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The Great Western Woods: Worldbuilding Podcast

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Worldbuilding from scratch for writers, gamers, and anyone interested in creating their own fictional world.
34 Episodes
In today's episode, Angeline is joined by Emma Kalson, owner of independent British press, Escaped Ink. We chat about our joint love of short fiction, the useful lessons that writers can learn from it, and the ways that it is becoming more relevant in today's world. Emma chats about her health, her passion for giving a platform to new writers, and announces some exciting upcoming projects.
On today's episode, we talk all things weather and climate, indulging the ultimate British stereotype! Find out how we use the weather in our own writing and get tips on incorporating it into your worlds.
In a break from our usual format, we're bringing you something totally different. Listen to Angeline performing her gothic horror poem, The Black Rope. A Halloween treat!
On the final approach to NaNoWriMo, we chat about the projects we'll be working on through November. We talk plotting, discovery writing, and everything in between. We break down our own writing processes, talk drafts, and abandoned stories, and we totally disagree on this week's would-you-rather question.
Angeline explains how to get your dialogue working hard for you and your story. She shares her top tips for writing believable and useful dialogue. And then, she tackles those pesky speech tags, and those even peskier adverbs.
In honour of Mental Health Month and World Mental Health Day, we open up about our own mental health struggles, and how writing has helped us. We also discuss writing characters with mental health issues, as well as paranormal abilities, and how to encompass them into your worldbuilding.
In today's episode, Holly talks about the creation of her writing sandbox; creating the history, mythology and cultures of her dark, urban fantasy world in which all of her books to date are set.
Happy International Podcast Day! We’re celebrating with an episode about all the great things we’ve learnt, and a tribute to all the great podcasts we listen to. Hear about how the lessons we’ve learnt via podcasts, online courses, and from our peers have transformed our mindsets, our writing, and our businesses. Angeline reveals her big epiphany moment, and Holly shares her gratitude for the online course through which we met. We also get stumped by the moral dilemma of our ‘would you rather’ question.
Today it's time for Angeline's first solo episode, and I'm talking about building your author platform. It's not just a simple case of getting yourself online, and I discuss all the issues around tackling imposter syndrome, and mindset, as well as delving into what you should be doing to build your platform. Hear about how I got started, and how, and when, you should get started too. Packed full of tips and advice, this is essential listening no matter where you are in your author journey.
In today's episode, we're going back to school, and talking about building education and learning into your world. We discuss the different things you need to think about; from how education fits into your wider world, to the different kinds of education you could include. We chat about tropes, and the problems that can arise, as well as how to overcome them. Hear about our favourite and least favourite school subjects, and a teacher's criticism that Angeline lost no sleep over!
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