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First Christian Community Church of Annapolis

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Listen to weekly messages from Dr. Karen V. Johnson and other pastors and ministers at First Christian Community Church of Annapolis. Support this podcast:
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A Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation


A Firm Foundation--- Support this podcast:
Dr. K shares some words of wisdom and life lessons that she learned from her father during our Father's Day Celebration.--- Support this podcast:
Our challenge as believers is to see beyond the physical realm and to understand there is a spiritual force behind every issue we may face. But rest assure, God will go before every believer. And the power of God is greater than any entity of evil. --- Support this podcast:
Suffering - an experience we have all dealt with, but one we do not like to address. In this sermon, Dr. K preaches on the practice of suffering while staying mindful of God's providence and guidance for our lives.--- Support this podcast:
Are you a whole lot of mouth and no action? This message brings a charge to all listeners to back up their talk.--- Support this podcast:
Have you ever been stuck in a situation? Where you want to be free but you don’t know how to get free? The enemy has a way of clouding our minds with thoughts and issues and it can weigh us down. Jesus wants us to clear the clutter! He wants to set order in our lives and give us peace and clarity. --- Support this podcast:
Pastor Queen shares some humorous anecdotes and words of wisdom passed down by many mother figures in life.--- Support this podcast:
Pastor Darrell Williams delivers the Word on Sunday, May 5, 2019. --- Support this podcast:
Min. Janine McCall preaches on the necessity to know one’s value and self worth, but to avoid arrogance in our gifting.--- Support this podcast:
Peter and Judas both let Jesus down. One denied him and the other betrayed him. Both were deeply sorry for their actions, but how their grief was resolved was vastly different.--- Support this podcast:
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