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The Arisen Podcast is a talkshow brought to you by a set of like-minded and young individuals whose mission is to impact lives.

We bring you topics ranging from Entrepreneurship to Starting Your Own Venture to Motivation and Inspiration and everything within EVERY week!
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Are Declining attention spans killing your Business? But.... What's the difference between the attention span of a goldfish and human being? WAIT.....Did you know that according to a study by Microsoft Corporation and it said... "The average human being now has attention span of eight seconds (8s) and this is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of twelve seconds (12s) ...Then, another research from Jampp disclose that human attention span decreases by a whopping 88% every year.  Take a minute and let that sink in...... Now, think carefully about these implications in your business... Tune in to this week's episode and discover how you can make sales even with this little attention span of human being...and as always  don't forget to stay Arisen
What Has Steve Jobs And Akuapem Polo Got In Common? Before you ask if I've lost it, let me fill you in There's this one specific and only skill if mastered, can make the year 2020 a fruitful one... This skill is more powerful than all the declarations you can ever recite in church... It's more powerful than prophecies because you know why? Even Jesus used it so masterfully... Wondering what this skill is, tune in to this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast and listen... As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!!
An Unpopular Opinion: "Motivation Is Garbage" For some weird reason, people see me as a motivational speaker. I've received a sea of "thank yous" from listeners of the Arisen Podcast on how I motivated them to chase their dreams and goals... So I guess I should be the last person talking ill about motivation... It doesn't make sense, does it? I don't know about you but if you want six packs, the only way to get it is through actually putting in the plancks, and push ups, right? You can read or listen or watch on how to get six packs and then you wake up with it Same goes with how you handle your finances, dating life, personal development, and career "So Sam, if motivation is garbage, what should I do instead?" I've decoded the art and science of accomplishment that has nothing to do with motivation. As a matter of fact, how many times have you been pumped up at an event, a conference, a book, a quote and you went all in from there and crushing all your goals? As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!
Deserved Opportunities

Deserved Opportunities


I've got a question for you... Do you Deserve more Opportunities? How well do people know you?  Or...  Who do they you to be? Take a moment to assess yourself  What have you achieved in your life time that qualifies you to "deserve" more opportunities?  To DESERVE and to have the OPPORTUNITY   are two different words.... One talks about doing something or showing qualities worthy of a reward or punishment..   The other talks about a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something...   So...... My question again; Per your Assessment, Do You Really DESERVE More OPPORTUNITIES?   Tune in to this week's episode and find out how you can position yourself well to fit in to this 'DESERVED OPPORTUNITY' NB: Stop paying attention to people who pay you so little, Start realizing that you deserve more.    And as always don't forget to stay Arisen...!
The Love Gift

The Love Gift


You made some money, now what? Whether you're religious or not, there's one thing everyone believes in GIVING! Muslims give... Christians give... Atheists give...  "Give and it shall be given unto you." This quote has been cliched and has lost its weight but there's this one type of giving that I believe has the most potential ROI (return of investment) It's almost an instant, indescribable reward no other type of giving can challenge In this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast, I share what this type of giving is, how you should go about it, and how to receive your instant gratification in less than 10 seconds
What is your "Resilient level?" How do you recover,  recoil or spring back from a very difficult situation which almost crippled you ? According to Bureau Labor of Statistics about 20% of businesses fails at it's initial stage..... Why?... I will tell you but.......    As a business owner, a career person , a CEO, manager, are you able to withstand the shortcomings of your business to attain its mission statement  You just let it go down the drain?  Tune in to this week's episode as we throw more lights on how to boost your endurance level.  And as always don't forget to stay Arisen..
READY?  Just Dive In With Me! What's the difference between an Entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur?   Let me ask  have you heard of the word "Value?"  And how do you understand it? There are two types of value. One talks about the results gained from something and the other talks about what something has in itself or for it own sake.. Did you know that according to the International labour Organization , globally about 13.1% of youths are unemployed? WHY...? Because they don't know how to apply these two types of value during interviews... Just tune in to this week's episode and discover what this two types of value are and how you can apply it in your business, career , relationship, life etc   And as always don't forget to stay Arisen.
Have you said this before? "I wish I had enough time to work on this..." "My schedule is so stressful. I can't work on my side-hustle..." "I get home and I'm so tired to even work on other things" "I don't have the time to actually follow my passion..." You've probably said at least one of these above, right? But, what if, there's a way to still do what you already do and also make time for what you REALLY want to do?  Would it be helpful to you? I bet! Discover a new game plan that will be beneficial to your busy schedule and still get the most out of the day...   Then tune in to this week's episode as we share with you What one of our mentors does to balance herself as a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur     And as always don't forget to stay Arisen
Go Knock On Some Doors

