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Indie authors Angeline Trevena, Holly Lyne and Julia Scott discuss their adventures in self publishing and writer life. Episodes every Monday, juggled around their limited child-free time.
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In this week's episode, Holly and Angeline discuss ways to increase efficiency in your author business, identifying burnout, and ways to take care of your physical and mental health. Find the full show notes at
In this episode, Holly interviews "the Kobo guy", Mark Leslie Lefebvre. Mark talks about his author journey, his background working for Kobo and Draft2Digital, his non-fiction books, including Wide for the Win. He talks about changing his plans when one subject expands to be more than a single chapter. He also goes into detail about re-branding his fiction, getting indie books into bookstores and libraries, and the importance of having a strong author brand - skulls and dad jokes, for instance! Read our full show notes at
Today, Angeline interviews Holly about her new book, Goal Setting for Writers. They talk about Holly's history with planning and organisation; how her planning fits in with being a discovery writer; and, of course, bullet journaling. See the full show notes and links to resources at
In this episode, Holly interviews Angeline about her new non-fiction book, From Sanctity to Sorcery: An Author's guide to building belief structures and magic systems. Angeline shares some of the juiciest tips for integrating magic and religion into your books; talks about her own spiritual journey; and shares some ideas for ways to approach different aspects of this incredibly diverse and exciting aspect of world-building.
Today, Holly talks with mystery author, Samantha Goodwin. They discuss what it takes to write a compelling crime story, the importance of networking, plus ways that Samantha supports the indie author community. Our question of the week: Where did you get your love of stories? Let us know in our Facebook group, on Instagram, or email us at
In this week's episode, Holly and Angeline are talking book releases, offering up their top tips, and admitting their biggest mistakes. With advice about identifying your audience, building your author platform, and how to put together a review team, you'll learn how to ensure your book launches don't disappear into the void. Hear about the lessons they've learnt the hard way, and find out what you can do to avoid the same mistakes. See the resources with the show notes at
Today, Holly talks to sci-fi and fantasy author Julia Scott about her writing process and the importance of good formatting. They get into ideas coming to writers as dreams, having multiple streams of income and why readers subconsciously value a well-formatted book. Julia has a formatting and logo design business as well as writing fiction. Her availability for formatting is limited, but if you'd like to enquire, you can do so at the link below. Our question of the week: What do you outsource (or want to) in your author business? Let us know in the comments on our show notes, in our Facebook group, on Instagram, or email us at Julia Scott Writes Evenstar Books - book formatting and logo design.
In this week's episode, Angeline and Holly are talking about author platforms, and the importance of owning as much as you can. They define what an author platform is, why you need one, and give examples of the different places that make up your platform. With lots of information on websites, mailing lists, and direct sales from your site, this episode is packed full of ways to take control of your platform. Hear their top tips for your author platform, as well as a complete no-brainer of a would you rather question. Get the full show notes and resource list at
We've all heard the old adage 'write what you know', but what does that really mean? It certainly doesn't stop you from writing about dragons, or magical quests, or teenage boys (if you've never been one!) This week, Holly and Angeline look at the things you might know that can help create fictional characters, stories, and worlds that feel authentic, believable, and relatable. They look at the random, specialist knowledge they've picked up over the years, as well as admitting the characters they're not so great at writing about. And when it comes to writing what you don't know, they've got advice for that too. See the full show notes at
Holly discusses the hows and whys of doing a relaunch. Your back list consists of vital assets that you can leverage to gain long term income. But if you leave a title languishing with an outdated cover and no promotion, it won't sell. Relaunching your earlier books can give them a new spark of life. Get the full show notes at
This week, we discuss what it's really like to get started as an author when you're a full time parent. We realise that not all writers are working towards quitting a job. You can never really quit parenthood so a certain set of skills are required to make it all work. We get into the advantages and disadvantages of this route and cover some tips and tricks to balancing all the plates. Read the full show notes at
Angeline and Holly get perosnal this week and talk about their experiences of writing through this bizarre time. Get tips and motivation as well as heaps of reassurance in this week's packed episode. Find the full show notes at
Today, Holly talks to epic fantasy author Meg Cowley about creating rich fantasy worlds, readers block, cultivating strong relationships with readers and her cover design business. Meg has a new book launching later this month and is offering the first two books in the Chronicles of Pelenor series for free and heavily discounted. Find out more at All of her books are free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Find out more about Meg at Find her books at And follow her on Instagram @meg_cowley
In this episode, we discuss all things tropes: our favourites and our pet peeves. We clarify the difference between a trope and cliche and talk about how to get the best out of tropes in your writing. Get the full show notes at
Today, Holly talks to illustrator and online content creator, Cindy Guentert-Baldo about her amusing floral illustrations, being approached by a publisher to produce a hand lettering book, and how to still get stuff done even when you're a chronic procrastinator. We have a few colourful words in this episode. Get all the links on our website at
In this episode, Angeline & Holly discuss what "author voice" means, where it comes from, what influences it, and how we all already have one, whether we realise it or not. Find the full show notes and links to resources on our website:
In this episode, Angeline and Holly discuss the characters we all secretly wish we could behave like - antiheroes! There are a lot of things to consider when peppering your stories with these characters: giving them a suitable character arc, challenging their morals, giving them enough redeeming qualities to get the reader to root for them, and whether to give them a happy or tragic ending. Join the conversation about the very best antihero characters and the villain to hero redemption arc storyline.
In this episode, Holly talks about how to overcome the struggle to get back into writing mode after a break. Life can get in the way of writing and getting back into a creative flow can be a real problem for a lot of writers. Holly shares tips on getting the creative juices flowing efficiently, so as to get you back to writing sooner. Read the full show notes at
In this episode, Angeline and Holly talk about what success means to them in this author business and how important it is to make your own definition of success. They get stuck into the items on their author bucket lists and the perils of comparisonitis. Find the full show notes at Get tickets for our writers' conference, Indie Fire at
Angeline chats to freelance editor Dion Winton-Polak. Dion discusses his anthology, This Twisted Earth, which he both edited and conceptualised. He talks about the process of writing in a shared world, and how to pull it all together into a cohesive book. Angeline gets Dion's top tips for finding and working with an editor, and discovers out why you should always argue with them.