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Outsource Acelerator Podcast, hosted by Derek Gallimore, explores business and outsourcing mastery. Inside-knowledge from the outsourcing capital of the world - Manila, Philippines.
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OA 206: Glen Dimandaal - Inception of GDI SEO Company
Glen Dimandaal, CEO of GDI SEO Company, rejoins Derek to deep dive into the services his company offers in the outsourcing market.Glen has been doing SEO since 2008 and was working with Fortune 500 companies before leaving the corporate world in 2015 to focus on GDI.SummaryGlen reiterates that the cornerstone of a strong clientele in the BPO business is always relationships. The best clients they have, the lasting relationships are driven by referrals from existing clients.With access to the Internet, the quality of self-training and self-learning has leveled up as more and more world class educational materials and training videos are available even for free. The best SEO provider, web developer, graphics designer, and other relevant skills are no longer confined in the West or in one part of the globe.The SEO and link building business is highly relevant in this Internet age as target customers Google with keywords. GDI offers SEO services to help companies appear on top of Google searches and create online leads or win new customers.Some of the top SEO agencies in the US, Hongkong, and Singapore outsource to GDI in the Philippines at a much lower cost. The Philippines have such a pool of talent with incredible technical knowledge and skills. It's just a matter of doing due diligence in choosing the most competent practitioners.In the next 10 to 20 years, online search will evolve into more of voice search and mobile search as more people are on the go, as it is already happening today. Countries, which continue to scale up in knowledge and technical skills, and which are more flexible to price changes will likely have the better edge.Key Notes Good relationship with clients wins more referral business.Access to online education and training empowers self-study and self-training to level up competence.As more people are always on the online search will be more of voice and mobile search.
OA 204: Jon Kaplan - Future Prospect of the BPO Industry
Jon Kaplan, President and CEO of TeleDevelopment, and co-founder of rejoins Derek for another insightful discussion about the future prospect of the BPO industry.Jon considers himself as one of the pillars of the BPO industry with his more than 25 years of experience working with big industry players.SummaryAccording to Jon, big companies don't start out big. SMEs with the right vision, right talent, right management team, and support services have potential growth opportunities.The US market has about 3.3 million people employed in the BPO space while the Philippines has 1.3 million in a short period of time. This number is expected to grow in the years ahead.Jon's company offer consulting services including options to market entry, HR support services including the executive search for three critical positions, country leader, HR Director, and Finance Director. They take advantage of assessment tools to hire the right people with the right skills.The BPO growth is swinging towards the boutique, SME market, and specialized service offerings. These small businesses likely start with 10 seats, growing to 50, then maxing out to 100 or more seats.There is a good chance of continued growth in the BPO industry for as long as there is strong positive customer experience, and the user experience is good. Outsourcing providers must not cut corners for the sake of earning quick profit to build the foundation of a lasting business relationship of a captive market.Key NotesMost big players started small and so there is that great potential for SMEs to grow big. Service providers must be mindful of building a strong positive relationship by making sure that clients’ expectations are delivered, and the experience is worth the business.Cutting corners to profit will kill the business, there is no shortcut to a captive market.
OA 203 : Barbara Turley - Inception of The Virtual Hub
Derek's new guest is Barbara Turley, CEO and founder of The Virtual Hub, a company that provides solutions for businesses looking to get help implementing their social media, digital marketing and business automation strategies through the help of virtual assistants.Barbara spent 15 years working big corporates mainly in investment banking and finance before the founding of The Virtual Hub.SummaryBarbara has always wanted to build her own company and got the chance to learn about how scalable business is during the financial crisis. She did business coaching for small business when she left the corporate world and realized that most businesses needed virtual assistants to allow owners entrepreneurial freedom and level up.She ended up recruiting for more virtual assistants from the Philippines and starting up The Virtual Hub, which is now growing to over a hundred virtual assistants helping clients’ scale up in their business through digital marketing, and business automation strategies.Easy wins come with recruiting, training, and managing the right people.  All potential virtual assistants are tested for good fit through an intensive training programs for as long as eight weeks before they are shown to prospective clients.Another success key is the amount of client involvement in the onboarding process particularly in the first six weeks of the engagement. Helpdesk, team leaders, and success coaches are there to get client feedback and to fix issues early enough.The major issue is the expectation of the client on the deliverables from the virtual assistant as they are not "do it all" VA. It is important to educate the client and be clear on their expectation and be very delineated on the scope of VA's role in the engagement.Key Notes BPO or outsourcing providers maybe successful in specializing in niche markets, through the role of virtual assistants.Easy two-way wins come with recruiting, training, and managing the right people who can competitively deliver specific roles in the niche.Expectations on deliverables must be clearly defined at the very beginning of the engagement and feedback mechanism must also be built-in to fix issues as they come up.
