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Author: Clark Chamberlain

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The Book Editor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley. Each show looks at one area of novel editing that an author can easily implement into their editing process.
Shows have guest editors, explore different creative storytelling fields, and give you the knowledge to build a better book.
81 Episodes
As we continue our exploration of plot we examine the Subplot also called the B Story. We look at the importance of subplot and give examples from books that aren't Harry Potter! We also share an easy method to check if your subplot actually matters and how to fix it or cut it entirely.  Don't forget to visit to learn how outlines can help you Write Faster, Gain Readers, and Crush Doubt.
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley are back discussing what it's like to live in a car for a year, returning to school, and where the show will be going next.
What could you do if you eliminated your negative self talk? How much more could you write and publish if you weren't being held back by limiting beliefs? Editing story isn't limited to the words on a page, you have the power to edit your life story. When you edit your life story you will find new creative strength you never knew you had. Listen to take more control of your life and your creative work.
We tried once before and the twisted knot of plot versus story structure was too much to be undone. Today we do it right! If you want to writer faster, gain readers, and crush doubt check out Ironclad Outline, the original and still the best outline process. Today you can make Ironclad Outline part of your process for only $150 visit 
How to choose the right point of view for your story. POV is the ultimate storyteller, and an expert storyteller will choose which parts to emphasis or even leave out depending on both the audience and the story being told. From Clark Chamberlain's breakout course Advanced Novel Writing with Harry Potter, you will learn all about 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person plus how to match past or present tense to the POV. To listen to the rest of this top rated course got to:
Why does the first act of Thor Ragnarok work? What lessons can you learn to edit your own work? How to use elements in your story world to make fans love you, and what you need to do to take it all away from your powerful protagonist. Want to make your first act better? Use an Ironclad Outline as your first stop in developmental editing:
Why does the new movie Wonder Woman work? Is it Gal Gadot? Is it the special effects? Maybe, just maybe it's because the story is so solid. Join Clark Chamberlain as he explores act 1 of the new Wonder Woman film. Spoiler alert!
Welcome to the Book Editor Show, today I’ll be talking about developmental editing, what is and why you need it. And introducing Ironclad Outlines by Clark Chamberlain.
Fiction Vortex's David Mark Brown and Michael C Cluff join Clark Chamberlain to discuss their writing collaboration and what it's like to edit in a storyverse. Get 50% off Clark's new course: Advanced Novel Writing with Harry Potter. Use the coupon TBESFAN2017 at checkout.



Get Published in 2017

Get Published in 2017


Are you ready to take that next step in your writing life? Are you ready to make 2017 the year you get published? Then you're in the right spot.  Today Clark and Peter discuss what you should consider when submitting to agents and publishers, what the current publishing trends are, and how to leverage professional ethics to get a foot in the door. Please click here and sign up for the full webinar Get Published in 2017
Peter Turley is Back!!! Learn to edit your setting into one filled with terror that will keep your reader up all night. Choose powerful words that conjure images. Grab secrets from the silver screen to use on the page. Make the most of the new year with our 30 day challenge!
What is the best type of sacrifice a character can make? When does it work to kill of a character, including your protagonist? How is the best way to leverage these emotional acts to connect with the reader? Find out this an more today with Clark Chamberlain.
Three is the magic number. We can see the number represented through life and story. Today Clark Chamberlain leads you through an easy to use method to take the power of three and edit your work. From character relationships, try/fail cycles, additional problems, and even protagonist choice you can see how powerful the use of three will be in your book.
Have you finished your fantasy manuscript or maybe you've finally decided to write your space odyssey for NaNoWriMo or you want to put the final touches on your present day story that takes place in the strange land of Idaho whichever the case these tools will help you sort through your world building. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you three exercises that will help you edit your world building masterpiece in ways you hadn't thought of before. Writership's Leslie Watts created these exercises for part of the World Building Bible Journal. Take a vacation with the Orcs or witness the secular founding of your world's first civilization these exercises keep you thinking and re-framing what is important for the reader or author to know. Clark and Peter are testing their membership site and need some help. The first 50 friends of the Book Editor Show will get Clark's premier course on writing, a $99 value, FREE! Just give feedback on what is and isn't working
Making Monsters: a World Building Bible Creature Feature.  We're talking all about monsters, creatures and aliens. How you can make yours unique by examining the world they live in and turning an old idea on its head. This is part one in our world building bible month to get you ready for NaNoWriMo. Also check out for more world building you can use in your manuscript.
Does it matter if you use flashbacks in 1st person present tense? Do you know who your POV character is telling the story to in past tense? Would you like to add two new effective techniques to your writer's toolkit? Did you ever notice the dwarf in Jane Austin's books? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley teach you how to look at storyteller and tense to assist you in editing your 1st person POV manuscript.
Have you finished your nonfiction manuscript? Ready to polish it up before you publish? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley have 4 tips that will set you on the right path, get your nonfiction book ready, and keep you out of legal trouble.
Here's a blast from the past! I was teaching class the other day and found out that Peter and I never released the final episode on the Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. This episode is all about The Rebirth. Rebirth is all about the main character making a huge change in their life. Although dynamic change may be a subplot in many stories in The Rebirth plot it is the main focus.
Short stories are an excellent road to traditional publication, but only if you understand how to give the publisher what they want. On this show we'll give you clear methods to improve your short stories and that you can put to work today. Join Clark Chamberlain and guest host Leslie Watts as they guide you through the editing waters of the short story.
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