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Marketing O'Clock - Your Weekly Digital Marketing News Podcast
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Marketing O'Clock - Your Weekly Digital Marketing News Podcast

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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing podcast, covering all things SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Every Friday the Cypress North team dives deep into the latest online marketing news, studies, trends, and updates and examines how they will impact your real-life KPI's. Join us for actionable digital marketing tips and strategies to employ in your campaigns along with discussions (and sometimes rants) about what works, what doesn't, and what has us shaking our heads this week. Don't miss Marketing Oclock each and every Friday.
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This week, Twitter (kinda) drops the infamous mobile crop. Yelp announces custom location-based targeting for businesses along with some other goodies. We also dive all the way into the new Youtube Shorts creation tools and make big plans to make big money with the Youtube Shorts $100M creator fund. 
Twitter adds a new ticketing feature and the ability to schedule a Space in its new audio rollout. We’ve got you covered on the latest Microsoft Ads update as it debuts even more new features including updates to phrase match and new ad formats. Plus, TikTok tries its hand at a new lead generation ad format.
Apple’s iOS 14.5 is APPealing to privacy advocates and APPalling to some digital advertisers. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the update. Plus, Spotify has a new podcast subscription service that makes Apple look like Scrooge McDuck and Google seemingly has a local car inventory search in development.
This week we're breaking down all of the new features coming to Microsoft Advertising and a new Facebook feature that sounds familiar. Plus, Google is making advertisers' lives a lot easier with dynamic placement exclusions and a lot harder with "simpler" bid strategy organization.
John Lee from Microsoft Advertising announces exciting new features coming to the Microsoft Audience Network including video ads, Facebook campaign import, and more! We are joined by John and agency experts to break down what you need to know and opportunities for Microsoft Advertising.
In this week’s episode, the team gives 5 stars for Google’s recently announced product review algorithm update. Plus, Google has more anti-trust issues thanks to their accidentally leaked project Bernanke and Google Ads launches new automated features that you’ll want to opt-out of.
Regex data filtering comes to Search Console, Microsoft Ads is feeling like the MAN as it debuts a fistful of features, and we weigh in on a conversation over platforms, algorithms, and the users who shape them.
Microsoft Advertising launches auto-applied ad suggestions and a new ad unit to help drive sales. Plus, create now and post later with Instagram Story drafts and Google Ads clarifies their first-party data requirements.
In this month’s episode of Marketing O’Talk, Greg Finn sits down with an all-star cast of lead generation experts to discuss their experience with lead generation ads, along with their best practices to make their efforts count: Michelle Morgan, Director of client services at  Clix Marketing, co-founder of Paid Media Pros Joe Martinez, PPC Legend, notable marketing writer and speaker, co-founder of Paid Media Pros Mark T Saltarelli, Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North (& Marketing O'Clock regular)
Building a community on Facebook turns out to be a recipe for disaster for the New York Times, Twitter addresses widespread user complaints (though not the one you’re thinking of), and things get inten(t)se over zero-click search data.
Google Ads confirms the "Smart Matching" filter spotted in the wild was a bug, squashing rumors of a new match type... for now. After all, they did acknowledge it was part of a test some advertisers opted into. Oh, and Google also released their annual Ads Safety Report.
Pinterest announced some new tools for advertisers, including a new video ad format that really hits home (feed). Google's upcoming, "simpler" bid strategies maximize confusion, and hotel booking links can now stay for free in the SERPs.
Twitter announces their version of Facebook's Groups, called Communities and enables users to charge followers for exclusive content. Google gives a FLoC about privacy, will not replace the cookie with another method of tracking individuals. And Instagram's new Live Rooms let users go live with up to three other people, assuming you don't already have video chat fatigue. See all articles be signing up over on
This week we are talking funnels. We start by breaking down and explaining the sales funnel and the differences with the marketing funnel (and how they fit together) then head on in to the complexities of marketing to each stage. From messaging, offers, intent and networks - we break down best practices and how to success in a full-funnel approach. With us on today's show are: Glenn Schmelzle, founder pf Marketing What's New, host of the "Funnel Reboot Show" Andrea Cruz, Digital Marketing Manager at the Fabulous KoMarketing Mark T Saltarelli, Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North (& Marketing O'Clock regular) and Marketing O'Clock's Greg Finn will be your host for the hour! We will be covering the following throughout the panel: - Different Types of Funnels - Messaging/Offers/Intent at different stages - Networks and ad types that work - Post Conversion opportunities For more information or to subscribe to our podcast, head to:
Spotify's latest advertising announcement is music to our ears, while Facebook temporarily takes news content down (under) in response to proposed Australian legislation. And big news - Google changes the Partners program again! But this time it's nothing to be dismissed. In fact, we're rejoicing!
Passages officially join the ranks on Google, LinkedIn is getting in the creator support game, and the latest Google Ads extension takes a lead from social platforms. Plus we cover a take of the week from @lchasse on moving those tCPA budgets on up and @PPCGreg has a ICYMI that will save your accounts from Mobile App traffic.   In the lightning round for paid we cover 1:1 LinkedIn art sessions, the Walmart DSP & new Google Ad recos. This week in organic we cover auto appended Google My Business service suggestions, Amazon Byz Selz, and Google is paying publishers in the UK. In Social Twitter has record revenue, TikTok matriculated their own University and TikTok has recipe integrations. For all article links head to and subscribe for all articles in your inbox each and every week.
We talk Shop (Pay) about the new payment option available in Facebook and Instagram checkout. Violating Google News and Discover policies now leads to manual action penalties. And Microsoft Advertising announces the sunset of manual CPC, leaving some advertisers bid-er over the loss of control. Get all the show notes delivered each week in your inbox over at: 
YouTube's new Clips feature is great for when sharing a full video link doesn't cut it. Topic exclusions are in the works for ads in Facebook's news feed, Google SERPs go all TMI and Instagram's latest test is a story worth sharing. Not to mention more match type mayhem for Google Ads. What. A. Week. More at
Microsoft Advertising rolls out new Filter Link Extensions - a format unique to their platform, which fill...ters the Marketing O'Clock team with joy. Pinterest tests featuring Story Pins at the top of the feed and Twitter Spaces makes updates worth hearing about.
On this Marketing O'Talk roundtable discussion, we have an All-Star guest list to talk about Google Ads! With us on today's show are: Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin), former EIC of Search Engine Land & Marketing Land, Anu Adegbola (@TheMarketingAnu), CMO at BrainLabs and host of #PPCchat Roundup Show, Mark T Saltarelli (@MarketingByMark), Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North (& Marketing O'Clock regular) and Marketing O'Clock's Greg Finn (@GregFinn) will be your host for the show! We to talk about everything that happened to Google in 2020, the Good, Bad and "Not Significant". Our experts run through the changes, how they'd adapted and tricks that have been uncovered along the way. Finally, the experts talk about how to set yourself up to thrive with Google Ads in 2021 and beyond.
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Was there any resolve to this or is google still taking money and not sharing for which Yerma they spent it

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