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Dr. Anderson is medical director of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Through his clinical practice and medical research he has developed improved methods for improving quality of life for patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Former positions include professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center. He is a graduate of NCNM and began instructing classes at medical schools in the early 1990’s. He continues to hold many courses for physician and medical student training all across North America.
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On todays show DrA will be interviewed by Cameron Steele, co-owner of CTR Radio. They will discuss the ideas behind the new book, concepts you can apply to cancer or any distressing diagnosis and other tips for people who are supporting those with cancer.
In todays show DrA will discuss excerpts from his new book. Ideas about dealing with the shock of a cancer diagnosis (of yours or a loved one), working through the steps to becoming an empowered patient or support person and other areas. DrA will also share news about the book launch and other information.
In todays program Dr. Anderson will discuss his latest book. Most people will be touched by cancer. How you process it can make a big difference in overall health, quality of life and possibly length of life. This program will get into the reasons he wrote the book and what's inside!
In this program DrA will outline the basis for, randomness of and potential therapies for Post-COVID syndrome experienced by "Long Haulers". This is a brief outline of the CME course he will have in a few weeks for healthcare providers where he will break down over 70 scientific papers and over 1000 cases of COVID seen in his expert clinician network.
CV-19" and Genetics:

CV-19" and Genetics:


Does the VIRUS that causes "CV-19" have multiple genetic variations?Do these potentially explain the variety of symptoms and severity of illness we see?Do YOUR genes have any bearing on your degree of illness?In this program Dr. Anderson will break these factors (and what we know about them) down to see what this can add to our understanding of "CV-19" viral illness.
When Dr. Fauci goes on record making comparisons people get curious. In this show Dr. Anderson will discuss these disorders and their potential relationships and immunology. Special considerations for those with the disorders and common questions since Dr. Fauci's interview will be discussed.
Latest Research!

Latest Research!


In the past weeks, many scientific research publications have shown that nutrient levels have bearing on the potential infection and or course of COVID-19. As a complement to the recent Newsletter I wrote about this science this program will discuss the data, it's possible implications, and how it can affect individuals.
What is one to do with the waterfall of "new data" being published and put out on social media regarding COVID? It's dizzying at moments and can leave you not knowing what to believe. Dr. Anderson will go over examples from the past two weeks and try to make sense of them, their seeming inconsistencies and give thoughts about how to stay sane during this trying time.
In the news we have seen more reports of possible aggravation of COVID severity in affected people by "coinfections". People have sent in questions asking "What is a coinfection", "What kind of infections are there?", "How common are these infections in healthy humans?" and more. In this show Dr. Anderson will discuss the answers to these questions and their related importance to prevention or treatment of viral infections.
In this show Dr. Anderson will discuss this topic recently in the news about immunity and COVID:* What are these things?* What's the latest science?* How does each help immunity?* What can I do to help both parts of my immunity?
In this program Dr. Anderson will go into the many questions he has received about studies proposing Glutathione has a potential effect on COVID severity and possibly survival. Social Media reports have people curious as well as confused in some cases. What is Glutathione? Why would my body be "low" in it? What does it have to do with COVID-19 and its symptoms? How do I improve my Glutathione levels?
Dr. Anderson will talk about the way the immune system gets “off track” and confused creating the allergy syndromes. Symptoms, severity and ideas for management will be discussed. A look at the types of allergy from airborne to digestive / food based and others will be looked into. Medications and natural methods of treatment will be looked at as well.
Everyone needs a re-set on their stress response at times. In this show, Dr. Anderson will break down what your stress response is, how it gets worn down, and what you can do to help repair it!
In this program Dr. Anderson will continue his look at the things we eat, the way they are prepared and ingredients that support our immune function. "Kitchen Medicines" (aka plant and mineral additives we use to flavor food) will be discussed in their traditional, modern and culinary context. It turns out flavor is good for you!
In the third installment in the "Cooking for Immunity" radio topics DrA will look at the origins of sauces and extracts we use on food. Did they come from a particular need in cooking long ago? What are their modern counterparts? Do they have immune, health and nutritive potential? How can you make your own?
What cooking methods, ingredients and combinations help nourish your body and immune system? In this show Dr. Anderson will share his favorite recipes, herbs and spices and food combinations for tasty, nutritious and immune supportive meals.
What cooking methods, ingredients and combinations help nourish your body and immune system? In this show Dr. Anderson will share his favorite recipes, herbs and spices and food combinations for tasty, nutritious and immune supportive meals.
Many things can cause us to slow down, feel stuck and run down. It could be the current COVID crisis, "stay at home", job loss or any other issue. In times like that we can become disoriented, angry, apathetic and it can take a toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically. In this program Dr. Anderson will discuss how this happens, how to seed "where you are" and how to take steps to recover your energy, thoughts and life.
Hearing terms like "Herd Immunity", "Acquired Immunity", "Immune Memory" and "You have Antibodies" can be confusing. Can one become immune to viruses like COVID? In this program Dr. Anderson will break down these and other terms we are hearing in the news, how they relate to your general immunity and how they relate to immunity to specific viral illnesses like COVID.
In this show Dr. Anderson will discuss the "bigger health picture" that we all need to consider during this incredibly unsure, unknown and uneasy time. Why do other health conditions matter? How do we think about the medications we are on as helpful or harmful during a pandemic? What are we seeing emerge in the actual US cases of COVID-19 as far as intensity of illness, mortality and variety of expression? What about the latest detail regarding the "Sub-variants" of COVID-19 genetics - how may that affect a person's illness? What are the good and bad aspects of testing and placing a lot of value on testing predicting the course of this pandemic? And what are some basic things that don't come in a pill that we can all do to help our resistance and health?
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Niclas Daniels

#traumaticBrainInjury may cause personality changes, #anxiety, etc. #hyperbaricOxygenTherapy is a treatment for that. Synergistic treatments are things that improve the immune system such as #wheatGermExtract and #mushroomExtracts #antioxidants such as #vitaminC, #vitaminE, #glutathione, #nAcetylCysteine. Increasing the number of #ketones is also important, #ketogenicDiet. Healthy fat for the brain, #omega3 and #phospholipids (fats from diet not enough when you have a brain injury). #aminoAcids are also needed. #neurosteroids. The brain can heal, repair, recover under the right circumstances, it's not a life sentence. Number of #hyperbaricOxygenTherapy sessions can decrease from 20-30 to 10-15 by using the nutrients etc above.

May 19th

Niclas Daniels

Interesting. #hyperbaricOxygenTherapy for diabetic #neuropathy etc

May 18th
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