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Inspiration, brave action and heart warming journeys. This is what The Louise H Reid show brings you. My guests and I take you through the insights of some of the most remarkable people. These people are examples of taking brave, bold action that leaves you – the listener - happy and enlightened. Let’s breathe in that excitement and blaze a positive path.
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Today I’ve got a special treat for you. Today’s guest is a very special person – my sister, Lucy Reid. She is so many things! A Director at a tech firm, a bone marrow-transplant THRIVER, and a mum – a role I know she treasures more than anything. I chose this topic to get real about because it’s necessary for us to be more open about the unbalanced impact that COVID is having on working moms.I’ll share some of the research, we’ll swap stories, talk about what’s working for us (and what’s not), and discuss what leadership & workplaces can do to step it up so we don’t wipe out the gender equity progress we’ve been making in our workplaces. Check out the McKinsey/LeanIn Women in the Workplace Report which inspired this raw and candid conversation. And I challenge you to keep the conversation going!
Lisa is one inspiring, accomplished and grounded businesswoman.Join us as we explore leadership challenges, wins, and gender in the workplace.As President of BottomLine, Lisa Genovese supports Challenger Brands to evolve their business, creating more impact on the world around them. For Lisa, advancing a business requires more than a surface-level strategy. This is why Lisa and her team hyper-focus on their unique Impact Assessment process to uncover key insights, and help clients see what others may not. BottomLine’s global team helps clients implement kick-ass strategies centred on strong market research insights that consistently improve conversion rates, increase sales, and profit margins. Lisa has helped many of her clients grow from local brands into globally recognized names. Having worked in global markets across a variety of sectors ranging from small business to large multinational brands, some of Lisa’s favourite Challenger clients include Whipcord Corporation, Verge Technologies, Inc., Canada Pipeline Accessories, 3D-P, PilotsFriend (as seen on Dragons Den), Home Depot and Axia Fibernet. Continually diving deeper into the science behind Challenger Brands, Lisa uses her CDMP in digital marketing to design deeper strategies for real brand impact. When not working with Challenger Brands, she can be found travelling, skiing, hiking or enjoying the great outdoors with her husband Corey and their furchild Mickey. CONNECT WITH LISA HERE!
Lynn McIntosh, a Certified Life Coach with Go Pro Coaching, specializes in relationship coaching. She is also co-author of "365 Empowering Stories", a book of stories or poems that bring wisdom and insights to help individuals overcome challenges and turn their lives around.Lynn helps women move forward into healthy relationships with themselves and others so they can let go of their pain and take control of their happiness.Join us as we talk about toxic relationships, how to identify a narcissistic relationship, and how Lynn navigated this journey herself.You can connect with Lynn here:www.lynnmcintosh.comlynnmc@live.caFB: Lynn McIntosh (Relationship Coach)
iana Winston is the Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Semel Institute’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) and the co-author, with Susan Smalley PhD, of Fully Present, the Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness.Called by the LA Times “one of the nation’s best-known teachers of mindfulness,” she has taught mindfulness since 1999 in a variety of settings including hospitals, universities, corporations, non profits, and schools in the US and Asia.A sought-after speaker, she developed the evidence-based Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPS) curriculum and the Training in Mindfulness Facilitation, which trains mindfulness teachers worldwide. She is a founding board member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.Her work has been mentioned in the New York Times, O Magazine, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, Allure, Women’s Health, and in a variety of magazines, books, and journals. She is also the author of Wide Awake for teens, and has published numerous articles on mindfulness.She is considered one of the early founders of meditation programs for youth, and taught on the seminal mindfulness and ADHD research study at UCLA in 2005. Diana is a member of the Teacher's Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California where she was trained to teach by Jack Kornfield.She has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1989, including a year as a Buddhist nun in Burma. Currently Diana’s most challenging and rewarding practice involves trying to mindfully parent her young daughter.Find out more about Diana and her work here:- UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC)
