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Podcast by WealthHog Team
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We explore the idea of funding our kids education in a novel and morally ambiguous way. Hold the rotten tomatoes you'll throw at us until October 20th for the conference where John and I will be speaking about Tokenization in our economy and Blockchain in Web 3.0. Come by our booth aswell. We'll be giving out some "Cold Wallets" and other prizes! See you there!?
So what defines the past? Those who write it! What if the blockchain could be used to destroy our past and rewrite it. Join us as we explore how an incentive system using blockchain technology can reshape who we are and where we go.
Tokensization is an exciting new way to distribute and provide liquidity to markets. Let's talk about putting wine on the chain, the block chain.
We talk about our platform a crypto asset platform that rewards crypto influencers who make good crypto picks. We think this idea is awesome is because it will allow people who take your advise to buy into a large portfolio of coins - easily and safely. The portfolios will be algorithmicly tracked over time and above average crypto influencers can earn rewards, perks, and ultimately monetize their crypto knowledge. Our Whitepaper can be found at To get your own crypto influencer profile on our platform go to
What would it take for the government to shutdown crypto (secretly). Josiah and Johnathan go over our strategies, if we were big government!
If you've Watched Black Mirror, the future may seem bleak. Is a dystopian future closer than we think? Will decentralized systems rule over society and enslave us all? Let's have fun talking about that!
Ever wonder how you could invest in a 300 million dollar parking garage? With the right laws you could do it through blockchain!
We take a brief overview of how education could be managed and incentivated on the block-chain.
Have you ever wanted to get even with someone who cut you off in traffic? John Holloman and Josiah Ickes explore the use of social justice on the blockchain. Is mob justice just years away? Will some form of a hyper ledger work for a karmic future? Will a dystopian future emerge full of gangs of mercenaries to deliver justice, wild west style? We will explore.
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