Go Knock On Some Doors


Did you know that according to Bureau of labor statistics about 20% of small businesses fail in their first year? Did you also Know that about 50% fail in their fifth year? And only 25% can make it to their fifteenth year? Are you thinking of where your business stands now? And why? I believe you are wondering why your business is "stagnant" upon applying all the latest strategies known to you Well maybe there's one simple strategy you probably haven't considered so much or escaped you because it's so easy to neglect it yet, could be responsible for you raking in some serious revenue Tune in to this week's episode and discover that "one thing" you haven't done yet to "push up" your business But let me give you a little gist: "........ KNOCK and It Shall Be OPEN Unto YOU......." And as always don't forget to stay Arisen......
You MUST Be God

You MUST Be God


What's the difference between Bill Gates and God? Or Thomas Edison and God? I'm pretty sure if I don't clarify what I'm trying to say here, I'll lose most of my friends - especially, my Christian friends But hang on... I actually believe Bill and Thomas are not so different from God and maybe you're not so different too! On this week's episode, I share the WHY, and the HOW anyone can be God by just tapping into a simple sentence that was written some centuries ago and applying it to your life so you can actually live like you were supposed to live Can't wait to dive in? Yeah, me too! As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
Propose THIS Way!

Propose THIS Way!


Did You Know That The Most Shortest Marriage Recorded Ever In History Lasted For Just 3 Mins?⏱ And Did You Also Know That Most Men Are Yet To Be Married? ...because ladies are turning them down? Someone told me, it's not that easy to even master confidence to approach the lady... But WHY?... Some don't even want to take a step to approach meanwhile they're crushing on someone seriously... But you’re probably wondering... How does proposing to a girl have to do with success in your business or Career or life?  Tune in to this week's episode and Discover The Simplest and Easiest way to propose to that your dream lady you so much desire Without getting a big fat NO for an answer P. S: Do Not Share your discovery with anyone not even your best friend maybe he is also crushing on your lady and might overtake you? As always don't forget to stay Arisen
Albert Einstein once said this... "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." If you talk to artists, and creative people, one thing they tell you is that, they see what they're about creating in their mind's eye before it ever become a reality.  The more I try to live an Arisen life, the more I realize its all about the art and science and to live life to your fullest potential, you need to be one hell of a imaginative person.  What makes people successful in their businesses, relationships, careers, and life in general is the ability for them to visualize the ultimate goal, put into practice, and realizing the goal But it all starts with the power of Visualization In this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast, I share with you how you can implement the psychology of visualization in your life so you can realize your dreams and goals even faster. And as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
The Fulfillment Drug

The Fulfillment Drug


Discover A New Drug That Won't Get You Into Jail But Help You Crush Your Goals In Record-Time What if there's a drug that gets you "high" without the nasty side effect of narcotics drugs.. No, I'm not talking about smoking marijuana or siping cannabis-stuffed tea.  I'm not talking about tramadol or other fast-acting pain killers... What is this drug that causes you to think straight, and causes you to actually be helpful in society and not a menace? In this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast, I went balls deep talking about this special drug, where to find it, and how to use it effectively. P.S. - use this cautiously and see your life turn around in no time
Nike IS Doing THIS! If you're business owner constantly selling products and services to your customers and clients, you know how important the word, "reach" is to your business, right? In a world where attention span is gradually reducing by the second, businesses who are still winning are those who can captivate their audiences in a split second... A couple of months ago, I had a few of my friends send me a link to Nike's sneakers giveaway. I was confused about why my friends who I know very well can afford a pair of Nike sneakers sharing links all over the place. That was when it clicked in my brain why Nike is still winning Find out how we Tripled our reach by installing what Nike did without even paying huge amounts of money on social media or other traffic generating avenues... Have a good listen and as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
Did you know the more strangers you have in your business, the more successful you may be in your business? Let that sink in deep... When I first got started in business, all I did was to engage my friends, family, acquaintances to support me and buy my stuff because I thought that was the best way to make money in business To my surprise, they didn't give a crap of what I was selling.  It felt as if I sacked all my friends away from me for starting a business. It was tough! But I was so determined to find answers to why I was struggling. Then I had one life-altering aha-moment which changed everything for me. I least expected it to be the reason I was struggling. In this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast, I discuss what you should do when you start your business and how you should relate with friends, family and strangers so you can maximize profits and make your experience worthwile As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!!!
A Decade In A Day