Randi Goodman has found her calling in the world of personal and professional growth for women and men, through the sharing of tools and resources through many mediums to help people all over the World! She has extended her expertise into a passion of hers; Real Estate, helping those in Residential as well as Commercial.Her past Management of a manufacturing company and being a 4th level CMA has given Randi hands on experience and success in the business world. In her personal life, she is a proud mom of four strapping boys and a Second Degree Black Belt. She ran a manufacturing company at a very young age…and there found her passion for business.Over the years she produced numerous charity Gala’s, school events and personal events, also acquiring a passion for events. Years ago, Randi jumped heavily into networking and found the opportunity to merge her two passions and created some Business to Business events so she could help as many people as possible in the business world, take their business to the next level.She is now an 8-time #1 International Best-Selling Author, and International Speaker and the title author and co-founder of the #1 International Best-Selling Series Empowering Women to Succeed and Conference, the 365 Empowering Stories Book, founder of globally renowned business conferences, workshops, and podcast show, including Toronto Women’s Expo and the Empowerment Radio Show. Trained to speak on stage, Randi shares her knowledge and expertise with small business & entrepreneurs all over the world. She now teaches others how to write, publish and market their books through live and online courses, serving over 68,000 students in over 170 countries.Connect with and learn more about Randi here: series on amazon.ca
Louise is all about keeping it real - real issues, real people, real conversations. Today on the show, Louise's partner, Jay Andrews, takes the mic and keeps it real with Doug Thompson, Tedxer, Keynote Speaker and "Techsplainer". Listen in to hear their banter on books, new endeavors, Ted Talks, positivity, and tech-talk.Reach out and connect with Jay or Doug here:Jay on LinkedIn: on LinkedIn:
Join us as we talk about freedom, positive mindset, and living a life you don't need to take a vacation from!Kenyatta Turner, MM is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Public Speaker, Motivational Educator, and is an Accredited Business DNA Consultant through DNA Behavior.She’s the founder of Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC, where they Coach, Influence, and Protect...helping clients to build and shield their own Freedom Empires. Kenyatta is also the Chief Behavioral SuperPowers Consultant for DreamSmart Academy, LLC, serving on the National Advisory Council for DreamSmart, Inc (501c3).Spending 25+ years in higher education leadership, she earned a Master’s degree in Management and a Bachelor of Science in degree in Computer Information Systems.Kenyatta is a creative, analytical thinker with an unshakeable commitment to helping people flourish throughout their personal, professional, or educational journeys. As a Business Solutions Specialist for LegalShield, Kenyatta protects families and small business owners by providing access to quality, affordable legal, and identity theft services.Kenyatta is also an avid volunteer and advocate for social justice and empowering women, regularly dedicating her time and resources to many non-profit organizations of her choice!Kenyatta gives back by volunteering as the Emcee for Girls Rock! Phoenix, a Workshop Facilitator at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and Dress for Success, mentor for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, and involvement at the Central Arizona Shelter Services. The Junior League of Phoenix recently awarded her Community Ambassador of the Year. She also served as the VP of the Seventh Avenue Merchants Association.Finally, she’s an avid reader, a vocalist, a bass player, and has a beloved Rottweiler named Stella!Connect with Kenyatta here: www.freedomempireconsulting.comGet your FREEBIE here - 10 SuperSecret Hacks To Unleash Your Behavioral SuperPowers!
