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Hyde Pod Corner Podcast, Comedy, Music and Chat

Author: Mat Hyde

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Comedy, sketches, music and chat from London about whatever I like. Sometimes themed, sometimes not. Always entertaining.
61 Episodes
London' favourite imaginary news magazine show is back with all the usual nonsense news and comedy features. Reports on goats, biology of athletes, a new religion, emergency services, a new public holiday and Passive Aggressive Boxing. Adverts for recycling and a new martial art. A  bit of chat about a couple of gigs, a couple of one noise movie reviews and a chat about dachshunds. music from London Sewage Company - Palm Trees in Peckham Effra Social - Dim Sum Whiskey Moon Face - Dirty Fingernails Apologies, I Have None - Concrete Feet Monkey Warhol - Mama's All Business (under CC license)
A time for a few chores and a trip to the shop. Adverts for curry, a virtual experience and a PPI call. Music by Small Dinosaurs - Laundry The Astronauts - Getting Things Done (on LaVidaEsUnMus) Tex Napalm and Dimi Dero - Temptation (on Spooky Records) Absent Minded Professors - Flushed Popes of Chillitown - OPOOM
Catching up on four years of news since the last podcast. Plus adverts for a new watch, chips and a financial service. A bit of chat too, that literally rocks.   Music by The Minor Leagues – Good Boys Top Buzzer – Wake Up Call Cling – Walk On Thin Ice WASI – Superhero Emergency Bitter – Sometimes  
A Halloween trip looking at how horror movie titles might not be scary. A new horror movie and a horror risk assessment. Plus a bit of chat about stuff including Netfix. Music from Mevio Gregg Annussek - In The MovieHeavenly - Dig Your Own GraveAgnostic-Phibes Rhythm and Blood Conspiracy - Franz Wolfman Pendulum - The Toasters  
A quick Halloween look at Vampires, Werewolves and Frankenstein, with a touch of zombie chat thrown in for good measure. Music from Mevio The Eisenhowers - Mr and Mrs Frankenstein Aloud - Sometimes I Feel Like A Vampire Rusty Springfield - Werewolf Jambalaya Brass Band - Voodoo Queen
A light hearted look at a few national anthems, taking them apart and looking at what they say about their country. Also adverts for free power and knowledge. Music from DreadDaze - Running Around the Worldmydols - Roller Derby Queen E. Grizzly - Anthem to the entrepenuer Bill Grogans Goat - South Australia 835 - FRENCH TOUCH Johnny Socko - Spa with clips of O Canada - Danny Fong, Brodie Cuff, David Thiessen, Andrew Kesler The Star Spangled Banner - Bree Noble Please sponsor Robert Payne's 100 sparring rounds in support of UK Cancer Research. Click here.
Back after a two year break! That's two Xmas's and two Halloween's to catch up on. Find out how to really stop zombies, a George Washington Xmas, Horror choreography and a Pagan Xmas sitcom. That and a good load of chat (it's been ages!)Some of the music musicalley.comEmergency Bitter - Wake UpZombie Met Girl - Basement New Party PsychosisMind Map That - please don't wish me a merry ChristmasIzzie Voodoo – KillersJuan Oskar - Cumbia de Tannenbaum/O Xmas TreeWe Grow Beards - Conchies Erica Nockalls – It's Killer, Darling
Podcaster Mat Hyde has gone missing, so Cecil Sasqbwatch hires the greatest detectives to find him again. Where has he gone? Why have there been no podcasts? A mystery to be solved. Plus some chat about this and that. Music from The Crash Moderns - Where Did All The Scene Girls Go ( Mome Raths - I get lostMark Christopher  - SearchingCircus Envy - Going NowhereThe Sharmills - Dreamy EscapadesBlues in the Bardo - Lost Ghost JC Cassis - Everybody's Crazy in New York 3 Blind Mice - Jack & Billy
More tips for getting around the capital, with a strong sense of sarcasm, skepticism and a certain amount of pluck and gumption. This time I look art buses, boats, the DLR and whatever else grabs my fancy. Also adverts for a great guide book, a chauffeur opportunity, get to work for a sandwich, and Travel Buddy!Music from Mevio's Musicalley.comTris McCall - The Night Bus Charlie Hartwell - What Happens of the Bus, Stays on the Bus     Cybster DJ - Tube     KunK - Public Image LtdBrassneck - Too Much, Too Drunk    
The Hyde Pod's top tips for getting around the capital, with thoughts about coffee, picking seats on a train, the rules of escalators, and upping you chances of getting a seat on a tube. Also adverts for hybrid cars, a quicker way to commute, a new home and getting more room when you travel. music from mevio's East Of Ealing - Last train to Dublin Colie Brice - Guided by Voices Monkeyshine - Ride the Crazy Train Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy Emergency Bitter - Sold My Soul (demo)
Looking at the little things that brighten your day for a moment or two, including a pelican crossing, coffee and the Blur barrier. Also adverts for running mash ups and a new phone. music from Los Campesinos - My Year in Lists Pocketful Of Camels - Eyes Wide Open adrienne pierce - One Perfect Day Blaggards  - Irish Rover The Naked Strangers - Throw It All Away Now Unsung National Heroes - What Neil and Sarah Said
Hyde Pod Xmas 5