OA 202: Michelle Bubke - Outsourcing as a Solution for Talent Shortages
Second-time guest, Michelle Bubke, Chief Operating Officer of Outsourcing Intelligence, to share best practices in small to medium outsourcing providers.Outsource Intelligence started its first operation in the Philippines in 2006 where she finds talents initially for her debt collection business in Australia. SummaryMichelle has over 12 years of professional and corporate experience in the outsourcing industry. She found the talent pool in the Philippines as the answer to Australia's scarcity of human capital as more businesses are struggling to hire the right candidate or employee.She realized that there are a lot of nuances in the BPO client and provider relationship particularly in 'hand holding' with the client to help them achieve long-term business goals. The engagement is not just a matter of setting and offshore team but it's managing the client expectation, setting the KPIs, aligning internal processes, and a lot of other involvement for client's benefit.It is important to understand what the client is really looking for as the end goal in the relationship to determine if the BPO provider has the capacity to achieve that end goal for the client. Offshore Intelligence calibrates potential clients to qualify for a good fit and to check if a partnership will work out.The quick win that they provide their client is the talent that they get to hire, they get to train and to oversee for the client company. Roles are filled up in the shortest possible time.For a successful relationship with clients, Michelle shares that providers must have a comprehensive understanding of the client's business especially for those clients that are looking for support in realizing long-term goals. Key Notes BPO providers may choose to serve clients who are looking for partners to strategically help in achieving either short-term or long-term goals, or both. It is important for both BPO provider and client company to really communicate effectively so as to determine goal alignment and good fit.A simple BPO pricing model maybe based on a graduated management fee on top of employee’s salary.
OA 201: Jon Kaplan - Providing Effective Outsourcing Services
Derek's guest is Jon Kaplan, the CEO and President of TeleDevelopment, which is a pioneering full-service BPO solutions company.For over 25 years, TeleDevelopment provides effective outsourcing services, custom-built call center solutions and human capital support both locally and internationally. SummaryJon considers himself as one of the front leaders of the BPO industry with his more than 25 years of work within the industry, which as old or even older than the BPO industry in the Philippines. He started his own service agency which is a boutique call center serving the automotive industry. He sold that company and started TeleDevelopment 28 years ago, in 1990.He projects that there will be a significant change in outsourcing services, back-office, non-voice, finance, healthcare, and ecommerce with advances in automation and digitalization as many of these functions will become self-fulfilling.High level automation and robotics will likely threaten transactional type of outsourcing activities. Service providers need to scale up particularly the small BPO. They may start looking for niche type opportunities where they can build up dominance and specialty.The whole aspect of 3D printing, 4D technologies will become prominent in the next ten years. The Western clients will demand for higher scale and more sophisticated services. This scaling up maybe exciting for the big players with higher capacity to scale up but maybe scary for the small providers.More and more things will become outsourced and market like the Philippines may be able to provide a lot of key operational support, but multinational organizations will continue to seek headquartered presence in dominant markets. Key Notes In the coming ten years and up, automation and high-level digitalization will significantly change the profile of the BPO industry.The small BPO may build dominance and specialty in niche markets.There will be more and more outsourcing demand and markets like the Philippines may be able to provide more and more operational support services.