Jay Andrews, is a speaker, thought leader, and the founder of RippleEffect, a company which creates social media campaigns, marketing, and branding for small business and entrepreneurs. Tapping into the soul and mind of his clients, he designs a unique and powerful blend to create the perfect client presence and awareness to the world of social. With an educational background in Film, Marketing, and Management he combines over 25 years of experience in the media and marketing areas. Jay continually brings his experience of connecting, collaborating, and out of the box thinking to help positively affect all those around him.Join us today as we explore the world of social for entrepreneurs AND books - our favourite, gamechaning books!Connect with Jay here:LinkedIn:
For years, Carol didn’t know what she wanted to do. Her personal life had not only left her broken-hearted and mistrustful of others, but worse— she was mistrustful of her own instincts.She had been working in the corporate world for over 20 years, most recently in a leadership role at a Fortune 10 company. Although she worked hard and was consistently recognized and promoted, she somehow knew that she was meant to do something different. She felt stuck in a life that didn’t fit, yet she had created it. What was her purpose? She had no idea.Finally, she left her corporate job and made the leap into the unknown. After doing months of intense inner work, she discovered that she could combine her life and business experience with her soul-aligned interests. She knew she had a talent for building thriving, productive teams and helping people to see their unique strengths and gifts, but it took a while for her Soul-aligned purpose to emerge.She is the creator and Co-founder of The Divine Breadcrumb, a global online community and podcast, which showcases amazing people shining their light around the world. She started writing a blog to share her own story, things she didn’t even imagine doing a few years ago. But as often is the case, the Universe had an even bigger plan for her than she had for herself.Carol is now now a certified coach, focusing on awareness, empowerment & transition. She helps clients to energetically heal emotional wounds, clear patterns & beliefs, connect to their heart intelligence, cultivate self-love and discover meaning and purpose. It’s when we do this inner work that we’re able to move towards our goals with confidence. Her Soul knew what she would be doing long before she did, and she’s grateful, as am I, that she followed the Divine map that was laid out before me!Carol loves traveling, exploring new cultures, being in nature and helping people on their own paths. She holds a B.A. in Communications and lives in Massachusetts with her rambunctious and hilarious cats.You can connect with Carol here:
Teri is a self described “girl geek in normal girl's clothing”. She has been in the association industry for more than 10 years and along the way has had the good fortune of being able to rub elbows with the association industry's finest executives.With the support of her mentors, colleagues, volunteer leaders, and bosses during her association career, she was able to fulfill her incessant desire to geek out at work. This meant selecting, testing and implementing new software and technologies, stretching to new marketing heights with eye-catching campaigns, introducing video and social media before it was cool, and jumping headfirst into the mobile world.Teri is now on her own serving the incredible association industry as Founder of and 100Reviews. She is also the creator of two niche industry events: AMS Fest and Non Dues-a-Palooza.When not face-to-face with the computer screen, Teri loves to cook, hike, play games with her kids, explore craft cocktail bars, visit the beach, and enjoy time with her family and friends.Connect with Teri
Rob is a wine and beer professional that started his career into this field over 8 years ago at the recommendation of his late father over family dinner. At the time Rob had closed up an IT solutions company he had with a less than scrupulous partner and was deliberating pursuing Project Management. During a dinner visit with his late father it was suggested to him that he get into the wine and beer field due to his extensive hospitality background. "I grew up with my father making beer and wine, something he was really passionate about. He owned and read numerous books on the subject including the original book by Michael Jackson "The World Guide to Beer" as well as books on the history of wine. It was somewhat "in the blood" and resonated with me when he encouraged me to study the subjects and pursue a career in the field"Since that night Rob has gone on to become WSET® Certified, a French Wine Scholar™, and a Prud'homme Beer Sommelier®. He is currently working on completing his Italian Wine Scholar™, having passed Unit 1 amidst many personal challenges with highest honours. Rob is currently the owner of The Drunken Grape®, a video branding and events company focusing on helping wineries, breweries and distilleries enhance their marketing presence as well as sales online, especially given the current climate under the pandemic. Find out more or connect with Rob here:Email: info@thedrunkengrape.comWebsite:
Andy Kaufman is a recognized expert on leadership and project management. He is the President of the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc., which helps organizations around the world improve their ability to lead and deliver. In addition to running the Institute, Andy works with leaders at the United Nations to improve their ability to deliver on their initiatives. He teaches MBA classes at Loyola Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business and works with global clients, such as Marriott International, Microsoft, United Airlines, Grainger, Takeda, Credit Suisse, AbbVie, and ExxonMobil.Before becoming an internationally sought-after speaker, Andy started as a software developer and was promoted into management for all the wrong reasons! As he grew from frontline manager to senior leader, Andy developed approaches for leading and delivering that he now shares with audiences and coaching clients around the world. He is the author of three books and host of the acclaimed People and Projects Podcast, which provides interviews and insights for his global listeners on how to lead and deliver.