A Decade In A Day


Finally, the 10,000-hour rule can be cheated on Think Messi, Ronaldo, Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan and other greats you've heard of What do they have in common? Malcolm Gladwell in his best-selling book, Outliers explained that, it takes 10,000-hours worth of practice in a craft to become an expert Now, if you were to practice on your craft for 2.5 hours every single day for 10 years, you would've hit the 10,000-hour rule. The big question is, "Sam, do I need 10years of practicing to earn that expertise title in what I do?" Maybe... What if I told you that you can shrink a decade worth of practice into a day's work, would it interest you? On this week's episode, I dive deep into how to do this so you can earn the expertise status you've been wanting to have for a long time.  Download now, and listen while you're on break from work or on your way home. Just go to
Make More, Give More!

Make More, Give More!


"She sent me $2000 three weeks after I had gave over GHS 500 away to people who needed it the most..." We all have heard the quote before, "the more you give, the more you get..." It sounds so cliche that, it has lost its power and magnitude. But what if I tell you that the secret to the world richest men and women on planet is that, they are huge givers? Think Bill Gates (Billions of dollars expended on humanitarian purposes) Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Ma, Tony Robbins and the list goes on and on... They deploy the same strategy in their business, relationship and their day-to-day activities. They know it works! A completely random woman I didn't know personally gave me $2000 worth of contract to work with her 3 weeks after I and my partner (at the time) decided to give our hearts out to those who needed it the most couple months ago. We organized a boot-camp which cost us quite a bit of money and the rewards were simply amazing. I thought I had the return on investment from the fulfillment of impacting in those lives. But NO!  In this week's episode, I share the concept of "Make More, Give More" on the Arisen Podcast in the hopes of revealing what these money-siphoning gurus you know today are doing ethically to attract money to their wallet and purses and how to do same starting from today As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
What do the 1% high-achievers do differently that causes them to be uber-successful in their projects than the rest of the 99%? If you're someone who's trying to be Arisen, you've probably faced this problem of procrastination and it's driving you crazy, right? If you haven't had this problem yet, then you're not yet Arisen We all procrastinate something in our lives and I kept asking myself how successful people send procrastination to hell... Then I saw a video of one of my mentors, Dave Meltzer who explained as graphic he posted on how he effectively plans out his projects and gets things done.  In this week's episode, I share exactly how to avoid procrastination for good and get your goals faster.  As always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
Many at times as startups and entrepreneurs, the reason we start the ventures we endeavor in is because we think we have the answers or solutions to problem. That’s why we take the risk! So we take up the task and push through to a point only to realize, we’re stuck. Stuck in trying to take things to the next level. I learned this the hard way and on this week’s episode on the Arisen Podcast, I share how to unstuck yourself as an entrepreneur so you can impact and change more lives! Listen here:
This is a question most people don't ask themselves because they don't see it possible.  But if you've been listening to the Arisen Podcast for a while, you've probably heard me saying, "Questions invite Revelations" and so the more you ask questions, the more likely you're going to find the answer This week, I ask myself this question and I tried to answer it in less than 10mins what I'd do Let me know what you'll do. As always, don't forget to stay Arisen! P.S.: If you want to join me as I share into details how you can also make GHS 5000 before the end of the year, then head over to
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