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Welcome to the Chad Shipley Show, where I work for you! I live for continuous learning and expansion and have had the greatest mentors in the world. I synthesize the invaluable insights and lessons learned that have had the most profound impact on my life. It may be a book, a blog, a speech or a video. It may be a life changing story. You may laugh and you may cry. The goal is to give you something meaningful. Something to help us grow. The topics range from Flow hacking for increased performance to Charity Water and the countless lives a young girl saved just by caring.
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He's one of the top producing real estate agents in Pittsburgh...and he's only 25. With his partner, he already has $5M under contract in just the past few months. I knew that he was a work machine, but I had no idea the extent of what gives him the ability to operate at a completely different level. Christian and the Cowden Creed Realty team are completely changing the real estate game in Pittsburgh and it is a-lot of fun to watch. I hope that you enjoy this very interesting and insightful conversation with Christian Wilhelm.
This show features a conversation with two Heavy Weights in the health and wellness industry who have teamed up to create OptiLife Academy, an online learning platform to help build healthy happier people. Guests of this show receive 20% off of the OptiLife Academy online program by clicking the link below and entering the discount code CHAD at checkout. That gives you access to both the exercise and nutrition modules for less than $80. That’s an insanely cheap price to pay for the wisdom and expertise of these two phenoms. I hope that you enjoy the show. Discount Code: CHAD
This is part 2 of my amazingly insightful conversation with the health and wellness prodigy, Andrew Wade. A title that does not do him justice. If you are a person interested in nutrition and diets or a person who has struggled with weight loss or health issues or simply understanding the complex world of health, my conversation with Andrew is something that you will not want to miss.
The primal health coaching, bird watching, ultimate frisbee playing, and Level 2 spartan coach who ran a sub 35 minute 10K and was once ranked in the top 100 to 150 Spartan racers in the world. Steve Manns is currently building a course in the outskirts of Pittsburgh and launching The Steel City Showdown Race on September 22, 2019.  A race that I cannot wait for. Registration is now open!
The what, why, and all things strategy with our soon to be multi-functioning fitness studio. 
The life of an amazing artist and his profound insights and wisdom on life! This was a Friday night for me like no other!
This episode is a dive into Law 5 from the book 48 Laws of Power and the power that came with my personal reputation...even though that was not the intent. I hope that you enjoy!
In this episode, I bring emphasis to how bad toxic people disrupt a corporate culture, and how you can use these people to your advantage to quickly climb the corporate ladder. I outline the problem, provide reference points and personal experiences, and provide a set of tools that have personally helped me to quickly rise into a leadership position.  The goal of this particular episode is to help you discover simple insights and actions, that you can begin using immediately, to differentiate yourself from everyone else. I hope that you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening! The Chad Shipley Show can be found on all major podcast platforms. You can find more about me at
I often tap into the amazing book Tribe of Mentors when searching for my own inspiration and motivation or to help stimulate ideas. I found many of the answers from Mark Bell very insightful and wanted to share with all of you. In this episode, I read most of his answers from the book and wrap my own commentary/personal experiences around it. I hope that you enjoy!
This interview with Andrew Wade BLEW me away. Andrew is a Registered Dietician and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.  His ability to simplify complex topics is truly remarkable and I enjoyed every minute of this conversation.  In this episode, we cover many fascinating topics including but not limited to... The Ketogenic diet - what is it and when is it good to use it Carb loading, how to do it properly Hydration and how much water we really need to be drinking, and how we should be drinking it His Projection and Reflection model for personal dieting The Rate My Day mobile App that he developed How to meal prep in a way to set you up for success Hormonal imbalances and the need for case specific nutrition Marathon running and how to prep Beyond nutrition and wellness, Andrew is building an empire. At the impressive age of 28, he has already grown his practice to four physical locations, one of which has a physical fitness center, developed a mobile application called Rate My Day, wrote a book entitled "Marathon Ready Runner's Nutrition Guide: A Quick Reference Tool", and in partnership, developed an online learning platform for nutrition and exercise that can be found at for an extremely affordable price...$100 for both the exercise and nutrition modules. You can find more on Andrew via his website: I hope that you enjoy this fascinating conversation with the Amazing Andrew Wade
A quick glance into a section of the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" which covers the three types of people in this world. Those who surrender completely, those who surrender partially, and those who NEVER surrender at all.  "Experts agree that the person you will be one, five, ten, twenty years from now depends almost entirely on your future environment." We also take a look at the different "buckets" of life and call question to whether or not you should be doing the work that you are doing.  I open up about my own struggles and career path and where I am going next.  I hope that you enjoy. You can find the book as well as all of my other recommendations at Thanks,
This episode takes a dive into the amazing book "The Magic of Thinking Big" and highlights the power of the mind. If you are someone who desires more out of life, this is a must listen to episode. In the wise words of the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, ""Our life is what our thoughts make it." Shop the book at
This podcast takes a dive into the framework used by Marc Benioff to leave a 7 figure income at Oracle to start and then grow it to over $10B in revenue per year. Please note, Marc Benioff is not a guest on this show. 
Saunas, Marathons, Addiction, Performance and Pain. The majestical art of discomfort and the triumph that follows. WARNING: Explicit Language. 
In this very raw episode, E.J. shares his very powerful journey from 10 years as a heroin addict to rock bottom to a man that works day by day to give his best to his family. This is one of the most revealing I've ever been as E.J. and I set out to burn the blanket of shame. It takes massive courage to share a story like this, but it's a story that has the power to change or save a persons life. We confront the "BULLY" epidemic and address the simple notion that we all have sh*t, we all have baggage, we all have demons, and we're all trying to figure it out.. You don't need to be an addict to take away some amazing pearls of wisdom that unfold in this conversation. If nothing else, I hope it's just a refreshing take on some really complex topics. Thanks E.J. for all your strength. 
Lindsey Hoffman Brooks is one of the most inspiring and intelligent humans I know. She is extremely articulate and her philosophies on life are amazingly insightful. In this episode we dig into the art of showing up as your best, seeking discomfort, and the power of NO. We discuss Orange Theory Fitness, marathon training, parenting, and the importance of, as Lindsey says, "being kind to yourself & being kind to others". I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did!
An introduction to what Leaders On The Rise is all about and some of the exciting things that we have coming up!
A short intro into David Goggins, whose "find suffering" mentality is catching on like wildfire. I highlighted David Goggins and Jesse Itzler in my episode entitled The Path of MOST Resistance and this is the promised follow up on the introduction of David's book "Can't Hurt Me" - The most powerful book I have ever read. Please note - David Goggins is not a guest on this episode. This is a cover of him and his book. 
A dive into the questions used by Tim Ferriss, in his book Tribe of Mentors, to extract wisdom from the worlds top performers. And a shoutout to those that have had a profound impact on my life, from C-Suite executives to long time performance coaches.  
Themes in this episode include: Mental Toughness - Embracing Discomfort - Becoming Your Best I ordered two books back in January and had no idea that they were in any way related. Living with a Seal, 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet by Jesse Itzler and Can't Hurt Me, Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins. These two humans have me doing things I never imagined, and I tried to surface up and tie together content from both books to give you a unique listening experience. I spent weeks reading and then developing the content for the show. The audio is not as great as I would have liked, but I don't have the luxury of fixing it at this point so I hope you can muster through it. Thanks for taking the time to listen. 
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Mike Speer

Loving the episodes so far. The range of topics is great and keeps it fresh. They really help drive home the theme of "Be better, do better."

Aug 6th
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