Susan Greif is an Ancestral Trauma and Creative Transformational Expert, an Inspirational Speaker, Author and founder of Art Mends Hearts. Susan interprets her clients’ drawings to help them “see” their subconscious and notice where they hold their, or their ancestral, trauma. Her goal is to help her clients release old stuck energies that keep them feeling powerless, paralyzed, panicked, and in pain and then she offers her creative strategies to help them take action and make shifts in their lives. As a daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Susan specializes in working with daughters of Holocaust Survivors like herself. Additionally, she works with women of domestic violence, trauma victims and women in transition. Susan offers one-on- one coaching, couples’ private workshops, corporate workshops and retreats.Susan has partnered with Christina Heike, a daughter of German II survivors, who is also an ancestral trauma healer. They share the importance of Tikun Olam, repairing the world, under the topic of “Breaking the Cycle of Ancestral Traumas.” Susan was the Trauma Expert on the "Live with the Vibe," YouTube and Podcast talk show where four experts had the Hard-to-Heart conversations. Susan was the former Healing Arts Expert on the CYACYL Life Strategist Advisory Team, who was a writer and a monthly contributor to NY#1 iHeartRadio and 970AM TheAnswer and to 24/7 Digital Magazine. She is also a weekly contributor to Yin and Yang Moms. Susan currently is a member of the NYC Speaker Salon, curated by Tricia Brouk, as well as, a World Happiness Summit Coach. She can be heard on several podcasts and stages. Susan gives back to her community volunteering at the Women’s Rights Information Center in Englewood, NJ. Susan can be seen weekly on “ThursdayThoughts@3” with her Carpool Coaching co-host, Jacqui Atcheson, on Facebook Live and YouTube. Susan authored the chapter “Crossing Bridges,” for the anthology, “LifeSparks: Stories that ignite, inspire and illuminate. Susan lives in Bergen County, NJ with her husband where they raised their four children.You can connect with Susan here:Webpage: https://www.artmendshearts.comFacebook:
This inspiring woman matches international talent with Canadian opportunity.Juliette is a manager and stakeholder with In-TAC – a national platform that connects newcomers with Canadian employment opportunities onsite and online, she is a recruiting guru, a Mentor Trainer, and a Career Coaching specialist. Simply put? She is trailblazing the work industry for women of international backgrounds.You can learn more about and connect with Juliette on LinkedIn:
Featured on Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX and CBS, #1 Best Selling Author, Nadine Lajoie is a National Social Security Advisor, International Speaker/MC and Award-Winning Entrepreneur to help businesses owners and women to achieve financial and business success. She is teaching about leadership, champion mindset and advanced tax planning concepts that most CPA don’t offer to their clients, including , safe money growth, and TFRA.She also became an accomplished real estate investor, mentor, Champion Motorcycle Racer at 180mph, Champion Yacht Racer, co-authored with Les Brown and was featured in magazines along with Oprah Winfrey and Zig Ziglar, and shared the Tedx, California Womens' Conference stages among Top Speakers in the USA, Canada, Africa, India, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Marcia Cross, Jeanne Houston, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Michael B. Beckwith, Dr. John Gray, Adam Markel, Mark Victor Hansen, just to name a few.Ms. Lajoie earned her bachelor in Actuarial Sciences in 1992. In 1995, she launched a highly successful financial business in Quebec, won awards from the Excellence Club of Canada for 12 years, before she semi-retired at age 36. She also received over 22 awards in business, including the “Business of the Year 2007” in Quebec, and the “Los Angeles Business Journal Women’s Summit” in 2018 and 2019.Ms. Lajoie brings unparalleled dynamism, focus, discipline, vision and champion mindset to her audience. Top-10 volleyball player at the Canadian Nationals, injuries compelled her to change direction, bought her first motorcycle in 2001 and two years later she was started motorcycle road racing. In 2007, she finished 3rd Daytona Bike Week, against 75 men and 9th overall in the WERA National Championship in the USA. She then switched to Yacht Racing in 2014 and made the World Championship in 2019.Her passion, energy, knowledge and strategies will TRANSFORM your teams at 180mph!
