hear from Amirah Jiwa, social impact manager at Away. Through a nontraditional lens, Amirah finds the unique strengths of businesses (from its people to its resources) to create positive change in communities — here and abroad. Even before selling its first suitcase, Away has stood behind peacebuilders in conflict through its partnership with nonprofit organization, Peace Direct. Apart from collaborations and partnerships, team members at Away are also given volunteer time off so that they have more opportunities to give back and contribute to causes they care about. In the podcast, Zack Repko, Senior Designer at Away, talks about the trips that changed his life and how important it is for companies to engage its employees through social good initiatives.If you're interested to learn more about Away's partnership with Peace Direct, visit If you purchase anything from Away, from a sticker to a suitcase, you've also contributed to Peace Direct's mission of "stopping wars, one person at a time." This show is produced by Hueman Group Media. Sincerely, Hueman is on Instagram @sincerelyhueman. Also Facebook and Twitter.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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