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Author: Justin Miller

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This podcast is for sports performance training tips, personal training tips, health and wellness knowledge. We will cover a wide array of topics from physical health to mental health, and also relevant topics within our community. This podcast will also help those looking for motivation to get up and move, as well as mental clarity.
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In this fun filled episode we talk about overall nutrition, touching on many different forms of nutrition. Everything from making sure you have a colorful plate, to portion control. This episode was a ton of fun and even I learned a lot from it. I hope you are able to take and apply the things you hear in this episode to help you become a better, healthier, and more energetic version of yourself. If you are already doing these things just enjoy this episode. Comment, like, rate, subscribe, and share this channel with a friend. Be Legendary.
This is a quick off the cuff episode. In this podcast I discuss the do’s and don’ts of the gym, from the proper use of the hand dryer to gym etiquette. Enjoy this episode, and BE LEGENDARY.
In the episode we dive into the effects of traumatic experiences, and the effects of our current social media society. In this fruitful conversation Mrs. Nixon explains what the ACE’s study is and how it effects children to adults. We also talk about social media use and family dynamics. How over consumption of phone use effects teens, families, moods etc. Traumatic experiences and social media consumption have effects deeper than what’s seen on the surface. Give this episode a listen, and share. Remember, always BE LEGENDARY.
Another one. This episode we discuss some strength techniques for amateur athletes with assistant strength coach from the University of Cincinnati Dre Ward. If you are a coach or player this episode is for you. Learn things from how to train a pop Warner athlete, to a high level high school athlete. Give this episode a listen and pick up some of the gems. Be Legendary.
We back, yes we are back and we are talking about dirty macking. This is definitely barbershop talk, but also open dialogue. This episode we are addressing men and women talking about the dirty mack. I think many have experienced this in there life, but let me say what everyone is thinking that’s not cool. Don’t ruin a good home being the dirty mack. This is a fun conversation, I hope you enjoy this conversation and even chime in with feedback. Don’t forget to follow us @legendsofathletics, Deion @theshawsound, and Dr. Curtis Davis @magnoliacurt. Remember, BE LEGENDARY.
This is a first for this podcast we have two of my boys on at the same time. We are talking about being loyal as a friend, in relationships etc. Loyal friends etc. aren’t to common these days so it’s imperative that we check our friendships and relationships. Are you being a loyal friend, are your friends loyal to you? Have the tough conversation and ask yourself these questions. Keep the squares out of your circle. Remember, BE LEGENDARY.
The goal of fitness is to strengthen the mind body and spirit to name a few. But many times we neglect training the body entirely, of course we focus on the major muscle groups such as chest, legs, bi’s, tri’s etc. But there is an importance to training the entire body and really taking the time to focus on your programming entirely. Give this episode a listen, I hope you glen from it. Be Legendary.
MMA & grappling, growing sports that have been on the rise for some time now. It’s not a sport that I am an expert at, but I know a guy who is and also participates in the sports. Me and Lavelle discuss what it takes to be a fighter, and even use the sports as a means to fitness. With the sport being on the rise why not talk about it. I hope this is another very informal episode that you can take some jewels from. Tune in press play and implement some of these tools into your life.
Another one. We are back with a hot and trending topic. We talking injustices for minorities. Are we past kneeling, do people know what we are protesting for, is this just a hoax? Information, information, information that’s what we are here to give. Give this episode a listen and give us some feedback. I think this is great for Hov partnering with the NFL, I see many great things coming from this. Let me know your opinions. Remember, BE LEGENDARY.
In the world of athletics it is imperative to be a great coach, it is dually important to be coachable. In life whether we choose to be an entrepreneur or a valued employee manager etc we have to be coachable. Even to become a great coach you have to take proper instruction from a great coach. So I hope this episode ignites your fire to be legendary, as well as provoke questioning yourself if you’re a great coach and being coachable. As always BE LEGENDARY.
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