Candyce Costa is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist and the founder of Digital Business Women, an e-Magazine for promoting, inspiring and motivating digital and tech women around the globe.Her 15 years’ experience in management, sales and marketing has helped the likes of X-Box, Microsoft, Cisco, Xerox and more recently in the International Conference and Exhibition industry experiences increases in sales and better brand positioning. She does this by creating strategies where Sales and Marketing would work together to become a very powerful tools not only to generate new business opportunities and growth but also to establish brands, create strong business relationships and social media influence.Candyce is an incredible soul with a mission, a purpose and a style all of her own.Connect with her on LinkedIn:
Are you an ambitious, hard working, successful woman but find yourself unfulfilled and disconnected from life? Merely going through the motions?Visa helps women go from being 𝙥𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨 𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙨 of their life to becoming 𝙥𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙪𝙡 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙨 of their future, without doing more.Join us on the show to hear how to break free from your prison of perfectionism, self doubt and negative thinking through radical self-love, self acceptance and spirituality.Connect with Visa here on LinkedIn:
Matt Zinman is a difference-maker devoted to personally enrich the lives of 100 million people by 2025. His new book, “Z-isms: Insights to Live By” is based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caregiver and nonprofit founder. Matt is also the [soon-to-be] host of "Insights to Live By," a podcast that invites guests to share their own pearls of wisdom. He is also CEO of The Internship Institute, which he established in 2007 to "Make Experience Matter."Grab a copy of the book or connect with Matt here:
Trina L. Martin is an author, speaker, technology consultant, and podcaster who uses her technical expertise to work with businesses to help them communicate with their remote clients, customers, and employees. She also inspires emerging leaders to pursue their wildest dreams with heart and grit. An accomplished and dedicated member of the U.S. military for 30 years, she has broken barriers and made strides in her career that many said weren’t possible. A native of Chicago, IL, Trina is the youngest of four children. She suffered verbal abuse by her mother that caused her to have low self-esteem and not know her worth. Although her mother tried to break her, Trina became determined, type-A, and driven to succeed. Naturally skilled at finding the harmony between technology, science, and data, she has led a stellar career in the Information Technology field. As an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy and now as the owner of her own technology agency, Trina has pierced the glass ceiling and excelled in positions typically held by men.
Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui completed an undergraduate honours degree in Experimental Neuroscience specializing in stress and addictions research before completing a Master’s degree in developmental clinical psychology.After serving over 10 years as a senior officer in the Canadian Navy specializing in naval operations and military crisis intervention, his Doctoral research focused on identifying and activating resilience factors to protect soldiers from the impact of armed conflict.He is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, including the Award of Excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association.Today, he uses his in-depth knowledge of applied leadership and resilience to work closely with Canada’s largest corporations to develop burnout prevention and recovery programs as well as workplace mental health initiatives.Dr. Sabongui has helped many corporations create healthier work environments for their employees, include Alcan, Bell, CAE, CBC, TD Bank, Canada Post, Fairmont Hotels, Rogers, Sears, and more. He also works with professionals on a one-to-one basis.More personally? Dr. Georges, as he’s commonly referred to, is an incredible human being and psychologist who pretty much saved my soul. Have you ever met someone whose impact on you can never be sufficiently repaid? That’s Dr. Georges. He’s a person who still today has far reaching implications on and in my life despite having spent only two hours in his office. There’s a saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”Here's how you can connect with Dr. Georges:LinkedIn: sabonguisos.comEmail:
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I loved this. The back and forth was great! Super interesting as well.

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unreal interview Louise!!

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