Hyde Pod Xmas 5


A last minute Xmas rush. A shop for a festive computer game and a look at what's on the tree, plus plenty of chat about Winter Wonderland, snow and Tron from music.mevio.comModern Science - Funky XmasGidgets Ga-Ga - Christmas WishLee Harris and Country Sunshine - Are You Ready for Christmas?The Rev Jimmie Bratcher  - Man Its ChristmasMunk - Just Stockings On with a little of A Fistful of We Three Kings by The High Balls
A cavalcade of facts and unfacts about the man who IS... Steven Seagal. Even a bit of chat about nothing in particualr. Music from Elvis - These New Puritans Im in Love with a Navajo Boy - Lunar DriveHow's It Gonna End - Tom WaitsCoz I'm Kahsay - KahsayStab City - As Tall As Lions PLUS back ground music from Aardvark
Halloween again and I'm throwing a few fact based fears your way, along with some top tunes, a couple of which are really long. Some chat as well about hellish art and Tron Legacy. Music from Dislocated Boner - That Bomb Lauren O'Brien - Rose's Body Tiny Little Blackouts - Wrecking Ball DubNarcoticSoundSystem/JohnSpencerBlues Explosion - Banana Version Graveyard Train - Run Billy Run   plus advert music by 2006 Pl@stic Soul
Let's calibrate and check out a few things that are a lot better, or a lot worse than they sound like they should be. I check out mail order toys, travel a bit, eat this and that and let you know about a few movies. There's even a bit of chat about the Steig Larsson books. music from ShitDisco - OK Brunswick - My Name is Disaster Chachi on Acid - the entire pink floyd discography in alphabetical order in 13.2 seconds metric time TAHIGO - a l'obre des palmiers All Mighty Whispers - Sun in our Eyes Jesushairdo - Issai Gassai + Hakushu Kassai
After being blown off course my podcast wakes up in the 21st Century! I learn about life in this new age! Plus plenty of chat including reviews of Predators, The Last Airbender and from Friendly Fires - ParisMunroe (formerly Urban Spacelab) - Nightmare BoyColtrane Motion - Supersexy '67Science Groove - Hooray for NMR spectroscopy! Rilo Kiley - Science vs Romance
Democracy by phone vote. The nation decides it's own laws without the need of government. A skewed view on politics from the Hyde Pod. A bit of chat which includes a review of Iron Man 2. Music from Buck Brothers - Which me do you like? British Sea Power - Waving Flags los campesinos - and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison cribs - mens needs, womens needs, whatever Monkeeman - Am i not a bit like you After Touch - She Doesn't Know What She Wants Chris Murray - One Everything
Concentrating on tasty food covering how to cook, celebrity chefs, likes and dislikes, the language of food and uninvited food with adverts to enhance your flavour, get more veg and even a scientific approach to eating. Extended chat/rant about Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Music from xtt - CookieMonster Funkspiel - Dead Bunnies The Alice Project - BIG FISH 4 and 20 blackbirds - Song of Sixpence Brooklyn Poodles - Raisins Catgut - A girl in a pub  
Which actors do we need to defend the earth? Teaming up with my friend Rav to select a team of movie stars with a pedigree in saving the world. We go disaster by disaster to hand pick our perfect defense team.Music from and Pola NegriThe Aggrolites - Mister MiseryInvisigoth - A Beautiful DisasterMatchbook Romance  - You Can Run, But We' ll Find YouLPG - FirePola Negri - The Planets   Feeding
Talking on subjects without the benefit of knowledge. An uneducated ramble about cars, make up and sport. There's even an advert for wigs. Chat includes a bit about the Dr Who Xmas specials and a little movie moan.   Music from and the Minor Leagues   Lokata - I dont believe there's snow in London Minor Leagues - Until then Make Up - Born on the Floor Caribou - Sandy Cellophane Rain - Orchid   Feeding
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