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Lester Nare takes a deep dive into the history of Facebook, why they changed their name to Meta, and how this all relates to the explosion of interest and growth in Web3.
This week, Russell Dinkins joins Lester Nare for a wide ranging conversation regarding Brown University's recent decision to cut Men's Track and Field for the upcoming 2020/2021 season, the recent protests and discussions around race and equality in America, and what the future holds for the upcoming 2020 election.  As an Olympic hopeful, Athletic Recruitment and Education Consultant and former Princeton Track and Field member, Russell provides a unique perspective on how athletics, the elite college athletics, the black community and the recent national crises are all connected.
Why the President of the United States can not be trusted and why the EU fining Google is a sign we need to start thinking differently.
Host Lester Nare returns to pick up where he left off last season discussing the intersection of technology and politics. On Tuesday, June 26th, SCOTUS new ruling supports travel ban, Silicon Valley goes full crypto, and Apple is moving HQ2 to Raleigh?
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