DiscoverMarketing O'Clock - Weekly Digital Marketing News Focused on PPC, SEO & Social Media
Marketing O'Clock - Weekly Digital Marketing News Focused on PPC, SEO & Social Media
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Marketing O'Clock - Weekly Digital Marketing News Focused on PPC, SEO & Social Media

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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing podcast, covering all things SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Every Friday the Cypress North team dives deep into the latest online marketing news, studies, trends, and updates and examines how they will impact your real-life KPI's. Join us for actionable tips and strategies to employ in your campaigns along with discussions (and sometimes rants) about what works, what doesn't, and what has us shaking our heads this week. Don't miss Marketing Oclock each and every Friday.
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This week the gang covers the new Rich Results Test tool (RIPeace Structured Data Testing Tool!), new attributes to Google Ads Responsive Display Ads, Thumbnails in Search Results and much more. Plus a spicy Ron Swanson Take of the Week from Gary Illyes, and ICYMI from Queen of Spice Pamela Lund and a slew of digital marketing news from the week served up for you! 
In this week's digital marketing news, Facebook doesn't favor the little publisher that could, organic shopping results are coming to a Google shopping panel near you, Bing shares the secret ranking sauce, Google keeps ad labels consistent, big companies boycott big spending on Facebook, and we spy with our little eye a sneaky TikTok.
In this week's digital marketing news, Microsoft's Digital Marketing Center looks out for small businesses, Google News launches a licensing program, Google's latest social app looks familiar, Spotify revolutionizes sponsor ads, TikTok For Business is open for business, and Facebook's staff wears more hats than you know.
In this week's digital marketing news, Twitter begins testing voice Tweets, Google's new advertising policies help level the targeting field, Spotify ads are unmuted and unmatched, Pinterest stories are hopeful for a happy ending, Snapchat's certification program is in session, and Facebook Groups go from Grandma's recipes to conspiracy theories real quick.
In this week's digital marketing news, Extra! Extra! Read all about it on Facebook News, personal and professional circles find common ground in Facebook Messenger, Google announces the new head of Search, big Snapchat programs come in mini debuts, and it only took a week for Microsoft's Robots to malfunction.
In this week's digital marketing news, LinkedIn expands retargeting efforts, Tweet into the future with scheduled Tweets, bulk delete embarrassing Facebook posts of the past, double-decker stories ride into Instagram's home feed, and artificial intelligence accepts Microsoft's latest job offer.
In this week's digital marketing news, Google's Page Experience update is on the way but don't panic, Discovery Ads take inspiration from social media, retail category reporting explains differences between search and shop, IGTVs monetization combo comes with a large badge and a side of ads, and chicken cults takeover TikTok.
In this week's digital marketing news, businesses set up shop on Facebook, choose your Twitter conversation settings, Shopify updates pave the way for the future of e-commerce, Google reunites with image extensions after phasing out gallery ads, and Walmart's attempt to compete with Amazon never takes off.
In this week's digital marketing news, Bing News PubHub has big news for news publishers, gift card and donation page links are the latest helpful feature from Google My Business, pin marks the spot of your favorite Instagram comment, new Facebook brand safety controls give control back to advertisers, and GIFs have entered the SEO conversation.
In this week's digital marketing news, Google launches another perfectly named core update, Shopify brings shopping into the 21st century, Google Smart Shopping introduces new conversion goals, Google highlights their efforts through the COVID-19 pandemic, check these website vital signs for a healthy user experience, and we open the floor for debate if stats should be taken as facts.
In this week's digital marketing news, Shopify reinvents their mobile app, Snapchat shows will return shortly after this First Commercial break, Affinity Audiences added to Google Shopping Ads, Microsoft launches cookie-based experiments, correlation does not equal causation when it comes to SEO, and The Force to control an entire twitter hashtag Disney Plus uses.
In this week's digital marketing news, shop organic listings on Google's shopping tab til you drop, Google Ads isn't playing Guess Who with advertiser identity verifications, Facebook campaign budget optimization goes from obligatory to optional, small business meets Google Ads credit, Google organizes search results into separate subtopics on the sidebar (say that 5 times fast), and learn how to take your email list from 0 to 100 real quick.
In this week's digital marketing news, Google's latest tool transforms static images to smooth videos, LinkedIn's company targeting filters grow, Amazon cuts affiliate payouts to the bone, columns across Google accounts sync up, live from YouTube it's Google's Webmaster Conference, search winners and losers amid COVID-19 impact, and Facebook revolutionizes the art of messaging your significant other.
In this week’s digital marketing news, Amazon Sponsored Ads hit the target with product targeting, Microsoft Advertising's new conversion goal inclusion option scores big with advertisers, Google's featured snippet isn't as featured as it appears, explore new shopping features on Pinterest, and Quibi kills the heart of meme sharing without skipping a beat.
In this week’s digital marketing news, Microsoft Ads designs more multi-account features, working from home and desktop searches go hand in hand, Facebook premiers new video tools, Pinterest checks out retailers for their verified program, and curiosity about manipulating search engines landed The Tiger King in a lawsuit.
In this week’s digital marketing news, Google's new asset reporting features improve the gaming experience, Bing charges full speed ahead with instant indexing, SpecialAnnouncement data for coronavirus-related content is supported on Bing, Pinterest Today shares worldwide trending topics, and these unlucky parents had a series of unfortunate events occur at their first Zoom happy hour.
In this week’s digital marketing news, LinkedIn launches a feature we actually want to have a conversation about, Google develops new properties to help update events, brands can create custom lenses in Snapchat, Facebook reaches out a hand to small businesses in a time of need, learn how to make the best of your working from home journey, and TikTok's policy is the definition of judging a book by its cover.
In this week’s digital marketing news, advertisers takeover Reddit trends, maximize Google's portfolio bid strategies, mo' Stories mo' Facebook content, users in 2020 find engagement outside social media, our 'Coronavirus Roundup' reports on the latest COVID-19 updates, and a new TikTok trend allows you to do more than just burn calories while you sleep.
In this week’s digital marketing news, our hope for Twitter launching useful features disappears in a fleeting moment, apply multiple metrics side-by-side to YouTube videos, YouTube creators are notified of new notification analytics, Walmart's addition of a membership program equals more perks for shoppers, and a 17-year-old high school kid passes Twitter's verification process as a fake political candidate.
In this week’s digital marketing news, slow and outdated Bing Webmaster tools turn fast and modern, you don't need to be famous to have a Google Search profile card, TikTok continues making brand positive moves, Google's new product feature makes shopping dreams a virtual reality, Search Console allows exporting with ease, and peanut butter weighs in on a long-disputed internet debate.
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