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Life is an art. Why not make it your masterpiece? That's exactly what the Simply Celeste Podcast is about. The Simply Celeste Podcast will be on personal growth, lifestyle design, entrepreneurship , business, mental health and all topics having to do with enhancing your life to create your best self, and dream life.
27 Episodes
On today's episode of the Simply Celeste Podcast Celina interviews van liver Jordan Tomasone about why it's important to take risks in life. Jordan is a full-time Van Lifer who is on a mission to help men connect with thier emotions. This connection builds abundance in men's social circles and also attracts high level females!Jordan is also hosting a free class on November 7th on how to become a vanlifer! So if you have ever thought about van life or tiny house living, he would love it if you you can message him on Facebook or Instagram!Links:Instagram: @jordtomasoneYouTube:
In this episode of Simply Celeste Podcast, Celina Celeste interviews Adam Marquardt, and talking about why taking risks and getting uncomfortable could really benefit you in life. Adam Marquardt is a business coach for coaches who want to do less and make more. He is bringing the expertise he has acquired from over a decade as an entrepreneur to help coaches increase their impact. For more about Adam and what he's doing check out his social handlesInstagram: @adamuncutPodcast:
In this episode host Celina Celeste talks about the dangers of letting others tell you how to live your life and how to take back control and do things on your own terms.
On this episode of Simply Celeste podcast host Celina Celeste and guest Ash Cotter go deep into the topic of spirituality.Ash Cotter is a growing prodigy in the online space, sharing a unique vision, inspiring story and a natural gift.Ash is rated by some as one of the most influential names in UK personal development right now. His Debut book and life story captured the attention of Multiple new York times best selling Author Jack Canfield known as the worlds number 1 success coachAsh has built a reputation as a thought leader. Motivational speaker, Pioneering thinker, philosopher, establishing himself as a leader amongst the online conscious communities he is responsible for creating and approving content for almost 200,000 group followers.Having overcome the challenges of Autism, Depression, Anxiety, learning difficulties, 3 Addictions and even beating the odds in life itself Ash has been able to prevail in life, showing many others mind blowing truths of life and ways to create empowerment.
In this episode Celina Celeste talks about why you need to stop playing small in life and how through doing that you actually achieve your goals and dreams!
Luke Scott is an International Speaker, Television Host and Spiritual Mentor. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, drugs and violence were a normal part of Luke’s home and family life. Luke never fitted into this environment and knew he was destined for much greater things. From a young age, Luke was fascinated with business, sales and psychology and has had many business ventures which taught him some essential do's and don’ts. Luke spent 6 years working for a FTSE 100 company learning the secrets of how the world’s most successful companies and people operate. After having a deep awakening experience, Luke began an intense journey to discover who he truly is and what he truly wants. Luke now travels the world sharing these secrets from stage so that others can achieve true success and happiness without having to spend 10 years learning these things themselves. Luke’s main values are Freedom and Growth, ͞We can have everything in this life that we desire, but first we have to find out Who We Truly Are and What we truly want. Become a Superior Lover Links Connect with me on Facebook for videos and details of my events: for my website: www.lukescottofficial.comSee my TV Show at: www.standoutonline.tvWant more clarity on your True Life Purpose? Get his 'How to Find Your Purpose in 7 Days' program at:
In today's episode host Celina Celeste interviews Luke Briggs. Luke Briggs is the owner of Luke Briggs Fitness, LLC, and helps folks get more energy and strength to be able to do the activities they love. Between in-person and online coaching, he's helped hundreds of people look, feel and perform better. Luke has been featured in media outlets such as Muscle and Strength and Yahoo! Sports.Check out more of what Luke is doing
In this episode, Celina Celeste talks to Crystal Robertson. If Crystal knew doing yoga and be healthy was an amazing way of living she would have done it sooner. 2016 Crystal started her yoga journey, dove right into teacher training and is now teaching local classes in Colorado and teaching internationally as well. Starting yoga was just the beginning. Yoga led her to nutritional cleansing and healing her body on a whole new level. Finding freedom in her body lead her to helping others find this same freedom and took a leap of fate to dedicate to her self to this path full time. As scary as the leap was, she jumped straight into alignment and is helping spread awareness of toxicity and self care through the Bartender's Guild and other small gyms and organizations.Find out more about what Crystal is doing: on Instagram@mountainshaman on Twitter
In today's episode Celina Celeste interviews Dr. Jack Allen about the human brain and success. Jack Allen is the Founder of Dynamic Coaching in Austin, and the author of Mindset for Success. He focuses on developing the mindset and soft skills that lead to success in all areas of life. Not just financial success, but relationships, health, career, even spirituality. He has built 11 successful organizations, and coached over 750 clients.He knows the mindset, ethics, motivational tactics, neuroscience, and practical skills necessary to find successful, abundant living. Jack is Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics at Concordia University Texas, and trains examiners for the Ethics in Business and Community Award. His Ph.D. is in Ethics and Managerial Psychology with emphases in cultural reconciliation and economics. Check out more on Dr. Jack Allen at:
In today's episode Celina Celeste interviews Boyd Barlow. Boyd has owned several business, including construction, and recycling and has currently been a biohacker for a year. This guest discovered biohacking through a mutual friend and was instantly intrigued, and after biohacking his own body for several months, it became a passion. He has expanded his reach of biohacking, to help other people discover this amazing effects of the science.
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