OA 200: Glen Dimaandal - Outsourcing Insight from a SEO Expert
Glen Dimandaal joins Derek to share his expertise in SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and its relevance in the outsourcing industry.He is the founder and CEO of GDI SEO Company, and SEO provider and search marketing agency that offers world-class digital marketing services to both local and international clients. SummaryGlen has been working in the SEO industry for over ten years now.  He has worked a few years in the US mostly with Fortune 500 companies, the latest of which before he returned to the Philippines, was with Emerson Electric.GDI currently takes care of 60 websites for about 20 clients, of which 70% are either US or UK clients, and 30% are Asian countries including the Philippines. According to Glen the companies including SMEs in local market and in the Asia Pacific region is replicating the US trajectory in terms of owning a website or establishing digital presence.According to Glen there's an opportunity in Asian markets like the Philippines for free website building and website services for small business owners who tend to be hesitant to put up funds for digital presence. Instead of asking for fees, providers of free web and SEO services earn commissions from sales generated through the website. He likens the role of the SEO specialist to that of a lawyer who makes and wins the case in court. The SEO specialist creates strategies that will bring the organization's digital presence or website on the first page of Google search and be highly visible to prospective customers and clients.According to Glen there are SEO agencies in the Philippines which provide high quality SEO services at half the price of some US agencies as what he had seen while he was still working in the US. These SEO agencies also excel in terms of highly effective communication and relationship channels. Key Notes Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is one field of specialization that can offer to clients or businesses with digital presence. Effective communication is important for a strong working relationship with clients and for a successful SEO service engagement.The internet is crowded with millions of websites and it is the role of the SEO specialist to keep the company’s website on the first page or on top of Google
OA 199: Raffy Macapagal - Inception of Ascentology Group
Raffy Macapagal, CEO and President founder of Ascentology Group revisits Derek for another in depth discussion into Raffy's founding of a 100% Filipino owned and a 100% Filipino operated boutique BPO. Ascentology Group comprises of Ascentology, the BPO arm, AscenTPRO, the recruitment outsourcing company. Ascentology was born in 2014, followed by the launching of AscenTPRO in 2016. SummaryRaffy and his team wanted to show that the Filipino is capable of world-class leadership, gained from a combined experience of more than a decade of management experience in the big BPO industry players. Their main objective is to establish a boutique type BPO that caters to specific needs primarily of small-to-medium enterprises, serving as a conduit for the growth potential of small companies. Anywhere in the globe.He pointed out that the Philippines is a fertile ground for outsource providers because of the cultural alignment and adaptation to the Western educational system.  Many Filipinos speak English as if it's their mother tongue.Raffy believed that there is still a huge opportunity for BPO providers in the Philippines in the health care segment projecting the market to grow ten times more than the present statistics. This is an opportunity for the Filipino professionals in the medical and para medical field like nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.He has observed that there is a growing demand for specialized professional and consultancy type of services. Their recruitment company served as a point of contact and provide globally competent, highly skilled or highly- technical human capital for SMEs anywhere in the globe.Flexibility allows their BPO company to offer best options and customized outsourcing models to their SME clients wherein clients can avail of big company experience and management track record at the most affordable cost while earning a reasonable profit from the engagement.Key NotesA strong industry exposure and high-level industry management experience is one critical success factor for any BPO start-up.Small BPO companies may succeed by customizing service models and specializing on specific SME outsourcing needs.Small BPO’s can be readily flexible in their services and in formulating win-win engagements with small companies anywhere in the
OA 198: Ricky Shetty - A traveler and a Digital Nomad
Ricky Shetty, who is best known for his blog,, shares his nomad life, travel, and outsourcing experience with host Derek Gallimore.Ricky is an avid family traveler, bringing along his wife and three kids, they have traveled major continents including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America, and Asia while sharing his travel experience in his website.SummaryRicky was born and raised in Vancouver BC, eventually getting married to a Filipina, and now has three wonderful kids. As a family, they travel the world as digital nomads, getting sponsorship and income streams from hotels, resorts, and travel companies. Ricky shares that their travel adventures have opened their eyes to a better understanding of other cultures, expanded their horizons to more online businesses while enjoying more time together with his wife and children.The digital nomad life as a family is becoming a global trend, enjoying the perks of tourism as a family, while earning dollars from working online, with just a laptop and access to the internet, from anywhere in the globe.Ricky looks at outsourcing as human beings from one side of the globe, paying other human beings in a destination country who will deliver a comparative quality of work at a lower price. He is presently operating his own outsourcing company from Venezuela.There's an incredible power in outsourcing as it allows distribution of wealth from the rich countries of the West to the other developing countries. Believing the world economy will change with the power of outsourcing.Ricky believes that the Philippines with its rich natural resources and hospitable people can be the home for any nomad, not only for tourism, but as a place to do offshore business, or as an outsourcing service provider.Key NotesThere is a growing trend in the digital nomad lifestyle as an individual or a family, allowing online productivity and income streams from any tourism destination, with just a laptop and access to the internet.The incredible power of outsourcing benefits individuals or families who are shifting to a nomadic way of life.Outsourcing allows redistribution of wealth and human talents to benefit both client and service providers around the
OA 197: Michelle Bubke - Inception of Offshore Intelligence
SHOW NOTESMichelle Bubke, Chief Operating Officer for Outsourcing Intelligence operation in the Philippines, joins Derek and shares her journey into the offshoring industry.Michelle founded a start-up of her own, an independently operated debt collection agency. She struggled in looking for talents to join her growing business, with no better options left, she ventured into offshoring. SummaryFor the scarcity of human capital, Michelle visited India and the Philippines to conduct her due diligence, and the potential of setting up an offshore office for her debt collection agency in Brisbane. She ended up with a shop in Eastwood City, Philippines with her first five agents, and is now growing her own empireAt first Michelle thought that outsourcing in the Philippines is only suited for the big industry players. She's proven herself wrong and discovered many more reasons for doing business in the Philippines like the cultural alignment, English comunication skills with the clean accent, and a pool of trainable talents.Offshore Intelligence offers boutique model of outsourcing services particularly for offshore recruitment companies experiencing scarcity of the human capital by matching talent with the company's requirements and seeing to it that the clients understand what the talents need in order for the relationship to succeed.The biggest barrier for small players, and SMEs is the fear of the unknown and misconceptions of the industry.  Offshore Intelligence encourages potential clients to dip their toe in the industry and get rid of their fears because they are there to hold their client's hands as they build their offshore team and set that up to succeed.Michelle testifies that the issues that beset the outsourcing industry ten or more years in the making are now things of the past as big industry players are investing on modern solutions, education, technology and infrastructure to support their own growth and the industry in which they operate.Key Notes Offshoring or outsourcing offers solution to the scarcity of human capital on one side of the globe, and the scarcity of employment on the other side. It is the place where the demand matches with the supply.It is the fear of the unknown, the perceived industry risk, and misconceptions that deter companies particularly SMEs to deep their toe into the BPO world, so it is important that providers keep holding these hands for as long as required. Over the years, the outsourcing industry has matured tremendously and the successful journeys of companies in the outsourcing
OA 196:  Jas Anand - Asiatel Outsourcing Services and Benefits
Derek welcomes to the show, Jas Anand, Vice-President and Director of Asiatel Outsourcing.Jas has been with Asiatel for the last five years and has been living in Manila, Philippines, all these years. Jas comes from India and used to work in the banking industry before joining the BPO industry. SummaryJas impression on the Philippines outsourcing industry is that the country has established itself as a leader for the voice segment while India has a better software development skills.According to Jas, customer service is very natural to Filipino, and this is one of the values that stand out, excellent customer service. The arts, culture, and design talents are very vibrant as well.Asiatel is a solutions company and help the client in setting up an offshore team in the Philippines where there is efficiency in talent and resources, plus diversity. They offer three products like total outsourcing package, managed operations, and set-leasing or co-working spaces.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being determined to check the performance and relevance to the client of the outsourcing engagement.  The KPIs are adhered at the pilot phase of six months, after which the engagement may expand to higher operational objectives that will bring added value to the business.Jas observed that the outsourcing business model has shifted from the primary model of total outsourcing where there is more delegation of control, to managed operations model, where there less control and more participation by the client. This somehow transforms the BPO into a true back office, offshore office for the client, not just an outsourcing company.Key NotesOver the years, the BPO industry is evolving and providers remain competitive by securing leadership in specific core competencies which maybe voice, non-voice, or a combination of both.From the primary model of total outsourcing engagements where there is more control in operations, there is an observed trend for the managed operations model and more participation of he client in the operations.With more participation of the client, and as engagement activities expand, the outsourcing company somehow becomes the back office, or offshore office for the
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